Medieval Communes -- Monasteries for Monks and Nuns

The catholic church has had monasteries for monks and nuns for almost 2000 years. They have taken a life of obedience, poverty and celibacy. They eat together, pray together, and work together, usually in seclusion. My favorite movie is Brother Sun, Sister Moon. I am moved every time I watch this story of St. Francis of Assisi. It is also sad that so many well meaning people who loved Jesus have been so utterly stupid. Because he died before he could educate people on how to be mature, mankind has often thought Jesus meant for people to live in poverty. It is understandable that sensitive men and women would want to this. This world is so brutal and harsh. But they have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. God wants people to live in this world even though they are to be, as the Bible says, "not of this world." It is wrong to read the Bible and think God wants some people to never marry, have children and live in isolation. To really find and know God, we must be like God. God is a parent. We must become parents. And God wants his people to witness and convert people to live a pure life. And a life in the world. Men are to grow also by competing in the market place. Women are to grow by managing the house of children and caring for the elders instead of sending children to day care centers and public schools while go off to a job in an old folks home. Senior citizens are supposed be taken care of at home by those who are madly in love with them. Because the Pope and his "cult" (by using the definition of anti-cult people) violate the laws of the universe, they must eventually give up their childish ways, grow up and get married.

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