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Mein Kampf (My Struggle, or My Battle) is an anti-Semitic racist diatribe showing his hatred and fear of Jews saying such things as "We cannot bargain with the Jews ... Therefore, I am now convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Creator by fighting off the Jews, I am doing the Lord’s work." One book wrote: "a few days after publication of the second volume of Mein Kampf Hitler turned a Nazi Christmas celebration into another virulent attack on Jews. ‘Christ,’ he said, ‘was the greatest early fighter in the battle against the world enemy, the Jews.’ He was not the apostle of peace. His life’s purpose and life’s teaching was the battle against the power of capitalism, and for this he was crucified on the cross by his archenemy, the Jews. ‘The work that Christ started but could not finish, I – Adolph Hitler – will conclude.’"

If Rev. Moon is read without taking his words out of context and compared to evil men like Hitler, there is no comparison. The writings of totalitarian writers are diabolical. And their lifestyle reflects their demented teachings in their books. Rev. Moon’s life has always been peaceful and forgiving of those who attack him, even if they beat him to near death. The world did not read Hitler’s book and the world did not see the evil in Marx and Engels’ books and millions of people suffered horrible deaths because of it. The books of critics of Rev. Moon are diabolical in advocating violence against minority religions and their actions of violence have caused more harm than good, regardless of what some former members say they are thankful for going through the brutal and terrifying experience of having goons force them into small rooms and take away their freedom and start attacking their religious beliefs.

Rev. Moon talks about a future ideal world in which everyone will enjoy and he always says the means to it is peaceful and tolerant of all religions. Hitler and Marx and Betty Underwood push violence. Take your pick. Who’s right? Who’s of God? We can learn from this sorry episode of intolerance in American history and read Rev. Moon more carefully. On Mein Kampf one book says, "The Germans who did not trouble to read the book and the politicians outside Germany who dismissed it as a turgid and repetitious political tract made a great mistake. Few people read it attentively, and there is no evidence that Baldwin, Chamberlain, Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, or any of the political leaders most directly affected did anything more than glance at it. If they had read it with the attention it deserves, they would have seen that it was a blueprint for the total destruction of bourgeois society and the conquest of the world." I pray that world leaders and everyone reads Rev. Moon’s books instead of relying on Time magazine articles written by liberal journalists who haven’t taken the time to read him carefully.

Maclean’s moon article

In an article in Canada’s weekly news magazine Maclean’s titled "Sun Myung Moon Embraces the High and Mighty" it is amazed that world leaders and famous people appear with Rev. Moon at events he puts on for his organizations. They can’t figure out why world leaders would damage their reputation by attending Moon’s conferences which they hate. They think it is because he "has orchestrated a remarkable campaign to win main stream respectability and political influence." First it is young college students who haven’t got a brain and are brainwashed by Moon, now it is world leaders who are mesmerized by this charlatan whose only motivation is to use them and then kill them when he takes over the world. It would never occur to the media that he was trying to do good and is altruistic. World leaders such as the former head of state of Canada as Governor General of Canada tell the press he came because "he is impressed by Moon’s dedication to the course of peace and international harmony." He is also quoted as saying he likes the church members he’s met: "I happen to know in a personal way many people who are adherents of the Unification Church. They seem to be leading exemplary lives – Canadians, American, Japanese and others." The article goes on in amazement that so many world leaders associate with Rev. Moon.

Former U.S. president George Bush and his wife Barbara spoke at rallies in Japan. The critics write that "it is wrong for respected public figures to lend their names to organizations linked in any way to the self-styled Korean prophet." He is not self-styled –- God has chosen him.

Then they quote Steve Hassan who they call a former UC leader (the church denies any of his claims of leadership and his story of being an insider) saying "They are giving credibility to a group that wants to create an authoritarian dictatorship." No, it isn’t, Steve.

Any leadership in the future will be nonauthoritarian. It will be voluntary – not coercive as dictatorships are. The church has always said it will be democratic.

Bush is quoted as saying, "until I see something that troubles me, I will continue to encourage them," Bush declared. He also praised what he called the group’s ‘great emphasis on family.’"

One Church leader blasted the magazine for fomenting "public hysteria" about the church and maligning Governor Schreyer:

One book says on cults, "Cultists spend their days recruiting converts and raising funds. Living communally in rigid obedience to leaders, members work seven days a week and are constantly fatigued. Health is neglected; no attention is given to education outside the cult. [The Church owns Bridgeport University and a seminary that members are encouraged to attend or to attend other schools.  Rev. Moon is for education] Caught up as they are in a momentum of control and submission, they find it nearly impossible to leave the cult."

Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre is the mass killing of French Protestants by Catholics which began on August 24, 1572 that started in Paris and ended in the countryside in October. There were approximately 13,000 victims in what is remembered as a crime against humanity.


In their book they give some of their past history. It turns out that the husband, Ray, was a Quaker conscientious objector and got out of fighting in WWII. His son tried to get out of fighting in Vietnam the same way. Has there ever been any persecution of groups like the Quakers that will not use violence in self-defense? Of course. Some of the early Christians for one. Then we read that Barb had an affair with a married man. The whole family is deeply liberal and feminist and therefore Rev. Moon seemed just "Victorian" as Betty said. They use the force of the state to use conservatorship that the judge should not have allowed it is for people who are mentally incompetent such as brain damage or senility. Barb was an adult and made conscious decision and was coherent.

When the members came to see her during her stay with her parents she was turned off by them in that they talked war talk, but not about her feelings or if there was anything she needed. She yelled at them. She saw the love of her parents and caring and that these members were all business and not human.

One professor wrote about Moon saying, "When viewed in relation to the millennial traditions of America, the eschatology of the Divine Principle appears as the least in a series of eschatological visions of the future we should both work and hope for. The eschatology of the Divine Principle is centered on the vision of unification, a vision which is at all times powerful...

"It is my conviction that we are witnessing the emergence of a significant religious movement which may enrich the whole range of Christian traditions and, if successful, could chasten the provincialism of American millennialism with a needed internationalism."

One author says, "Before we can seriously discuss conversation to new religions, we have to consider the charge that they are sinister organizations that brainwash their member. In North America and Europe many newspapers have told bizarre stories about life in new religions. Such stories depict cult members as mindless zombies. Supporting this view, ex-members speak on T.V. and radio talk shows about having been trapped by cults and subjected to sleep deprivation, protein-deficient diets, and isolation from family and friends. Similarly, the media spotlight parents who describe tragic stories about misled children they have attempted to rescue without success.

"Such stories raise the question of whether brainwashing really occurs in cults. To begin to answer this question, we must consider the history of brainwashing as a theory of religious conversion.

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