Create Ideal Families


Sun Myung Moon on lighthouseFather does tell us to live in a community. He says, "My goal is to establish the ideal model community and, based upon that community, the ideal model for the country." Large communities based on small loving communities will solve world hunger and people will come to see it and join. These communities, he says, will "transcend race, culture, nation and religion ... this is how I will begin saving the starving people of the world. Once we have this kind of ideal community established, people from all over the world will come to see it." Father says, "We will build condominiums .... it will be like a common lodging, with 300-500 houses together." Another time he said, "Blessed couples should live in condominiums together with people of four different nationalities, forming a four-position foundation." Let's build them in every state. This is how we can win our relatives in Tribal Messiah. They will see the power and love we have. Father says, "This model community can have a powerful influence all over the world, particularly as the secular world is declining fast. Only I am creating this formula. It will appear like a lighthouse in the darkness. The world now is in darkness and I am building this model community as a lighthouse in the midst of the darkness." Father wants a huge community, maybe in South America, on many acres of land and 160 nationalities living in harmony to be like a showcase and tourist attraction, but let's build smaller ones in every state.

Benevolent Autocracy

Robert Schuller gives good advice in his book Power Ideas for a Happy Family by saying that one should study those who are successful: "Follow winners -- don't follow losers. Listen to those who have succeeded and are succeeding. Don't listen to failures. Let a winner lead the way! Listen to the award winners and let the champions inspire you. Listen to people like Dr. Norman and Mrs. Ruth Peale, or Dr. Billy and Mrs. Ruth Graham. You will find that, with rare exception, the winning families are families that read the Bible, pray, and practice vital religion. Successful homes are imbued with the Spirit of God." I would go further and say that knowing and living the values taught by the Andelins will bring even more happiness than solely relying on spirit. Tim LaHaye mentions in one of his books that a study was done that proved that families that pray together, stay together. The study showed there was only one in over a thousand marriages had a divorce out of a group of couples studied that consistently prayed.

Let's look at some of the good advice Schuller gives: "Join me in the greatest of all social adventures and challenges -- making your family a fun-filled place of happy excitement!"

"What is a family? It is the smallest unit of society. Planet earth is made up of continents, made up of nations, made up of states, made up of communities, and made up of families."

"The family is a little town, a tiny state, a mini-nation. In government, more often than not, the family is more of an autocracy than a democracy."

The husband is a King.

The wife is a Queen.

Every son is a Prince.

Every daughter is a Princess.


"At best, this form is a benevolent autocracy. The king holds court from time to time to confer what is best for all his subjects. His great heart beats with love for all his loyal and loving countrymen .... Here is a government where every citizen has a hot line to the head of state."

To me, the solution to all the problems that beset everyone is living in trinities. Whenever the UC settles down it should make it's primary goal that families marry other families. Nora Spurgin wrote once of her experience in having her family live with the Jones family for a while. Everyone must adjust and learn not to be so critical. She said it was like a marriage. And it is. Personally, I think four is better than three. Just imagine how it would be if three or four families would commit to a certain geographic place and live together for the rest of their lives intimately under the same roof. They ate all meals together. If one man died, the other men would be father figures to the man's children who already accept them. What if a mother died? There would be other women to be their mother figures immediately.

Have you ever seen a one person business that wasn't there one day. I have. Sometimes there will usually be a little note on the door saying they couldn't make it that day. Sometimes they give a reason like they have to go to a funeral or they are ill. Will you ever see a note like that on the door of your local hospital? Your local MacDonalds? Of course not. There is strength in numbers. Nuclear families are sitting targets for Satan. Living in a trinity doesn't solve all the problems, but it would eliminate most of them -- especially when trinities live next to other trinities in large communities. Children need to have other adults living with them. Parents can't always be there. Hospitals have to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. In a trinity that would happen even if the men were at war and several of the women were sick in bed. There would probably be at least one person to carry on. To be successful requires planning. We must plan on having our family being taken care of. Father blessed three couples first. Unfortunately, they did not live in Father's house in America because they had missions around the world. Father had so few people and they were needed elsewhere. So the True Children did not have father figures and mother figures to have breakfast with.

Everyone bashes their parents for not being there for them and giving them what they needed. But no parent can give everything. Parents can't even guarantee they will be alive or well. We should not blame our parents. They would just blame their parents. If we go all the way back Adam would blame Eve for seducing him and she would blame Satan. In the end, it's an angel that is leading the evil forces. Satan's greatest tactic is to get people weak and go for the kill. Father has come with the key to make us strong and win the war by living in trinities and communities. When the UC lives this way, millions will join and then billions.

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