UC Not Dangerous


Hassan tries to explain how he honors the First Amendment that in 16 words gives absolute freedom of religion in America and how he is a very spiritual person who is full of respect for others religions, but the truth is the very opposite. Either consciously or unconsciously he is a persecutor and bigot at worst and naive and stupid at the least. Rev. Moon is no more dangerous than Jesus and human history has shown over and over how people attack what is new and seemingly bizarre to the status quo. Those on the progressive side who fight for their beliefs occasionally see the light and repent and join the orthodox side. Mostly they go their grave fighting for their beliefs. In the 2000 Presidential Race, Democrat Al Gore put the United States through the ordeal of a month of litigation in his ridiculous quest to find votes in a close election. He and millions of Democrats felt they had logic and truth on their side, but the words of the conservative judges who overturned his stupid and anti-constitutional crusade were the truth.

We are in a fierce war for freedom. Like communists and socialists in every country in the 20th century, Americans of the Left have fought with all their heart to denounce what God spoke through the Founding Fathers of America. In this book we will look at some of their words. I encourage you to read my political book, Freedom Works, that also goes into this war between those who honor men like Washington, Jefferson and Madison and those who feel these men are outdated and total freedom of religion cannot happen in our sophisticated age. Hassan and company are like those who celebrated when Jesus was crucified. The similarities between Jesus and Moon are striking. The Founding Fathers knew that government was the problem and people need to be left alone. Ross and company love it when the government intervenes. Their goal is ultimately to get the state to act like Hitler did when he made Jews wear a yellow star on their clothes so everyone could see the menace of these horrible people who are a danger to the state. Anti-cultists will never give up until they have driven every small religion into court and thrown in jail as dangerous. Leaders of small religions are seen as Hitler who must be stopped before they mesmerize Americans just like Hitler used mind control to get the German people to become monsters who caused a world war.

Just like Republicans and Democrats see each other as evil and a danger to the well being of America, members of small religions and anti-cultists see each other as a threat to the well being of America. America is in great danger because of progressives who will not leave people alone. Anti-cultists create an atmosphere of fear and force. Hundreds of Unificationists have been brutally kidnapped and abused because of the well-meaning but vicious attacks of anti-cultists on the sacred rights of those who want to worship God in their own unique way.

I am not saying that the Unification Church is a danger free zone filled with perfect people where all is sweetness and light. I know of rape and abuse in the history of the UC. Every group has its horror stories. What we need is perspective. We need to see from God's viewpoint. God sees Jesus as good; the Israelites saw him as a rabble rouser. For thousands of years, ignorant people have killed everyone from Socrates to Joseph Smith. Books like Tabor's and Carter's give the proper perspective. They are drowned out by the media who get Hassan and Ross on TV with their interesting stories of abuse.

The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are masterpieces of thought. The orthodox view honors the absolute values taught and lived by the Founding Fathers. Anti-cultists and those who love it when legislation is submitted to regulate religion are possessed by Satan. The cultural war is ultimately between God and Satan. The Principle clearly shows who God and Satan are. I have written books that goes into detail on what the strategy is for both. Rev. Moon has spent a billion dollars on the Washington Times to counter the Washington Post. From God's point of view, Moon is fighting on the side of good in the cultural war. From Satan's point of view, Hassan and other interventionists see Moon as trying to buy friendship as he plots to take over the world by force. Anti-cultists just can't see they are the agents of Satan who use coercion. Many prominent conservatives have begun to see the goodness of Rev. Moon such as some Republican Presidents and Congressmen and conservative religious leaders. Hassan will probably go to his grave agreeing with the Washington Post that Moon is a threat to law and order. Most people are not readers and live their life at a superficial level and absorb their ideas from the media. Sadly, the media loves the sensationalism of Hassan and Ross. My goal is to teach as many people as I can the danger of people like Ross and Hassan whose efforts end with innocent people going to jail, locked in motel rooms for months, and going up in flames.

Ross Attacks Mark Anderson

An Arizona newspaper had an article that reported Rick Ross's hatred of Mark Anderson, a state representative. It said, "But while Anderson maintains that he belongs to a legitimate faith not unlike other Judeo-Christian religions, Ross called the church 'one of the most established, classic cults in the United States.'" They quote Anderson as saying, "He has an agenda, and it's in his best interest to instill fear in people,. ... "Despite lingering perceptions and 'myths' circulating in the United States, the Unification Church is not a cult, Anderson said."

Mark says, "The stereotypical 'Moonie --a term some church members now consider pejorative--peddling flowers on the street in a brainwashed state of mind doesn't exist, Anderson said. More often than not, members have families, jobs and mortgages just like anyone else, he said."

The paper writes, "Moon, now 78, has proclaimed himself the messiah, Ross pointed out, and his followers foresee all world religions one day unified under Moon's "Divine Principle," which is the foundation of their religious beliefs. Moon's own speeches suggest he is a theocrat, with no real regard for America's long-revered "separation of church and state," he said.

Mark responded on this attack of his character and that of Rev. Moon and the UC. The printed a response by Mark that said in part (August 1998, Mesa Tribune):

Our history as a people in trying to achieve a truly tolerant society has been a struggle at times. Today's mainstream religions began as yesterday's misunderstood and persecuted minority religions. Our history includes Catholic priests being jailed, Methodist ministers shot, Baptists exiled from early colonies, a young Quaker woman hung in Boston Commons, and Mormon children murdered in Nome, Ill., simply because they were exercising their freedom of religion. And, in the case of the children, merely because their parents were members of a minority religion. The writer of Sunday's story attacking my religious beliefs does the disservice of providing a venue for religious bigots who repeat the same prejudices that have been leveled against each new people and their religion as they became part of this great American tapestry. This was true of the early Christians in the Roman Empire, Jews at many points in their history, Catholics in the 1880s and again when John F. Kennedy, a Catholic, ran for president in the 1960s and Mormons, Methodists, Quakers, and Anabaptists, to name a few.

When John F. Kennedy ran for president, bigots handed out anti-Catholic pamphlets by the tens of thousands alleging that Kennedy could never be trusted as president because he owed his allegiance to the pope and a foreign power-the Vatican. Those same charges now have been leveled against me in Sunday's Tribune article.

Kennedy answered that criticism more eloquently than I when he stated ". . . I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant, nor Jewish . . . and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against all. For while this year it may be a Catholic against whom the finger of suspicion is pointed, in other years it has been, and may someday be again, a Jew, or a Quaker, or a Unitarian or a Baptist.... Today, I may be the victim, but tomorrow it may be you, until the whole fabric of our harmonious society is ripped at a time of great national peril."

Ross responded by saying:

Mark Anderson, in fact, is fronting for a dangerous cult

Mark Anderson recently responded to articles published about him in The Tribune by claiming he is being attacked "as a member of a minority religion."

It seems "minority religion" is his euphemism for a more common description associated with Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church -- a "destructive cult."

Mr. Anderson avoided the real questions raised by The Tribune's articles. That is, to what extent does Rev. Moon influence his legislative agenda? Rev. Moon leaves little doubt what he expects, stating: "Therefore, as individuals and families you have to absolutely follow True Parents (Mr. and Mrs. Moon). Your opinion cannot stand against True Parents."1 "You must understand what I have in mind and take my commands as strict orders."2 "Let's say there are 500 sons and daughters like you in each state. Then we could control the government.... The time will come, without my seeking it, that my words will almost sense as law. If I ask a certain thing, it will be - done. If I don't want something, it will not be done."3 "The true sovereign is not the American president nor the English king, but the Lord of the Second Advent (that is, Rev. Moon)"4 "... Americans must listen to me and follow me."5

Mr. Anderson's legislative record suggests that he has obediently followed Rev. Moon's commands. He admits heading the American Constitution Committee for Arizona-essentially a Unification Church entity- and has supported one legislative measure after another clearly initiated and/or recommended by the Unification Church.

He also appears to be the spiritual leader of the Arizona Unification Church. This is in sharp contrast to John F. Kennedy and Senators Robert and Edward Kennedy, who clearly functioned at times contrary to the Catholic church. Likewise, Congressman Ed Pastor, cited by The Tribune, has acted independent of Catholic doctrine. Can Mark Anderson make that same claim regarding his actions in relationship to Rev. Moon's church?

Mr. Anderson claims The Tribune offers "a venue for religious bigots." He seems to imply that raising questions about his conduct must be either religious persecution or "bigotry'" Actually, the Unification Church seems to teach its followers to be "bigots." Rev. Moon has stated, "The three races; yellow, black, and white. Orientals can contribute in the spiritual aspect, white people can contribute in the analytic scientific area, while black people can contribute in the physical area."6

Essentially, Mr. Moon believes that the Korean race is superior and that Asians are more spiritual than Caucasians or blacks.

I find it personally offensive as a Jew that Mark Anderson would compare his "minority religion" to the Jewish people. The Supreme Rabbinical Court of America determined that Rev. Moon was "preaching and indoctrinating Jewish youth into believing that they and their parents, like all Jews, have the blood of Satan and murderers in their veins." He has also stated that the Holocaust was God's judgment upon the Jews.

Christians should know that Rev. Moon says: "Christianity and all other religions must recommend the Unification Church as the true solution."7 "My teachings are the keys to enter the Kingdom of Heaven--to open the door you need to obtain the key from me. If you try any other means to get into the Kingdom of Heaven it does not work."8 "Kneel down in humility before the throne of our True Parents."9

Mark Anderson cites the persecution of the Mormon Church. Mormons should know that Rev. Moon has said: "My earnest hope and desire is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be among the first religious bodies to come before True Parents offering unconditional love and attendance to Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. I am privileged to share the new Gospel with all Mormons. Now that True Parents have indemnified the failure of American Christianity to receive them as the Lord of the Second Advent, I humbly ask God to guide each Mormon in their life of faith that all may come to experience the precious unconditional true love of True Parents. Just as Joseph Smith and Brigham Young courageously pioneered a new foundation for the Lord of the Second Advent here in America, I believe that God has prepared great men and women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who will make the way straight for their brethren to come into the loving embrace of True Parents."10

Rep. Anderson claims that "Parents Day" (clearly an initiative that was originated by Rev. Moon and largely coordinated and promoted by his followers seemingly to honor "True Parents") is an ecumenical effort. But those who become involved with such programs should be aware of Rev. Moon's real ecumenical standards. He has said: "If religion becomes unified, the nation and everything else can be unified. Unknown to everyone, in this sense, God prepared the Unification Church to replace everything."11 "Is there any religious leader in the United States who can surpass me?"12 "Am I foolish and insignificant or am I great? I gave all the individuals in the world cause to kneel down in front of me."13

Mark Anderson should dispel any misunderstandings about his legislative agenda, personal autonomy and credibility by clearly denouncing the bigoted, ethnocentric, demeaning, triumphalist and undemocratic pronouncements of Rev. Moon. Then, like the Kennedy fair and Congressman Pastor, he could disabuse anyone of the notion that he is not autonomous and-"can't be trusted to sent all the people of (his) district."14

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Rev. Moon is very confident when he speaks to members about how great he is. So what? How is this any different than Rush Limbaugh saying he is the greatest and the Liberals must be "defeated"? If the theology of the Divine Principle says it is the truth from God that will unite mankind then logically every person will eventually accept. What Ross does not do is quote Rev. Moon saying emphatically that he is for peaceful persuasion. Moon spends most of the church's money on the Washington Times that is conservative, just as Mark is. There is no hidden agenda like Hitler had of using force before and after he was elected to office. The official Divine Principle book has always said there will be democracy in the future Kingdom of Heaven. Also, Rev. Moon is over 80 years old and has proven himself to many world leaders over many years of his sincerity and goodness -- something Ross, Hassan and all anti-Cultists just can't get. They are so filled with hate at the strength and work ethic of Moon and his followers that they can't see what is right in front of them. They whip up hysteria like those who killed Jesus and killed Joseph Smith.


Persecution means a determined effort to destroy a religion. Democrats probably felt the Republicans like Henry Hyde were on a witch hunt and want to ban the Democrats from America when they impeached President Clinton. But they didn't. You cross a line and become a persecutor when you harass a small, minority religion and seek to make them illegal. Ross, Hassan and all their sick friends are blinded by religious prejudice. There is just as much sick behavior and crime in mainline churches as there is in the UC. There is no safe religious organization. Hassan and Ross say they are Jews. Have the Jews made any big mistakes in the last 4000 years? The only reason Ross and Hassan don't go after the Catholic Church and Judaism is because government officials are members. There has been plenty of "intensity" in the past and today in the majority religions.

I have been around Unificationists for over 30 years and seen Rev. Moon many times. My wife and I and some of our children have even talked to him a little. I side with those so-called cult apologists and so-called duped and greedy Presidents of America who say Rev. Moon is a good man. Dear Reader, either President Bush, Jerry Falwell, many Congressmen and Senators are right in giving support to Rev. Moon's many organizations or you can believe the dangerous hysteria of Ross, Hassan, Singer and company and a few former members who see a scheming Hitler with magical powers to control minds.


Mark has a website in which he shows pictures of his wife and kids and goes into detail his political agenda. The only thing a rational person would come away after looking at his website is that Mark is a good American, a good family man and a good person. Ross's website is a mass of negative persecution. Mark's site is that of a good Republican conservative receiving praise from the such distinguished people as the Speaker of the House of the Arizona legislature. Ross is a cultural war monger on the side of those who do not respect the United State's Constitution.

There is no truth to Ross' charge that Mark is "destructive" and "undemocratic." Ross is wrong in saying that Mark should be feared and seeing Moon as evil. Mark respects other religions like the Boy Scouts do and Mark gets blasted from Ross just like the Scouts do from those who want to destroy them.

Here is a little from Mark's website: (www.markandersonaz.com)


"Mark Anderson's record speaks for itself. He has been consistently pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and pro-family. He has been a principled and effective legislator for the East Valley. I fully support his re-election for another term." - Congressman Matt Salmon "Mark Anderson is one of the most effective, hardworking members of the Arizona Legislature. He is a leader in his commitment to protect the traditional values upon which out nation was founded." -House Speaker Jeff Groscost

Mark is married to Lucia Havens. Lucia has worked primarily as an executive assistant and is very active in community service work. She serves on the board of the CARES program of the Building A Healthy Mesa project as well as the Faith Team.

The Andersons' have three children, Kendra (15) Nedd (13) and Ethan (9). Kendra attends Westwood High School where she is an Honor Student, plays on the softball and basketball teams, and plays violin in the school orchestra. Nedd attends Franklin Jr. High and is an excellent student . He plays Pop Warner tackle football and loves camping and fishing. Ethan is a straight A student at Franklin Elementary in the 4th grade. He loves computers and of course Pokemon trading cards.

The Andersons have a family dog named Tuffy who is half Pug and half Terrier. The family loves to go on vacations, and has gone to New York City, the Oregon coast, Las Vegas, camping in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, Utah--including Moab and the Arches National Monument.

Mark's favorite hobby is playing basketball. He also likes to travel and has visited Africa, the Ukraine, Korea, Mexico City, Honduras, Hawaii, Alaska, Berlin and London.

The Andersons' attend church regularly and believe that God should be the center of the family. They begin each day with prayer and a devotional reading. Both Mark and Lucia have served as full-time missionaries for their faith.

Does Ross and Hassan have a wife, kids and dog who are happy? Most of the people who stick it out with Moon end up with these things. Can Ross and Hassan offer this? People are better off for finding Moon. Are people better off in the long run by associating with Ross and Hassan? I'll take my chances with Moon. If Ross and Hassan can find illegal activities and take Mark and Moon to court, then do so. Otherwise, lower the rhetoric like Christians do who debate theology and not cross the line and become those who ban ideas and "bizarre" behavior they don't like.