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Sacrificial individualism

 Father says individualism is good if it is sacrificial: "Selfish individualism is doomed. Sacrificial individualism will blossom. Individuality in itself is good. God gave each of us a unique way to serve. But individualism without God can only build castles on the sands of decay." There is a term called "rugged individualism" that is the belief that we can do it alone. There is some truth to it in that we should be strong and take care of ourselves. But it is mostly arrogant to think we can do it alone. Somebody will have to take care of us sometimes in our life. Fallen man is foolish to count on insurance or government social security to take care of them in nursing homes. The cost is outrageous. One year in a nursing home is tens of thousands of dollars. If someone needed care from the time they are 70 to 100 -- a total of 30 years that would be an enormous amount of money and too much for an impersonal insurance company to handle. We need to have families be nursing homes. The current madness of government taking over family responsibility is "selfish individualism" as well as the notion that children are to leave the home and not live as an extended family must give way to Father's vision of community.

 Nora Spurgin On Trinities

We Nora Spurginshould do what Father teaches and he teaches that we are to live in communities. Father says we are to live in "family settlements. We will have our own enterprises and businesses. In the future (he said this in the 70s. Isn't it time we did this?) we will have many, many places where families can be productive, raise their children, and build schools to educate their children. (Not improve public schools). We'll get bigger."

"I have a plan to establish ideal cities and villages in many places. We will have productive, working communities where our members will support themselves economically. The atmosphere will be different from the outside world. Money will not be the central purpose, but while establishing productive businesses, our members will fulfill their responsibility to God and service to others."

Nora LifestyleSpurgin wrote in Lifestyles: "Rev. Moon often talks about creating more trinities among the couples; a trinity is three couples or families that are responsible for helping one another. It's like an extended family and they would be financially concerned for each other." The Church endlessly talks of love and being sacrificial. When three brothers live together and help each other with their income tax returns and will care for the wife of a brother who dies or gets sick, then we will see how heartistic this church really is. Doing PR and seeing ministers or spending a few hours at a food bank as a volunteer is minor to the stretch of heart they are going to have to make when they begin to really try to live God's way of life by living in trinities committed for life.

Nora says, "For me this would be a beautiful system, although I know from the reality of living with other couples over the past few years, that there is much to work out. It's just like a marriage (where you have to work out all the little personal problems and idiosyncrasies) -- the same is true when you live with other couples. You have to come to love one another, almost like you come to love your marriage partner. You have to come to accept the other people and be willing to think of them and their needs and concerns as well as your own and your own family's. When you live with another family with children and you see their children doing things you don't particularly like -- and your children doing things that they don't like -- it requires some stretching to reach a point of workability. We see this as part of our road to maturity or perfection."

 Children would pray in community schools

Father criticizes the secular trend in America: "There are many signs of atheism in this once God-centered nation. There have been many laws enacted that only a godless society could accept. There was a time when prayer was America's daily diet. Today you hear prayers in America's schools no longer." He says the UC is a movement to restore God's values that is "here to rekindle America's spirit. America has a great tradition. All you have to do is revive it. We need a new movement of Pilgrims with a new vision." We would have praying in our schools. The common house could be used as a school and later as the community grew larger a bigger building could be built with labs, gymnasiums, etc.

The UC, Father says, "is here to proclaim God's love and His way of life. We do not want to become just an organization. We do not want to become an institution. We want to be a movement that will live God's way -- not with our lips, but with our hearts and in our deeds." Living in cohousing communities is that deed. The common house would be the church and church is everyday.

 We should be superior to Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Co. is involved in building a planned community of 20,000 people in Celebration, Florida. They say it's a blueprint for the future, but the real future is trinities living under the same roof eating breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

 Father says build businesses in our communites

 One idea to combine finances with housing is to build some cohousing communities in a resort situation. That way people could come and experience nature and see in person how people should live in a community. Father said that he wants to build resorts: "I want to build roads, camps and luxury villas. Visitors can go down to the water, fish and really relax. People will appreciate the opportunity and will come." I look forward to day when we have newspapers everywhere. Father tells us to: "Not only can you create an independent newspaper in the fifty states, but you can establish a newspaper in each large city. We will influence things in a positive direction. Someone has to put a stop to the decadence of liberalism, homosexuality and drug abuse." Let's put some businesses in our housing communities so children can see more of their father by visiting him at work sometimes and he doesn't have to commute so far or relocate.

Father often says we should live in communities. He says, "We have to make a revolution." Living in communities is that final revolutionary step to victory.

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