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Women Cops

Another example of blood "needlessly spilled all across this land in an attempt to vindicate the mad feminist assertion that there are no inherent differences between the sexes" is a case in Hollywood, Fla. of "two women, neither of whom was a criminal, were shot to death in an incident that might well have been avoided. Following an auto accident, the female motorist involved went berserk and fatally wounded female officer Frankie Shivers with her own gun. The motorist, in turn, was then killed by other cops. Why? Why did these two women needlessly suffer violent death? Guns are wrested from females largely because they possess insufficient grip strength. Yet, grip-strength tests have been ordered removed from police qualifying tests for the simple reason women can't pass them. 'Not job-related' rule the judges -- who themselves never had to go on patrol with a wisp of a cop who couldn't hold on to a boy toy poodle that smelled a girl toy poodle, let alone a lethal weapon in a violent confrontation .... Many other tests that used to insure that cops would be somewhere near as physically capable as the lawbreakers they have to encounter have been thrown out in order to accommodate the litigating ladies. And the lawsuits go on and on -- not only lowering police standards but burdening the taxpayers, who must pay for all the litigation and in many cases the budget-breaking court awards that follow."

Freedman gives many examples of women cops endangering lives because they are too weak and in some cases so scared they call other cops to help them when any man cop would have handled the situation. An example of this is Glenda Rudolphy and Katherine Perkins who were dismissed from the Detroit Police Department because of cowardice -- "a charge that in the pre-female 'cop' era was brought rarely if ever. These women were patrolling together when they came across a naked man dancing in the street and burning money. Apparently, they didn't feel up to handling it themselves, so they did what so many female officers do these days: They called for a cop." Freedman says male cops are afraid to say anything because they will lose their jobs or be sued, so they get into their police car with a weak woman and drive around all day together chasing after strong, violent men. He gave one example that is almost too gross to imagine. A man and woman cop came across a robbery in a New York City deli and the robber easily took the gun from the female cop and shot the male cop just as he shot him. The New York Times had a big article of the bravery of this little woman cop, and Mayor Koch gave her an award. The Deli manager and bystanders protested this abomination, but nobody quoted them. The woman cop then preceded to sue the city for damages because she hurt her back and was awarded a huge amount of money as she takes time off to heal. It is insanity. And everybody thinks it is wonderful we have progressed "beyond" the "rigid" Victorians who kept the women at home.

One argument for having women cops is that only women should touch other women in body searches. This can be done by women at the precinct who are not out on the streets. On the streets, if a woman needs to be frisked then this is the transition and cops have certain rights and have the right to frisk women without of course going too far. I don't believe women should generally be examined in their private parts by male doctors. Male gynecologists for example is wrong. But women should not be cops because it is too dangerous and is unfeminine. Again we are living in the transition and many women have to work. I understand that. But Helen Andelin is right in saying those women who must work should do work that is traditionally feminine.

Another argument for women being out in the field with men cops is the belief that they are better at conflict resolution and can prevent some situations from getting violent better than male cops. Even if it were true, women shouldn't be out there because this is no place for women. If physical force is needed, as it often is, women are simply too weak next to most men and create more problems than they can solve out there. There is also the temptation for violent men to take chances they might not with a woman instead of a man, and women might also upset some men s ego just because they are a woman and telling him what to do. As for women being better at negotiating in the market place or with violent criminals in deserted alleys, I think men are better simply because this is their realm.

I watched one of those real life cop shows on TV once that showed a tragic scene. The whole thing was filmed by a woman cops video placed on the dash of her squad car. She had stopped a man on the highway. He had gotten out of his car and you could see the two of them talking in front of her cop car. All of a sudden this man hits her in the face. She goes down and he continues hitting her. He beat her face to a pulp. She almost died. She continued to be a cop. America is so out of it that this is seen as inspirational.

Would this man have hit a male cop as easily as her? If our society didn't have the sexes so blurred in this sick unisex culture (the hit show Ally McBeal has a law office with a unisex bathroom) would this man been as violent as he was? How can we say that the madness we see around us isn't connected the madness of America encouraging women to be cops who defend society against vicious criminals?


TV and movies glamorizes women cops. One of the most popular TV shows was Cagney and Lacey. Of course, their personal lives are a mess. One got a divorce and the other married late in life and had no children.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon has worked tirelessly to support the Right in its war against the Left. He has given over a billion dollars as the founder of the conservative Washington Times newspaper in Washington D.C. It is an influential and powerful voice against the liberal bias of the Washington Post. Rev. Moon often talks of the differences between men and women. He says a man's number one responsibility is to protect women. The second obligation is to lead women: "Men have broad shoulders. Women are meant to hide behind them; that is why they are built smaller. Women are meant to be protected by men. This is not Rev. Moon's law, but the law of nature. The role of the center or subject is to protect all the objects. The first obligation of the subject is to protect, the second is to lead. Men should not follow after women; women are supposed to follow after men."

"Man has to work. What kind of work? He has to pioneer something. Human beings are called the Lords of creation. The word 'Lord' sounds as if it refers to a man, doesn't it? How would you feel if a little beardless woman with little fist and slender face stood up shouting, 'I am the Lord of all creation?' Think about it. No matter how many times she shouted, her voice would sound feminine. What if a man with a somewhat thick voice shouted, 'I am the Lord of all creation.' How would you feel? Even all the women would agree with his claim after hearing his voice."

"When men are fighting, if a woman tries to intervene, saying, 'Go away,' how do you feel? But when a man with his fist clenched firmly says, 'Hey! Beat it; get outta here,' at least it sounds authentic. "

"In this view, it is better for man to take the first position as the 'Lord.' The Lord is supposed to be different from others; he is supposed to carry at least one more item than the other creature. Man carries one more item than woman: his mustache. The mustache makes man qualified as the 'Lord.' Heavenly Father is truly mathematical."

I agree wholeheartedly. Women should not be in combat because it takes men's focus away from their dangerous job. They cannot have thoughts of love between each other, male or female, in a foxhole or cop car. Women invading man's sphere is an abomination of God. It psychologically damages men and women. It confuses people by bring chaos instead of beautiful chivalry in an orderly society. Women cops have desensitized America. Ultimately it destroys families, communities and nations.

At the turn of the century critics of feminists predicted that if women became cops, lawyers and judges then femininity would decline. They were right. I wonder if the early pioneers for feminism would have quit their crusade for Satan if they knew that within a hundred years women would be smoking, drinking and riding around in squad cars alone looking for evil, vicious men.