Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx

The UC ideal is not a theocracy and not socialism. I write about the concept of theocracy in my book Unification Church: an apology. You can read the whole book on the web by going to my main website at Eventually the UC will become united on accepting laissez-faire capitalism over any form of socialism. They will eventually rewrite the official Principle book and replace praise for Charles Kingsley, the Christian Socialist, with Adam Smith who wrote the classic on capitalism in 1776 called Wealth of Nations. Rev. Moon is on the side of free enterprise. He has spent over a billion dollars so far on the Washington Times that challenges the statist teachings of the the Cain newspaper Washington Post.

Satan inspired Marx to write Capital and God inspired Adam Smith to write The Wealth of Nations.




The result of socialism is not utopia. It is a nightmare. The former Soviet Union was the first country to adopt the teachings of Marx. It became what is called a dystopia. George Orwell wrote two powerful novels depicting socialism gone wrong. Orwell was a socialist himself and failed to see that intellectual socialists like him are the first to be killed by the ruthless socialists like Lenin. Aldous Huxley wrote a famous futuristic nightmare, Brave New World.


The Freeman

Tyler Hendricks is the current president of the American UC and likes to put articles from the libertarian magazine, The Freeman, into the church's newspaper, The Unification News. He doesn't put in articles from socialist magazines. Other intellectuals have spoken favorably for capitalism and critically of socialism, but the UC has not taken the time to reflect deeply on social issues. It is a young church and focusing on more intimate matters. That will change and they will eventually become leaders in society who have answers to the many social problems everyone must deal with. Dan Fefferman said they must. I offer this book as some of the principles mankind should live by in some of the most important areas of life. I go into detail on economics and politics in the following book but for now I just want to emphasize that the only people who have an ideal of a world of peace and happiness all living together as one family is the Unification Movement. Rev. Moon has given enough insights and direction for mankind to have the tools to build the ideal world.

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