At their website we read, "L'Abri is a French word for 'shelter'. L'Abri was founded by Francis and Edith Schaeffer in Switzerland in 1955 when they opened their home to people as a spiritual and intellectual 'shelter', a place where people culd be hepled both to know and to live in the truth of biblical Christianity. From that time on other communities based on the same ideas have grown up in Europe, America and Asia. Today there are seven residential branches including Korean L'Abri and two resource centers. The atmosphere is relaxed and personal, and we are a study centre in that our days are a healthy mixture of work, study and discussion."


"This is the branch of L'Abri where the Schaeffer's work began, and it now consists of 7 chalets dotted around the small Swiss alpine village of Huémoz. Surrounded by mountains, trees, and a wonderful view of the Rhone valley, we are constantly reminded of the beauty of God's creation. A number of families and couples live here permanently."

Hopefully, Unificationists will form communities like L'Abri where people can see the vision of an ideal world. Christians like the Schaeffers do not have a vision of a worldwide utopia so they can't go beyond having just a few small communities.

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