UC Not Dangerous

Snapping -- An ignorant anti-religious book

Another popular anti-cult book that mentions the Unification Church is Snapping.  The authors have the ridiculous view that if a person has a dramatic religious conversion he has "snapped" out of his senses and needs help. So much for the millions of people who have had dramatic born-again experiences.

So much for the visions of famous religious leaders from St. Paul to Emperor Constantine to George Fox to Joseph Smith to Ellen G. White.  



Vision of St. Paul














Vision of Roman Emperor Constantine

In Hoc Signo Vinces is Latin for "In This Sign (the Cross) You Shall Conquer." It was taken from a vision of the Emperor Constantine in about the year 310. At the Battle of Milvian Bridge, Constantine's army was fiercely outnumbered by the contending emperor Maxentius. On the evening before the battle, Constantine saw a Cross emblazoned on the horizon with the words "In Hoc Signo Crucis Vinces" surrounding it. He immediately set to work placing the cross on the shields of everyone in his army. The next day Constantine swept the enemy into the Tiber River, and entered victoriously into Rome.