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It's common now for Hollywood to portray women beating up men on TV and in movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the ultimate strong man. In one movie, Terminator 2, a woman is totally fearless as she fights countless men. In real life, her husband walked out of their marriage as she was filming it. In another movie Arnold plays a man who gets pregnant. His co-star, Emma Thompson, ended her marriage while working on this film. She said she had been working on so many films and away from her husband so long that love died in their marriage. We are truly living in the last days of absolute total confusion and chaos. The world is like the movie The Poseidon Adventure where everything is turned upside down, and people are going the wrong direction to get saved. The insane ideology of feminism that men and women are the same is the reigning ideology and has brought untold tragedy to America.

It's amazing to see how mixed up Satan makes people. So often people will hold feminist views but act in unfeminist ways, and some will hold anti-feminist views and act feminist or mix up their beliefs and actions -- all because they live in a fog and are pushed around by spirit world never aware of their conflicting ideologies. People normally don't think about things. They are preoccupied with making a living and doing all the busy work. Everyone just accepts the atmosphere the dedicated feminists have created. The voice of the opposition has been too tiny to hear. An example of this is a story in People magazine of a famous movie star, Kirstie Alley. She is a feminist in movies, but a traditionalist at home. We read that she "has played her share of strong onscreen characters ... But in real life she prefers to be deferential -- 'This sounds very unfeminist, but I think there has to be a boss in every arrangement, and I prefer it being a man,' says Alley, 40, who has two children with her husband, actor Parker Stevenson. 'If an intruder breaks in, I'm not going to say, 'Honey, give me the gun.' Parker and I have what I call the burglar relationship. I wouldn't think of going down to see who broke into the house, and he wouldn't think of letting me. I think it's romantic." She's right. A man being the head of the house and her protector is romantic. After she said this she filed for divorce. It is not enough to accept just one aspect of God's laws. How can a man be truly the head of the house and the protector if his wife earns money?

Back to the Future

A movie that symbolizes what this book is about is Back to the Future. A young man goes back in time and inspires his father to change from being a wimp to a man who becomes bold and courageous by protecting women, namely his wife. When the young man goes back to the present his whole family has changed. Before they were poor, fat and walked on by a bully. Now they are wealthy, trim and dominate the bad guy. This book is an attempt to get America to change by going back to biblical values like protecting women.