UC Not Dangerous



I dedicate this book to the Founding Fathers of America such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and James Madison, the father of the U.S. Constitution who championed religious freedom. Madison said, "There is not a shadow of right in the general [federal] government to intermeddle with religion. Its least interference would be a most flagrant usurpation."

These men studied history and were inspired by God to write the greatest documents for freedom any nation is based on. Jefferson and Washington deserve their monuments in Washington D.C. Rev.Moon deserves monuments to him. His critics will never get one. They are not freedom fighters who advanced mankind. They are no different than the ignorant witch hunters who jeered at Jesus and the prejudiced persecutors who jailed William Penn in the Tower of London. The famous quote, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" does not apply to the Founding Fathers. It does apply to the sickening words in the bigoted books of anti-cultist's Margaret Singer and Steve Hassan who are pathetically ignorant of religious history.

The Founding Father, John Adams, said, "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with Cartoon Madisonhuman passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other." Hassan says he respects religious freedom. The results of his books and actions is the fiery death of children at Waco. Hassan is more hurtful to America and dangerous than David Koresh. What Hassan, Singer and others like them do is a moral outrage.

The four judges of the Supreme Court who voted to destroy the Boy Scouts with the force of the police are the the forces of darkness the Bible speaks of. They are dangerous to the cause of liberty. Rush Limbaugh fights these forces of darkness with his powerful words in print and on his popular radio program. Those who seek to destroy the constitution are evil. They are the enemy and we must fight the good fight. Contrary to the diabolical rantings of Hassan and others, Rev. Moon and his followers fight with persuasion -- not with the intellectually bankrupt concept of "coercive persuasion." This deadly battle for freedom of religion in America is a battle of the books. Either Hassan's books are correct or those of his opposition such as Jeffrey Hadden. The goal of Hassan is to ban Rev. Moon from America as England, France, Germany and Japan have done. His goal is to ban Rev. Moon's followers from being able to worship God in America.

Hassan his friends are liars and deceivers who never mention that Rev. Moon and his followers have been proven to be law-abiding and objects of persecution in Pulitzer Prize winning author's book Inquisition. Rev. Jerry Falwell is one of the most famous Christian ministers in America. He does not accept the theology of Rev. Moon but he is in line with the Founding Fathers and supports efforts to make sure Rev. Moon has the right to preach in America and for his followers to be free to witness and teach. Hassan joined in the 1970s, just as I did, and worked frantically as we all did when Rev. Moon came to America. Now he says he was deceived by a fraud. A true American would take someone to court and convince a jury of these charges. Hassan can't do that so he invents some mumbo jumbo ideology that gives him, he thinks, the right to persecute a minority religion. He rationalizes his disgusting crusade to destroy the First Amendment for those he doesn't like in a ridiculous scheme to fool America into thinking that Rev. Moon and other leaders of new religious movements have introduced a brand new sophisticated mind control mesmerizing technique to make people into zombies who give up the American dream of buying a new car with good credit and look normal to everyone else.

The truth is that he is just another persecuting vampire. He is the spirit of those who kill, torture and ban religions in countries like China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Hassan's problem is that he thinks Rev. Moon, David Koresh, and all those he says have magical powers of mind control are different than Jesus, William Penn, and Joseph Smith. He is the spirit of those who jailed these men. Everything Hassan his arrogant and ignorant friends say is no different than what those who jailed Jesus, Penn and Smith said about these innocent men.

Hassan is ignorant of history and therefore is doomed to repeat the age-old low standard behavior of trying to kill the messengers of new ideas. Everything Hassan says about cults could be applied to the Founding Fathers. They were rebels and rabble rousers. With Hassan's juvenile logic George Washington would be a cult leader who created an atmosphere of division. George's mom, like so many moms of those in so-called cults, felt her son was a traitor and sided with the British. Benjamin Franklin's son sided with the British. They never did reconcile and this division between father and son hurt Franklin to the core. Human history is a history of stupid people like Hassan who with the best motivation kill, jail, torture, and ban. Hassan calls his website, Freedom of mind. It is a lie. He has no interest in this author having the freedom to teach the Divine Principle in America. He proclaims that I and all those who a member of Sun Myung Moon's movement are dangerous people because we are dreaded "Moonies." This is a case of the kettle calling the pot black. Hassan is just projecting his own sick ideology on others.

This book is my effort to help people remember the past and therefore not repeat the terrible things done to new religious movements in the name of law and order. Rev. Moon and many members have not received "liberty and justice for all." They have been incarcerated in America and around the world simply because they are dedicated members. When Hassan and others quote Rev. Moon out of context with statements of everyone bowing to him and how his movement will dominate the world, just remember that he will never quote Jesus saying the same thing. Anti-cultists conveniently leave out many things. There is no mention in their writings of Jesus saying he came with a sword to divide families and that Carlton Sherwood's book proves Rev. Moon innocent of fraud. They love to mention that he went to jail. Then they, without blinking, look you straight in the eye and say that Moonies deceive people.

Unificationists have made mistakes, like everyone else, but they have never made the egregious mistakes that Hassan makes everyday. They respect religion like good men such as James Madison and the founder of the Boy Scouts, Baden Powell, taught we should do. Hassan is part of the crowd who attack the Boy Scouts. It doesn't matter what Hassan's particular views of the Boy Scout attack he has, he is part of the forces of darkness that create an anti-religious atmosphere in America and this puts America at risk. John Adams is right. The Constitution is based on a people who respect religious differences -- something Hassan and company always say they do, but don't.


Madison was influential in giving us the First Amendment that gives us religious liberty. America has often failed to honor the incredible 16 sacred words in the Bill of Rights that say, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

 The trinity of documents (Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights) that the Founding Fathers wrote hundreds of years ago are sacred texts that God inspired. The original Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are on permanent display in the Rotunda of the National Archives Building in Washington D.C. They are lowered into a 50-ton vault at night. Once in the vault, they are said to be protected from vandals, terrorists, and/or nuclear attack. (Click here to see a larger image of the Rotunda) Millions of visitors go to see them every year.) Sadly the vision of men like Washington, Jefferson and Madison is not the prevailing vision of Americans today. There has been a steady relentless attack on laissez-faire capitalism, limited government and the rule of law and now we have degenerated to a country who respects the ideology of the Clintons, Hollywood, and Anti-Cultists like Steve Hassan, Rick Ross, and Margaret Singer who brainwash Americans on TV to trash the First Amendment.

The attack on the liberties and character of Rev. Moon and his followers has been a disgrace to America's ideals and principles. The tactics and motives of Anti-Cultists are no different than those who jailed and killed Jesus. When Ross and Hassan quote Rev. Moon out of context to portray him as a Hitler and Stalin are no different than taking the words of Jesus and others in the Bible. Jesus said he came with a sword to divide families, and he told a follower to not go to a funeral of a member in his family and continue witnessing because it would be a waste of time. He said, "Let the dead bury the dead." He said nobody gets to God without going through him. Jesus is not seen by anybody as a megalomaniac religious fanatic using mind control to force his agenda of world domination. The Bible ends by Jesus commanding his disciples to witness to the whole world. When Moon says this they cynically say it is just a madman lusting for power and willing to pay for friends by creating the Washington Times newspaper. Jesus is o.k. now because it has been 2000 years and now Christians are in the majority in America. Rev. Moon is the new kid on the block and he doesn't look and talk like everyone else.


Hassan's parents were upset he left Judaism and joined the UC. He paints a picture of abuse in his few years in the UC. He joined within a few months I did in 1974. The UC members lived in communes and fundraised round the clock at that time. Hassan says he went out of his mind with all the regimentation and long hours. His problem is that he can't see that all religions have their histories of fanaticism -- especially at its beginning. Pioneers feel they have to get the plane off the ground and floor it. Hassan is pitiful in his crusade to stalk a church that is in the pioneer stage. Even though the UC has mellowed, he and some other former members tell horror stories of hard work. We live in an age of victims and Hassan hasn't the maturity to move on. George Washington's mother sided with the British. Benjamin Franklin's son did the same. History has shown who was right. History will judge Hassan severely.

Ross and Hassan feel they are on a crusade to expose the sinister Moon for being a totalitarian. They have one little problem. Rev. Moon constantly says that his goal of a world united under one ideology -- the Divine Principle -- will happen through peaceful persuasion. He never advocates violence or force. Ross and Hassan and company on the other hand have used violence against Unificationists and others. Name me one time Moon and any follower of his has used violence as a tactic of conversion. There is not one instance. Unificationists are peaceful. Ross and Hassan have an atmosphere of danger around them. When they show up, innocent religious leaders like Rev. Moon go to jail and children go up in flames in Waco that is just a continuation of burning at the stake.

This book will not change hardcore bigots who live off hyperbole, sensationalism, and ignorance. There is a cultural war and they are on the Cain side working day and night to kill their brother Abel who is not perfect, but who is on the side of God. The Bible says Satan is the ruler of this world and Ross and Hassan are the accepted "experts" on the UC and I am a brainwashed zombie out to crush freedom and love. My purpose is to counter the illogic and viciousness of anti-cultists. I pray that America will eventually see them as evil instead of Rev. Moon and followers like me.

I challenge anyone reading this to visit a Unification church or go to a member's home and find anyone "dangerous." I hope after reading this book you would feel more comfortable with having a Unificationist as a next door neighbor than Steve Hassan and Rick Ross. If Hassan and Ross don't like your religion they will aggressively go after you and inspire government leaders and the police to stop you with force. If you have me as a neighbor you will be respected. I haven't told my neighbors my religious beliefs because anti-cultists have made it dangerous for me. If my neighbors knew then I probably would not hold my position as president of our neighborhood association. My family is constantly given praise as being outstanding, but that is only because Ross and Hassan are not my neighbors who would gone all out to warn everyone about the "Moonie" (as they despairingly name them) conspiracy to take over America with force and force everyone to bow to Moon in one big future concentration camp. It all gets down to who believes in and values the Constitution.


Anti-cultists explain they are the good guys who respect the First Amendment and new religious movements like the Unification Church are a clear and present danger. Dear Reader, take your pick. There is no gray area. Either Hassan's view of the UC is correct or my view is. If you witness in the totalitarian state of Saudi Arabia with a Bible you will be thrown into jail. Try to pass out Bibles in North Korea. Anti-Cultists want to expose Unificationists like the Nazis did when they made Jews sew a large yellow Star of David on their clothes. Either Moon is a criminal or he is not. Either his followers are in a bona-fide religion and deserve respect or they are not. Either Moon is dangerous or he is not. If Ross and Hassan and countless others in the media substituted the Pope for Moon and the Catholic Church for Unification Church, would you object to the rhetoric? Is celibacy and a belief that Jesus' mother had a baby without sex less bizarre than Rev. Moon making sure everyone gets married and says Jesus had a physical father?


Ross and Hassan have lost touch with the core values of America. They are are not alone. The majority of Americans have been brainwashed by the cultural elite to reject the words of the New Testament that command us to be what is now called fanatic. We are told to not be of this world and go out and save it. Do the majority of Americans have their primary goal in life to convert others to Jesus' theology and moral values? The Boy Scouts are going through sheer hell from regulators who want to abolish them. Ross and Hassan are out to abolish my church and I can't freely tell others who I am because anti-cultists have spread lies about my motives and tactics to save this world. Here is an example of their illogic. Hassan and Ross will say that UC members are nice people but dupes of a monster who is worse than Hitler. They love to compare Moon with Hitler. There is no logic to anti-cultists because Hitler's followers were vicious. Hitler's organization had cruel, evil leaders and his close followers were thugs who were as ruthless as deprogrammers to use physical violence on innocent adults. I am not saying Ross and Hassan are as evil as Hitler, but the results of their actions is the decline of America in general and the violations of the rights and even life of some of those they stalk. Ross and Hassan blame religious leaders like Moon and David Koresh for the Moon and his followers going to jail and Koresh and his followers being burned to death. I blame Hassan and Ross and the cultural elite who have been taken in by the mind control of evil spirit world. Truth and love is not the norm in our world. Hassan and company are the rule. There is hope because truth eventually rises. Gradually people are coming to see Rev. Moon and his followers as patriotic Americans instead of buying into the fears America had when it imprisoned Japanese Americans during World War 2.

Rev. Moon loves America and his movement is the ultimate hope to get this great nation to restore the good values in it's founding documents. Ross and Hassan are on the side that trashes those precious documents. Those on the side of God are in the minority and are rarely given a voice from the cultural elite like NBC News, high school teacher, college professors, Hollywood movies, television shows, and even many church leaders. It's normal in human history to persecute what is new -- especially when it is of God. Those who preach abstinence are "extremists." The ruling intelligentsia put down Pat Robertson as being dangerous. But the tide is turning and I am optimistic that anti-cultists and other ignorant crusaders against freedom will be seen as the real charlatans and frauds. They will be seen as dangerous fanatics with a destructive ideology who use coercive persuasion. Just like the Democrats woke up one morning and found the Republicans in charge of Congress after 40 years of trashing the Constitution in their crusade for socialism, anti-cultists are going to wake up and find millions of Unificationists who are making America a better place. Mormons are beginning to lose their image of a cult and so will the UC.


Unification Church members are the new pilgrims pioneering the ideal world. The leader of the little band of outcasts who landed in Massachusetts in 1620 was William Bradford. He and other leaders had been imprisoned in England and then banned from their country. The passion and commitment of Unificationists are as scary to people today as the Pilgrims were to their society hundreds of years ago. History repeats itself and Hassan and company cannot learn from the past. It is the height of stupidity to persecute religion. Anti-cultists not only can't think clearly when they see small religious groups that look just too intense for their taste, they also attack distinguished professors, politicians and other leaders who befriend Rev. Moon. Everyone from Jerry Falwell to George Bush are blasted for being stupid and greedy. Moon is totally evil and anyone who writes anything good about Moon has sold out. At some point the public will wake up to the false alarms anti-cultists keep ringing and see that it is they who are ambulance chasers making money off ignorant parents who spend tens of thousands of dollars to kidnap their adult children to book publishers who give them money for their yellow journalism.

The first missionary for Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church (hereafter UC) came to America in 1959. Reverend Moon move to America in 1971. After forty years of the church being in America and thirty years of Rev. Moon living in America the image of Moon and his followers for most people is one of a dangerous cult. (Click HERE for images of books related to cults)The word "dangerous" is often used. There are many books about cults and the UC is denounced as being completely evil. The authors of these books are called anti-cultists. There are a few books that denounce these authors as being wrong in their view of small religious groups in America.

America advanced in some ways since James Madison wrote the First Amendment that is absolute in giving religious freedom but when it comes to religious freedom, America has a sad history of persecution. The current anti-cultists are simply using euphemistic words to sugar coat their persecution of new religious movements. They are no different than the vicious religious leaders who created an atmosphere for Jesus to be killed by a confused Roman government. There is no difference in the jailing of Rev. Moon, who is the most hated spiritual leader in America, than the jailing of countless other saints and religious leaders such as Jesus, St. Paul, St. Francis, William Bradford, William Penn, and Joseph Smith. John Calvin is seen as a great Christian leader of the Reformation and no one knows about Michael Servetus who said Calvin was wrong about the Trinity. Calvin had him burned at the stake.

God made one of the greatest breakthroughs in human history when he got the First Amendment. Anti-cultists trash it and say they honor it and everyone nods in agreement when evil boy men like Rick Ross and Steve Hassan spew their poison that ends in the jailing and death of innocent people.