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Women Firefighters

Carlton Manhood ReduxFreedman in his excellent book, Manhood Redux, paints vivid pictures and writes with red-hot passion about this madness. He has done his homework and gives many examples of tragedies caused by weak women endangering lives since they have invaded these masculine realms. He explains how physical requirements are watered down for the police, military academies like West Point and Annapolis, and firefighting: "The hand-grip portion of the standard test was eliminated entirely, obviously because most women have negligible gripping strength. But the official reason given, predictably, was that it had nothing to do with fighting fires. A month later the Times gave its editorial endorsement to this sham .... Mary Matthews, the first woman to be hired in Seattle's pioneer 'affirmative action' program, died when she lost her grip as the fire truck she was riding rounded a corner .... The report on Matthews in the paper in which I saw it was headlined, 'Pioneer firefem dies in mishap.' Some might take vigorous exception to that, I certainly did. It was a mishap in the same sense that the death of a 2-year-old who was set free to wander by himself around a busy intersection could be called a traffic accident. And the blood of that woman, as well as the blood of all those who

will needlessly die in fires because of the mania to eliminate sexual differences, is on those who have insisted on lowered standards for firefighters."

The most dangerous occupation on earth is firefighting. It is more dangerous to be a firefighter than it is to be a soldier or a police officer. Phyllis Schlafly in The Positive Woman writes, "More recently women have been demanding jobs in fire departments. Not only is a fireman's work beyond the physical strength of nearly all women, but the work pattern of firemen, involving long hours of living, working, and sleeping together, makes a sex-integrated fire department incompatible with community morals and customs. Ask yourself: When you are rescued from the third floor of a burning building, do you want to be carried down the ladder by a man or a woman? Are you satisfied with the knowledge that a 'person' will respond to your fire alarm?"