The following statements are from a website of a Kibbutz. "The kibbutz (Hebrew word for "communal settlement") is a unique rural community; a society dedicated to mutual aid and social justice; a socioeconomic system based on the principle of joint ownership of property, equality and cooperation of production, consumption and education; the fulfillment of the idea 'from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.'"

"The dream of an egalitarian society became a reality"

"The first kibbutzim (plural of 'kibbutz') were founded some 40 years before the establishment of the State of Israel (1948). Their founders were young Jewish pioneers, mainly from Eastern Europe, who came not only to reclaim the soil of their ancient homeland, but also to forge a new way of life. Their path was not easy: a hostile environment, inexperience with physical labor, a lack of agricultural know-how, desolate land neglected for centuries, scarcity of water and a shortage of funds were among the difficulties confronting them Overcoming many hardships, they succeeded in developing thriving communities which have played a dominant role in the establishment and building of the state. Today some 270 kibbutzim, with memberships ranging from 40 to over 1,000, are scattered throughout the country. Most of them have between 300 and 400 adult members, and a population of 500-600. The number of people living in kibbutzim totals approximately 130,000, about 2.5 percent of the country's population. "

"People of all ages live together in a rural setting"

"Most kibbutzim are laid out according to a similar plan. The residential area encompasses carefully-tended members' homes and gardens, children's houses and playgrounds for every age group,and communal facilities such as a dining hall, auditorium, library, swimming pool, tennis court, medical clinic, laundry, grocery and the like. Adjacent to the living quarters are sheds for dairy cattle and modern chicken coops, as well as one or more industrial plants. Agricultural fields, orchards and fish ponds are located around the perimeter, a short tractor ride from the center. To get from place to place within the kibbutz, people either walk or ride bicycles, while electric carts are provided for the handicapped and elderly."

"The decision-making process is democracy in action"

"The kibbutz functions as a direct democracy. The general assembly of all its members formulates policy, elects officers, authorizes the kibbutz budget and approves new members.

The Kibbutz system will eventually end. After several generations they have moved farther and farther away from the socialist/feminist founders. In socialist/feminist communites women are "equal" to men, which means to them that there are no differences and so women work along side men and children are put in houses away from the parents to be educated by experts who will brainwash them with the ideology of Satan. Of course, women begin to tire of this crap lifestyle and start wanting to have their children and to stop working with men. Most women now have given up the ways of their passionate founders and within a few more years the whole idea will be given up. Like all socialist communities before them, they will eventually wake up morning and wake up to reality. They will sell everything off and divide the profit and someone will buy it and make a museum of it and charge five dollars for adult and two dollars for children over six to wander around and see how these fools lived. They will be entertained by seeing people working in fields and making bread in the community kitchen. Only this time it will be by people who are paid and go home to their privately owned home at night.

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