UC Not Dangerous

Vision of Joseph Smith -- Founder of Mormon Church


Joseph Smith was jailed and murdered in Illinois.  Orrin Hatch, the senator from Utah, held a special congressional hearing for Rev. Moon.  Senator Hatch calls Rev. Moon, and I quote, "a great man."  To go to jail is the normal course for religious leaders and their followers because people like Steve Hassan and Margaret Singer are tools of Satan.  They do what countless others have done in human history.  They can't separate the baby from the bathwater.  I feel sorry for them.

Satan exists

By saying they are of Satan is just fuel for the fire of their crusade.  Because religion teaches that everyone is ruled by Satan means nothing to these people.  Satan is a joke to them.  Just imagine how happy Satan is to see them do as he wants.  Satan is not some cute little devil with horns and a pitchfork.  He is a vicious demon who raises up Hitlers who put millions to death in concentration camps.  Rev. Moon has been tortured in a communist death camp.  When he got out did he seek revenge?  Forty years later he befriended one of the most evil communist leaders in the world, Kim Il Sung.  Rev. Moon has been the world's greatest anti-Communist and has been on their hit list for years.  When the last president of the Soviet Union met Rev. Moon he became his friend.  Name me one person who has become the friends of many presidents of countries from the free world and the communist world?  I don't know any.  To know Rev. Moon is to love him.  To know a true Unificationist is to love him.  It's just that simple. The only reason we can find for good people to get jailed and spit on is the only reason we can come up with why there are concentration camps.  It is because of Satan.

Anti-moon writers say Moon tells his members to hate their parents because they are of Satan and some books go so far as to say that Moon thinks it would be just fine if they kill them.  This is the same kind of accusations the early Christians got.  Rumors spread that they killed babies and drank their blood.  You would think people would learn after so many centuries that to make a campaign against new religious movements is about the stupidest thing a person can do.  I do not hate Steve Hassan or any other lost soul who is a dupe of Satan.  I wish him no harm.  And I will treat him as a prodigal son and have a celebration when he returns home.  But I am not a wimp and will work harder than he does to witness to others and to counter his lies.

Anyone who can come up with a phrase "coercive persuasion" is to be pitied and challenged just as a person who came up with the idea that the grass is blue and the sky is green.  To compare the techniques of the North Koreans in a prison to a person who can freely walk away from an organization is the epitome of the word dumb.  People like Hassan and Singer create an atmosphere that encourages relatives to use force against their own flesh and blood to break their wills just like the imprisoned soldiers went through in the Korean War.

History shows that religious movements always start out with super zealous converts who think the end is near.  They do stupid things that hurt people.  The Pilgrims put their babies in a little boat and went to a wilderness in winter where half died the first year.  These morons should have their head examined according to anti-cult crusaders. William Bradford and others leaders would be denounced by Hassan as "dictatorial" and "brainwashers." Hassan would be leading the way to have these people locked up.  The truth is that the Pilgrims were people of action and faith.  They had guts.  They knew God was on their side.  Rev. Moon praises those Pilgrims and calls his followers the "New Pilgrims."  Hassan, Singer and Clarkson in his book Eternal Hostility see them as the new Ayatollahs and the new Hitlers.  But then Clarkson sees any conservative Christian like the Promise Keepers and Pat Robertson as diabolical.  Anyone who can go to a stadium of tens of thousands of Christian men who praise the Lord and commit themselves to be good family men and feel in danger is the one who should have his head examined.

The Unification Church or any of the organizations of Rev. Moon such as the Federation for World Peace and Unification will go through the same process that all Christians have gone through.  It will go from being a cult to a sect and finally a church.  The Mormons are about to become a church after almost 200 years.


Mrs. White "snapped"

Mrs. White had her first of many visions when she was 17 years old.  She founded the Seventh Day Adventist Church in America.  One of her revelations was that everyone should be vegetarian.  Today, scientists report that the members of their church are the healthiest group in America.


 William Penn

The founders of religions are usually fanatics for their vision. I will write later the story of William Penn who "snapped" when he went to a Quaker meeting.  They fit the bill for a cult by the definition of anti-Moon writers.  Young William followed the founder of the Quaker's, George Fox. Fox had his first vision when he was 17 years old. In his 20's after having had many visions, he began his ministry. He and his followers were total non-conformists and upset people so much that he and his followers were often jailed, tortured, and sometimes killed. Young Penn went to a meeting and accepted instantly. He never looked back, even when he was jailed.

Penn's father was rich and was sickened that his son was throwing away everything for some nutty group.  Penn, you may remember, founded the state of Pennsylvania that is named after him.  Human history constantly repeats itself.  New religions constantly are formed and they are persecuted every time.  God forbid that anyone would act different than the majority.  God forbid that anyone would look like a fanatic and give up a normal life.  Human history is a history of the majority hating the minority.


George Washington hated

George Washington was hated by the majority of Americans during the Revolutionary War.