Findhorn Community in Scotland

In the book Seeds of Tomorrow: New Age Communities That Work we read, "Findhorn is perhaps the best-known intentional community in the world and has a strong influence on many others.  It advocates a spiritual approach to solving the world's problems through what it calls a 'network of light' -- a growing network of spiritually attunded people.  While Findhorn is very much a community, its major focus and source of income is as an educational center, which draws 3000 to 6000 people each year from all over the world.  As a result the community itself is an international one, more ethnically diverse than perhaps any other intentional community."

Findhorn receives much of their income from sponsering seminars on community and living ecologically.  When the UC begins to live communally, they should be the leaders when they work with those who are now and have been working to build harmonious communities that are in harmony with each other and with the earth.  Sadly, none of the organizations in the world that deal with community know that Rev. Moon has the greatest vision for community ever given.  He is not studied.  I pray the UC will wake up to their mission of educating the world about Father's dream and then be wise enough to build model communities that groups like Findhorn will study and emulate.

The UC could probably learn some things from these other groups as well.  But we are the ones with the highest vision and best blueprint for community.

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