Feminist Utopias

Feminists hate patriarchy. Patriarchy is a core value of God's future ideal world. Therefore, feminists are not of God. They are voices for Satan. The most famous feminist is Gloria Steinem. In the 70s TIME magazine gave her two full pages for free for her to write what the feminist utopia would be. It is an androgynous nightmare. Feminists haven't got a clue to what men and women are.

Two famous feminist science fiction writers, Atwood and L.E. Guin, are also totally confused about God's design for mankind.

Margaret Atwood's Paranoia

The feminist, Margaret Atwood, wrote a bestseller, The Handmaid's Tale, (It was made into a major Hollywood movie) that shows the deep fear that liberal feminist socialists have of the Christian Right. She writes how she believes fundamental Christian men would be horrible, tyranical, brutal patriarchs who abuse women if they ruled the world. The problem with this is that Christian men are not Islamic men like the Ayotolla. Jerry Falwell would never act like the men in Atwood's novel.

Some literary critics say that she doesn't really believe this and is only exaggerating to make a point. I don't think so.

Ursula Le Guin Is Confused

Ursula Le Guin is another famous award winning science fiction writer. Like all feminists, she is totally confused. In some of her novels, she invents worlds where people have weird sexual natures and have strange sex.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Ridiculous Novel

Another famous feminist writer is Charlotte Perkins Gilman. She wrote a book in the early 1900s called, Herland. This novel is about a wonderful utopia. It is wonderful because only women live in it. Feminists discovered this book in the 1970s. It is another ridiculous book of nonsense. She wrote a short story called Yellow Wallpaper. It is about a woman who is so abused by patriarchal men such as her husband and doctor that she commits suicide.

No truth and no good vision has ever come from feminists and their pathetic women's studies courses at universities.

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