There has been more bloodshed in the 20th century than in any other because a few men had visions of world domination gained by force. Such megalomaniacs as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao used force to build their nightmare utopias.

Religious Persecution

Hitler dreamed of a millennium. He tortured and killed six million Jews. A common thread in the thinking of evil leaders is a hatred of the religious beliefs of others. Great men of God respect and are tolerant of other religious beliefs. America has been blessed to be the greatest nation in history because its founding fathers wrote a constitution and a bill of rights that guarantees freedom of religion. America has often not lived up to that high standard but it has often tried. America has been the inspiration for the world to not persecute religious people.

Freedom of Religion

In the book, Lustre of Our Country: The American Experience of Religious Freedom, the author says that "The greatest achievement of America is freedom of religion." He praises James Madison as the main force behind this great advance in civilization.

Rule of Law

God's way is for people to live by the rule of law and those laws are supposed to be Godly. Unfortunately, many religious leaders in history have been cruel and made laws that are not of God. The Ayatollah of Iran is an example of a religious leader who is vicious and makes ungodly laws. In the Muslim world it is illegal for other religions to even bring their sacred books into the country. This is not God's way. The Bible is higher than the Koran. Christians are supposed to be the greatest spiritual movement in the world. Sadly, many Christian leaders in history have used violence on those they felt were heretics. An example, is Calvin who had Servetus burned at the stake because he taught against the Trinity.

Persecution of Rev. Moon

Rev. Moon also teaches that the ideology of the Trinity is false. He has been mistreated by Orthodox Christians all of his life. When the U.S. government used force to put the innocent Rev. Moon in jail, thousands of Christian ministers from many different denominations, stood up for him. Some of the most influential Christian leaders in America befriended Rev. Moon. They said that governments often use force against religious people and this was one of those tragic moments. Rev. Moon has been accused of being like an Ayotollah. He is the very opposite. He is beyond the founding fathers. He is the greatest man against communism because he is the greatest man for God.

World Constitution

At some point Unificationists should write a constitution for the world. I believe it should resemble the U.S. Constitution that is founded upon the belief in democracy, free enterprise, and the freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights. The three main documents of America, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are inspired by God. They are precious beyond imagination. America has declined since the founding fathers. So often Americans have used violence against religious groups. Washington, Jefferson, and Madison would be sickened to see that the majority of Americans today believe that violent kidnappings called "deprogramming" is all right.

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