UC Not Dangerous

Hassan's Propaganda

Hassan says the following gibberish, "They are masters of propaganda and know how to create effective fronts -- illusions. They often use expensive dinners, gala events and exotic trips to seduce the wealthy and elite. By paying celebrities and politicians to make appearances, they create and atmosphere of respectability. For example, George Bush has received huge amounts of money to speak at Moon sponsored events throughout the world." I hope you see through this bashing of prominent people. To paint someone like President Bush as greedy and stupid is an insult to a great man. It is just beyond Steve that anyone could see Father as a good man and work with him.


He is so consumed with vengeance and bitterness and Salem Witch Hunt phobias that he can't discern what is the obvious. He is like those deranged young girls who pointed their fingers at innocent people and sent them to jail.

The Yellow Journalism of tabloids is what everyone sees everyday at the supermarket. It is disgusting how they rule the media. Here is an example of their Nazi like propaganda in every Safeway in America.

George W. Bush Tabloid

Another lie from Steve is that members like myself act against our conscience because we follow all leaders with blind faith. The truth is very opposite. Members have unique personalities and most have jobs and families and function like normal people in society. He says, "What it means is that you must always submit and obey your leader (Abel figure) no matter what, even if it contradicts your conscience, the law, or whatever else. If you don't immediately 'unite with Abel', then 'Satan will invade!' Members are taught to distrust their own thoughts or feelings and are always on guard for 'tests' or 'invading evil spirits'. " Unificationists are law abiding citizens. Don't believe me? Go meet one and let me know if you think he or she acts like a person who is into blind faith to some Mafia type leader who has not regard for the rule of law. You won't find any members who are like the horrible picture Hassan paints. Reading Hassan is like reading about the incarceration of Japanese Americans in World War II. No matter how much they said they loved America and even though some fought for America with valor, the country was into a Salem Witch Hunt mood and out of irrational fear, discriminated against them harshly. My eldest son, for example, is an eagle scout and spent four years in the Navy. He is a law abiding and patriotic American. He "trusts" his own thoughts just like most members do.

Hassan spent a few years in the UC when we we gave up school and careers to support Father's speaking tours when he first came to America. Perhaps that was wrong, but it was temporary. Hassan does not explain this and he even puts down the members who are responsible citizens living a normal life by saying that they are still deluded zombies who cannot think clearly.

Let's continue with Hassan's lies and selected facts: "In the final world view, the DP and Moon teaches that all religions will be abolished except for Unificationism." Abolished? Hassan picks words with sinister connotations. There is partial truth here. There will be no religion in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Everyone will communicate with God and even those in spirit world. Father has said there will be no prayer or any of the things religions do because they are not needed. In the transition to this ideal world, the UM will eventually grow to be the dominate religion, but it will happen without violence. People will be persuaded peacefully and just as everyone now believes that the earth is round, everyone will believe in the Principle instead of the many religions that have partial truths. It is fine that the idea that the earth is flat was faded away. Those who persecuted those who said it was round were not of God. Those want what they don't believe to be "abolished" by force are Satanic. When Galileo said the earth moves around the sun he was imprisoned by the Inquisition. Unificationists teach and live the ideology of non violence and tolerance. The hysterical rantings of rabble rousers like Hassan end with governments trying to regulate religion and even killing innocent children at Waco. There is nothing in the teachings or actions of Sun Myung Moon for over 50 years that indicate anything like the Nazi behavior that Hassan assigns the UM.

He says, "Is the group dangerous? Yes. It has links with the South Korean CIA (as reported in the 1977-78 congressional investigation. It also has had links with other neo-nazi, terrorists, former death leaders though their front group -- The World Anti-Communist League (WACL). In the 1970's Moon told some of his leaders that what he was doing was preparing an international infrastructure so that when the world economy collapsed -- it would be in place to establish the new world order." The only thing a person can get from this statement is that the UM is a diabolical Mafia, Nazi, ruthless, criminal organization. The UC has been around for 50 years and has shown itself to be a good organization that has many world leaders and distinguished scholars who will tell you Hassan is wrong. They have not been bought off by anybody. Senator Orin Hatch, Secretary of State Alexander Haig, and British Prime Minister Edward Heath have been Father's friends for decades and they are not mesmerized by some wannabe Hitler.

On the Principle he says, "The dates in the DP are historically and Biblically incorrect in many, many places. There is statistically more than 2% error, as Ken Sudo claimed. DP lecturers would routinely tell prospective converts to 'go to the library, open up the history textbooks, and verify that these parallels are true. I did.' This was a big lie, but lecturers would repeat the same lie that they believed when they were recruited. No one ever verified the history parallels because they are WRONG! Former four year leader, Allen Tate Wood, and former member Jane Williams, did do the research and wrote the definitive critique. Read it! Study it! The History of Restoration, considered to be the most 'scientific' of the DP, is just plain wrong!" Sorry, Steve. I went to the library and I did verify these dates. In my book, Divine Principle in Plain Language, I prove each mathematical period.


He writes, "Something else to consider -- after all of the millions of dollars spent by Moon for Science conferences, don't you think it odd, that there has never been a SINGLE historian who has ever confirmed Moon's history parallels?" There is nothing strange about this. The truth is often difficult for most people to grasp when it first appears. Most scientists did not agree with Galileo. Most doctors did not start washing their hands when they heard Pasteur. In fact, he was denounced as a nut because he talked of invisible things called germs. Also, most historians do not even know about the parallels or even much about the Principle because most conferences respect the scholars who come and they are the center of discussion.

He says, "I had numerous experiences while in the group. The most memorable one was following the seven day fast in front of the United Nations in 1974. Members were assembled at Barrytown, and Moon was giving a talk. I was in the front, as usual. Moon turned into the Devil right in front of me -- with a sickly golden glow that was emanating such evil that I had to get up. I moved all the way to the back of the room because I couldn't breathe- he was so evil. When I told my experience to a 'blessed' sister, she told me how much Satan was tempting me because I was so important to God and to Father"." So, now we have Steve having visions. Is that normal? I agree with the sister who said it was from Satan. He is still being manipulated by Satan. Hassan is just projecting his own dangerous views onto the UM.

Hassan says in one his worthless books that "Destructive mind control can be understood in terms of four basic components, which form the acronym BITE:

I. Behavior Control

II. Information Control

III. Thought Control

IV. Emotional Control

"It is important to understand that destructive mind control can be determined when the overall effect of these four components promotes dependency and obedience to some leader or cause. It is not necessary for every single item on the list to be present. Mind controlled cult members can live in their own apartments, have nine-to-five jobs, be married with children, and still be unable to think for themselves and act independently."

Well, I will do my best to think for myself and make this comment on this nonsense. Hassan goes into a little about each one of these things and the only thing a person can come up with is that he is talking about everyone from Jesus to William Penn, the Quaker founder of Pennsylvania. Hassan seems to have absolutely no idea what religious people have done in the last 2000 years since Jesus said he had the absolute truth. He says that monasteries and nunneries are exempt from his list. We all know why. Because they have been around so long and had so many thousands of people live with total obedience, chastity and poverty that they are now considered normal. But the truth is that there are many books by former nuns, some of which I will quote later, that sound like perfect example of Hassan's neat little theory about mind control. Their behavior, information, thoughts and emotions are dealt with in a way that fits Hassan's model perfectly. The founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley and his followers, as well as many other founders of now mainline religions fit Hassan's formula for mind control perfectly. Of course, there is no mind control going on. There is just conversion.

All the intense fear that pioneers of religious sects have had to endure was never justified. The few madmen like Jim Jones have as much to do with Moon or Mormons or any other group mentioned in Hassan's list as Jim Jones has with the Pope. There are always a few criminals in every organization. Ted Patrick is one in Hassan's world of anti-cultists. This guy tied my wife to a chair and slapped her across the face. Hassan has a shady past of deprogrammings. I appreciate that he has the brains enough to not go down that road anymore but he is just another guy out there trying to sell his books and ideas. It's a free country, but lurking behind Steve's words of concern and love for freedom is a persecutor bent on getting me to wear something like a yellow star so everyone can know I am a loose cannon. Early Christians were feared because Hassan's spiritual ancestors told hyperbolic stories about eating flesh and drinking blood. Like Hassan, they were irresponsible in their sensationalism and love of scandal. Like Hassan they were rabble rousers who do not stand up to moral scrutiny. Like Hassan, they had a disregard for the facts and appealed to the lowest denominator. It is impossible for persecutors to be balanced in their crusade to influence the popular mood. The American people are easily misled because they trust the media and they are more interested in sensational stories of alleged atrocities than the truth. Hassan either lies or exaggerates. He is dramatic but more and more he is being denounced just as McCarthy was finally exposed in his witch hunt. Like McCarthy, Hassan and his anti-cultists buddies put down what they call apologists for cults, but it is their books that will finally win out, just as Galileo and Pasteur won out. It is just a matter of time.