Sun City

There are many planned communities. Many senior citizens move to retirement communities in the south to spend their winters in the warm sun. One of the most popular is Sun City, Arizona. Children are banned from living in these communities because the residents believe in the satanic philosophy that old people deserve total fun after raising a family. And children are fun only in small doses.

God's Way -- Extended Families

God's way is for old people to live in extended families like the Victorians. People should live in big houses with garages in the back -- not the ugly, small, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage in front, houses of today. Mary Pride writes how disgusted she is that people have so little love in their heart that they have small families and then run away from the responsibilities and joys of being grandparents and great grandparents.

Rev. Moon teaches that three generations should live together. There is no retirement. We should work and serve til we die. It is terrible that old people are put in old folks homes. In the utopia Rev. Moon is teaching us to build, there will be no impersonal nursing homes.

Utopia is happy families living in loving communities. Utopia is a place of true love where children receive massive love from parents and grandparents. Sun City is false love.

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