UC Not Dangerous

Letter America has a history of persecuting minorities. Martin Luther King was sent to jail. Hassan will not tell his unsuspecting prey that King's successor, Ralph Abernathy, has embraced Father. But, of course, he is just another of these many prominent people who have been paid to be friend and Moon's motivation is simply a lust for power and is just using these people to entice young college kids into his web and then use brand new, never been seen before mind tricks on them until they will kill their parents on command. In other words, Moon is just another Charles Manson and if we don't act quickly people are going to die. Sherwood investigated the UM as well as anybody could. No one has a better credential than him to listen to. His report is the exact opposite of Hassan, Singer, and Conway's report. Take your pick.

Early in the 70s, Senator Robert Dole heard reports that some of his constituents in Kansas were being abused by the UC. He held congressional hearings and heard Rabbi Davis say Moonies were as sick as pedophiles. Twenty years later Dole publicly praised Rev. and Mrs. Moon for their good works. He saw the light.

Speaking of pedophiles. Has there ever been even one case of child abuse reported and convicted in a court of law? I don't know of one. There has been many cases of child molestation and abuse in the mainstream religions. Anti-culists pursuit of safety is bogus.


The history of religion is one where new religious movements scare the bejevees out of mainstream religious leaders who run to government and the press and pulpit to denounce them. What is new is frightening; it is strange. It challenges people and makes them uncomfortable -- even if it is wonderful. Jesus was good. He was the greatest man who ever lived. A billion Christians today think he is even God himself. When Jesus died on the cross he was all alone with Hassan types mocking him as "king of kings" by putting a crown of thorns on his head.

In this book we will look at some persecutions in American history. Everyone who ever persecuted strange new groups felt called to restrict the freedom of those they feared for what they felt were excellent reasons. We know these reasons are always more superstitious, stupid and mean-spirited than those who they stalked.

I'm not holding my breath for Hassan, Singer, Conway and their comrades to change by anything I say, just as Ted Kennedy hasn't been converted to anything Rush Limbaugh has said against him for the last 10 years. But what people like Rush have done is to upset Kennedy's Democratic majority in Congress to Republican. It took a long 40 years but God was on the side of Republicans and eventually God always wins. First, Satan wins.

One of the key reasons why the Republicans finally won is because of the Washington Times and the many so-called front organizations that Rev. Moon created. In time the UM will be accepted as good just as the Mormons are now moving into respectability.

Let's look at a few examples of paranoia for new religions in American history. Pioneers of new religious groups have had every type of torture. Christians were fed to lions in the Roman Coliseum 2000 years ago and ever since they have persecuted each other and other faiths. Here is a drawing of a Catholic Jesuit being gutted by a Protestant 400 years ago.

After so much intolerance and cruelly, God was finally able to raise people to a higher level by having them hear His words spoken through Thomas Jefferson. Even though Jefferson fought for the First Amendment and before that a law of religious toleration in Virginia, he could not freely talk of his religious views. Jefferson was a Unitarian (like Rev. Moon) and had to hide his beliefs because of Hassan type bigots.


Quakers were given the word "Quaker" by those who laughed at them for acting weird when they prayed. Mary Dyer was taken to be hung in the following picture in Boston.


William Penn

I go into detail about the founder of Pennsylvania later, but for now I will mention that he was a young man who joined the "cult" of Quakers and his prominent father was so upset he disowned him and threw him out of the house for embarrassing him and for endangering their family. Young William was what Hassan calls "high intensity" and was thrown in the Tower of London where many had died before him for doing as he had done.


In the picture below a Baptist minister in early America is being dunked in water to scare him into stop being a Baptist.


A common tactic of Hassan type persecutors is to use a derogatory term for those they fear. The name Shakers was given them by others who were amazed to see these strange people move in weird ways when they worshipped. Some Christians look like they are having an epileptic fit when they get together to worship and this has caused many to be afraid of this "bizarre" behavior. Hassan types would call this a case of being manipulated by crooks who pose as men of God but who are really charlatans who simply want these impressionable people to give them their hard earned money. They are being taken advantage of -- especially those who are going through tough times or are vulnerable.

A key element to anti-cultist argument is that cults isolate impressionable 18 year olds to give up this world and live in a commune, usually out in the countryside. This tactic is used to keep these legal adults but spiritual and emotional children who are desperate for love and attention in a controlled environment. They are outnumbered and unaware that their brains are being programmed to kill their parents on command just like in the movie The Manchurian Candidate. Many of the utopian communities of the nineteenth century would be labeled cults by Hassan's definition and many people feared these communities. The Mormons had to move many times until they went into a desert in Utah to build their community.

I will admit that many of these communities were ridiculous because they were socialist. Early UC history, the time that Hassan was a member, was socialist. Socialism violates the common sense laws of the universe. Nevertheless people have the right to live and teach that it is better than private property and capitalism. Also, some of these groups were confused sexually. The Shakers were celibate and Joseph was bedding his best friend's wives. Hassan types are like those on the Left who want to regulate everything in sight with the force of government. They fear freedom. Those on the Right often try to see good motivation of those who love to regulate others by force, but the Left never sees anything good about the Right. Satan is on the side of those who love to persecute and ban new religions. God is on the side of people like Jefferson who did not fear freedom.