Amana Colonies

Amana was a religious socialist community that stayed together for years and finally collapsed under the weight of the bankrupt ideology of socialism. Socialism cannot go much past 70 years before it loses steam. The folks at Amana in Iowa were good, dedicated, religious people who had a high standard of morality and an intense work ethic. But even they couldn't keep socialism going. No one can. Americans are smart enough and guided by God enough to reject these schemes. But Satan has also corrupted Americans to throw the baby out with the bathwater and reject communal living totally. If families are not eating with other families in a communal dining room then women are doomed to have to run their kitchen alone for life. This is impossible for one woman to do. Amana is a museum. That is all socialism can end up as. Museums of stupidity. Here are some pictures of the popular tourist attraction that Amana has become. The only really good thing that came out of Amana is the philosophy of excellence that has been carried on by the capitalist corporation, Amana, that makes high quality household appliances. Capitalism works. Socialism sucks.

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