Jesus teaches God wants a worldwide utopia

2000 years ago Jesus preached that God's goal is for mankind to live in a kingdom of heaven on earth. He was looked upon as a cult leader. The leaders of the established religions of the time were angered at Jesus for saying that God spoke through him at that he knew God's will. They inflamed the people and the Roman leaders such as Pontius Pilete to take him to court. Jesus went to jail, was tortured, and then received capital punishment for being a dangerous radical.

He was 33 years old and died before he could reveal all of his truth. Rev. Moon has revealed that he planned to marry and have a family. This is heresy to the established Christian denominations today. So like Jesus, Rev. Moon has been jailed because he is seen as a dangerous radical.

Jesus wanted everyone to live in a close community of friends. He was not a socialist or feminist. Sadly, for 2000 years many Christians have felt that he never wanted to build an ideal world for everyone. And for those few who did see that he was trying to build an ideal society usually saw him as a socialist -- including the early Christians.

Acts 4

After he was murdered, we read in Acts 4 of the New Testament that some of the early Cristians lived in socialist communities. As centuries went by, some began to believe that to close to Jesus, one should imitate his life and be celibate and not marry as he had. This is why we see many monks and nuns living in monasteries for the last 2000 years. They didn't look upon their communities as utopias.

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