UC Not Dangerous


America has been going through a terrible cultural war in the 20th century. In my book The Cultural War Since 1848 I begin by quoting Professor James Davison Hunter's book Culture Wars. He chooses the perfect words to describe the two sides in this civil war of ideology -- orthodox and progressive. Those on the orthodox side are people, he says, like the Christian Right, conservative Jews and Catholics and he amazingly mentions Sun Myung Moon's movement's teaching's -- the Divine Principle. Every intellectual in America accepts Hunter's book as the definitive book on the division in America. Some do not agree with him, but all recognize his brilliance and we must deal with his book in any discussion of the division between the left and right, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals.

One of the most prominent anti-cultists is Steve Hassan who has two books that place him on the side of the progressives. Progressives do not honor the original constitution of the United States and feel Americans have progressed and grown over the centuries and therefore need to regulate people with the force of government instead of letting Adam Smith's invisible hand work its magic in a laissez-faire capitalist society. Tabor rightly mentions that anti-cultists efforts end up with government interfering with religious movements. Government, toInquisition the orthodox, is the enemy -- the problem. President Reagan often spoke of how he wanted to get the government off the back of the people. Hassan, Ross and their friends feel as righteous and noble and loving as all progressives who dismiss the limited government argument of the Right. Hassan and Ross have forcefully deprogrammed people. Both of them incite hysteria about small religious groups and this gets the progressives in government another area of life they want to regulate. Congressman Ryan flew to Ghana to inspect Jonestown. He represents the force of the United States Government. Rev. Moon was sent to jail by the United States Government. The book Inquisition by Carlton Sherwood shows that the heavy hand of government once again ended up being a persecutor instead of loving big brother and Daddy who will help the little guy. You will never hear Hassan mention Sherwood's book because it shows how effective anti-cultists have poisoned the atmosphere of tolerance and respect for religion in general and small religions in particular.


In The End of Sanity, Martin Gross says the cultural elite of America dominate the thinking of Americans with liberal ideology that teaches that government force should be used to limit people's freedom. He says they are a sinister "cult" that has brainwashed Americans to stop thinking critically and accept diabolical ideas.

Gross says "much of the leadership of the nation"-- what he calls the "New Establishment" "has set itself up as a secular religion, the New Establishment fills the spiritual void in millions who no longer believe in either Christianity or Judaism, yet who insist on a faith higher than themselves."

The New Establishment has all the tenets of a religion, or perhaps more accurately, a cult. It preaches a specious 'goodness' and asks only that one give up one's mind and reason in exchange for modern salvation -- gaining the reputation among one's peers for being 'sensitive' or 'concerned.'"


Thomas Sowell says in his book, The Vision of the Anointed that the "prevailing vision" is led by "Mistaken Messiahs" like John Kenneth Galbraith, Paul Ehrlich and Ralph Nader. I would add the Clintons, Jesse Jackson, Oprah and Hugh Hefner to name a quick few. Americans are so dominated by the Left that very few can think clearly. Anti-cultists are part of the ruling media elite who have made their lies the status quo. To say that Rev. Moon is good, Milton Friedman cares for the poor and Jerry Falwell is not a bigot makes one sound like an idiot. There is a fierce cultural war and the Left has been crushing the Right. There are signs of advancement, but still the forces of darkness prevail. The Bible says that "Satan is the God of this world." Evil dominates. Falsehood is the normal belief system of most people. Anti-cultists are presented on Oprah and NBC news as experts and those who disagree are looked down on as cult apologists who have sold out in ignorance.



Martin writes, "On every societal front, nonsense is replacing good sense in our once- pragmatic nation. Is it part of some nefarious conspiracy, either communist or fascist? Hardly. But neither is it accidental. It comes from the power and voice of what I call "The New Establishment, " the official America of teachers, lawyers, judges up through the Supreme Court, teachers and school administrators, college faculty and deans, politicians and bureaucrats, military men, even church clergy and those in the arts.

"This New Establishment, led by a group of anti-intellectual conformists, has replaced the stable old Establishment, taking control of virtually all of America's institutions - its courts, schools and colleges, the military, and the government. It has even intruded its way into private businesses, family life and the relations between the sexes and the races, which it has worsened."


Robert H. Knight wrote The Age of Consent: The Rise of Relativism and Corruption of Popular Culture. A reviewer says, "The vise-grip of moral relativism on American popular culture was not suddenly achieved in the 1960s. This alluring but poisonous philosophy's hundred-year conquest of the institutions that shape the popular mind-art, music, architecture, film, and, of course, television-is the subject of this incisive study by Robert Knight, a front-lines combatant in the post-modern culture wars.

Knight gives a "sustained assault on transcendent and objective truth." This is what anti-cultists do. They do not believe in the First Amendment. Like all relativists they see the Constitution as outdated. They are the cultural crusaders who know more than Madison. Madison, they would say, never had to deal with the sophisticated Sun Myung Moon who is a master at mind control.

In a Washington Times article (July 7, 1998) Knight says, " Relativism is 'a poisonous philosophy, the enemy of acquiring knowledge,'" ... "Webster's New World Dictionary defines relativism as 'any theory of ethics or knowledge based on the idea that all values or

judgments are relative, differing according to circumstances, persons, cultures, etc.'

"Relativism holds that 'truth is entirely subjective,' Mr. Knight says. Because its adherents oppose absolute standards of moral behavior, he explains, relativists therefore view traditional morality as an obstacle to human happiness.

"'The relativists began to bore and annoy me because they beat around the bush and never seem to get to the point,' he says. 'But that is their central point: that they should be able to dazzle us forever with their mindless conjectures and philosophical conundrums until we surrender and say that they are too brilliant for us to comprehend."

Anti-cultists do not believe in the "absolute standards." They want to regulate religion and therefore violate the Constitution and the laws of the universe. Hassan names his website with the words freedom of mind. This is the tactic of Satan -- to misuse words. Hassan hasn't got a clue to what freedom means. The Founding Fathers knew, but for over a hundred years in the 20th century there has been an attack on the U.S. Constitution and now if a person says something that would be common sense to Washington and Jefferson, they would be denounced as uneducated and stupid at least and dangerous at worst.

George Gerbner, the Dean of the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of PA. said quite rightly, "TV is the new religion. Television exerts a cultural influence at least as profound as Christianity and is pervasive in shaping our values." Hassan and Ross have used television to brainwash America -- especially the news media and academia and Hollywood. They in turn have poisoned America with their sick ideology of hatred for passionate religion.