God's vision is for world peace.  God loves everyone and wants the wars to stop.  Rev. Moon's followers have caught the excitement of that vision.  Many are idealistic workaholics with the dream of building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that Jesus proclaimed we are supposed to be building.  And they have a realistic plan that they desperately want everyone to hear.

They witness and teach because they have the truth that can set this world free of Satan's ideology that sadly, most people believe in.  Jesus said Satan is the god of this world. If you don't believe Satan exists then how do you explain all the betrayal and crime in history. God "allows" for it to exist?  Just look around.  Does it look like God is in control?   Satan doesn't want people to hear about God's goal of a perfect, ideal world. He doesn't even want you to believe he even exists.  And he has been very successful so far in making that happen.  He has convinced everyone that only dangerous, wild eyed fanatics would believe such an obviously naive, impractical, impossible dream given by Rev. Moon.

And besides, only the communist and weird hippies in free love communes have had a dream of world peace.  And look what a mess these deranged souls have made.  The problem is that out of all the many religions and philosophies in the world, Rev. Moon's is the baby in the bath water.  He is the second coming of Christ and this world treats him just like the world treated the first messiah -- torture and jail.

But God will eventually win.  Truth always rises eventually in spite of Satan's powerful obstacles.  Some people are even beginning to see that Rev. Moon is a good man.  Some of the most influential people in the world have become Rev. Moon's friend and are saying what his humble, loyal followers have been saying all along  -- he is a man of peace with a beautiful vision and a down to earth plan to make this world a utopia. Critics then say that these world leaders also have weak minds and have been put in a trance of mind control from Moon.  Yeah, right.  Or they cynically accuse these movers and shakers of the world who are all wealthy, that they only suck up to Moon for the big bucks he stuffs into their pockets.  People like Jerry Falwell, George Bush, Alexander Haig, Louis Farakaan, Maureen Reagan and Martin Luther King's successor, Rev. Ralph Abernathy are not really friends, but there for the money or a too stupid to see how evil Moon is. Yeah, right.

Rev. Moon jailed

Critics of Rev. Moon love to point out that he is a convict.  He has been imprisoned six times.  One of them was a year in a prison in Danbury, Connecticut.  What the critics don't mention is that many mainline churches strongly objected in writing to the Supreme Court about this injustice.


Some Inquisitionof the most prominent Christian leaders in America gave a press conference and spoke in defense of Rev. Moon.  A Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Carlton Sherwood, had written a a book about religious corruption.  He decided to write about Rev. Moon's highly public trial.  He assumed Moon was guilty as charged.  He was going to write an expose of Rev. Moon and his corrupt movement.  Guess what this award winning researcher found?  Juicy corruption that he could write about Moon?  No.  He was surprised to find out that Rev. Moon and his followers are honest, not liars, and well-meaning people who were the target of persecution.  He even says it in the title of his book, Inquisition: The Persecution and Prosecution of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

There are a number of books that are anti-Moon.  These authors genuinely believe they are fighting a "dangerous" organization that is run by a megalomaniac that plans to rule the world with his sick ideology.  Moon, they feel, is another Hitler.  They incorrectly believe that he is an evil Ayatollah who wants to abolish democracy and freedom and replace it with a theocracy and slavery. There may have been some leaders in the church who gave the wrong impression to such former members as Hassan that Moon wants people to kill others. In their zeal, some may have crossed a line and felt Moon will initiate force on others. This concept is abhorrent to him and to any truly God-centered person. The Unification Church is not a militia. It is religious people who honor the Constitution of the United States. They are patriotic and not to be feared like America feared the Japanese Americans during WW2 and incarcerated them. Hassan and his stupid friends are just repeating history by not doing their homework and overcoming their prejudice and little minds. Americans persecuted the Japanese Americans out of a profound ignorance. The truth was that many Japanese Americans fought with valor against Japan even though their relatives were stripped of their homes and businesses and forced to live in camps. This is a shameful chapter in American history. While Hassan works full time to persecute anything that deviates from the status quo, Rev. Moon loved America while he and his followers were jailed and feared.

For the remainder of this chapter we are going to print some words of members we have taken from Gary Fleisher's site www.tparents.org. Anti-Moonists keep pounding away how unethical and devious Moon and his followers are. They interpret some words of Moon and the actions of his naive followers to show that they believe that it is God's will for them to lie and deceive. Because it was God's will that Jacob lied to Esau to restore a lie in the Garden of Eden, anti-Moonists jump to some silly conclusion that Moon teaches that it is correct to lie. In the 70s I had people make checks out to One World Crusade which is one of the organizations Rev. Moon made. This was not illegal. But that does make it right. Twenty-five years later most members do not fundraise, but there are some doing it. Occasionally I meet one who come up to me saying they are with an international sounding name of an organization that is doing such things as bringing foreign students to study in America. Everything they say is not illegal and anti-Moonists cannot nail the church for being criminal law breakers. These young naive fundraisers are nice people who do not realize that they are sabotaging our goals of unity. It's not right to think that just because they are technically lawful and their motivation is good that they can say such things. When people find out what they gave to, some feel angry. Let the buyer beware is not God's way.

We should be the epitome of honesty and go out of our way to say who we are. Most members are law abiding citizens with jobs and businesses who have wonderful families, but I pray that the church will end fundraising. At the least every fundraiser should give a brochure that clearly shows Father's picture when they ask for a donation. With that said, we still defend our church against the rabid attacks of Anti-Moonists who are blind to how evil spirit world plays with their minds. They cannot discern clearly. The truth is that they are the tools of Satan, not Moon and his followers. The truth is that Rev. Moon and such leaders as the president of the American Unification Church, Dr. Durst, have the highest ethical standards. It is a young church filled with many immature people, but they will not stay that way as they grow older. The fruits of Rev. Moon are clearly (to any rational person) good. Jerry Falwell is the most famous fundamentalist preacher in America. He and many other religious leaders see that Moon and UC members are decent, law-abiding, patriotic, god-centered people who are a force for good. Anti-Moonists do not have the heart and brains to join with Rev. Falwell and so many other distinguished leaders who literally embrace Rev. Moon. The Mormon, Senator Orrin Hatch, says publicly that Rev. Moon is "a great man." That is the truth, not the lies of Anti-Moonists.

I typed in "heavenly deception" into the search engine at tparents.org and got some interesting articles that show that the values of the church are good and honorable. The following will be some of what I found. I will not put quotes around the following quotes. Please keep in mind that what you will read in the rest of this part will be by several members who speak strongly against deception. I will put the name of the author at the beginning of each article. The first will be some excerpts from Dr. Durst's book. The church is not hiding anything. They are putting everything Rev. Moon and the members have written on the web for all to read. Read the following and judge for yourself. Rev. Falwell and President Bush have decided that they do not accept the theology, but they have intelligence and heart to see that a few hysterical Anti-Moonists are deeply wrong.

We also checked the search engine at Damian Anderson's website, www.Unification.net. When we typed in such words as "lie" or "deception" we got many references. None of the quotes from speeches or books of Rev. Moon ever said that it was correct to lie and use deception. There are some quotes where he says it is wrong to lie and be dishonest. Anti-Moonists have a few quotes they say Moon said that it is all right to lie. I don't know in what context he said that, but in the context of his entire 50 years of giving thousands of extemporaneous speeches that are not translated carefully, it is obvious that lying and deceit are not a tenet of belief of the church.

Former members like Craig Maxim have issues to deal with. They say their life in the UC was a nightmare of abuse. So what? Everyone has had relationships that did not work out. If there is something that the UC did that was criminal, then Maxim, Hassan and Michehl have every right to take the church to court and get compensated for being hurt. But they don't. Instead they are obsessed like some deranged stalker who has a neurotic fixation. They can't forgive or grow up and move on. Maxim's mother is in the church and he clearly has a lot of issues to work out. No one put a gun to Hassan's head. No one used force to make Michehl to fundraise for 6 years day and night. They cannot take personal responsibility for their actions and have to resort to pleas of temporary insanity caused by others. Any thinking person would not let a former priest or nun sue the Catholic church because he or she said that the church took away 6 years of their life and damaged their psyches because they had to take vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. Michehl spent 6 years in chastity, poverty and obedience. If he would have stayed, he would have moved on to marriage, a career and independent living like I and all the rest of the members have. By Michehl's definition, nuns and priests are more abused than UC members because priests and nuns never get to have sex, a bank account and live independently.

Hassan says at his website that the Catholic church does not use mind control. There is no logic in Hassan when he says that the Roman Catholic church is normal as opposed to the so-called high intensity new religious movements that he says are abnormal. A key to anti-small religionists is that these movements have a charismatic leader. How in the world can they not see that the Pope is the leader of a church that has "brainwashed" hundreds of thousands of people to be priests and nuns who give the Pope and leaders total obedience, poverty and chastity. Is that bizarre? Is that normal? Rev. Moon's followers live in suburbs and marry.

A well known religious writer, Karen Armstrong, was a nun for seven years in the sixties in England. She left and wrote two books about her experience. She had to eat macaroni and cheese her first night. She hated it but she writes how she was taught to eat whatever was put in front of her and if she hated it she could say nothing and even look at it as a test. Her parents were Catholics but hated the idea of her being a nun. She married Jesus and this was one of the few times her parents were allowed to see her in the convent. Her books were bestsellers that showed the rotten life she had. Karen went on to become a feminist theologian who writes that women have been oppressed for 2000 years in Christianity. She calls Christianity "neurotic" and "misogynistic." Why is reading her books about her being sexually harassed by a priest and doing countless hours of demeaning work forced on her by mean-spirited elder nuns any different than Barb Underwood's or Hassan's story of the lunacy of fundraising? Hassan and his cronies are profoundly ignorant of what religion is. Some people, perhaps many people, get hurt in religious movements just as many people get hurt in every other human organization. There are horror stories in every organization. The difficulty is judging when an organization becomes criminal. The Soviet Union and Jonestown were dangerous. America and the Unification Church and Roman Catholicism are not dangerous.

Hassan is the dangerous one who misjudges and leads people away from the truth of the Divine Principle that will unite this world into a loving family of mankind. I feel for people like Karen Armstrong who had a crappy experience with religion and then proceeds to throw the baby out with the bath water. Karen writes in her second book that tells of her life after she quit being a nun that she took a lover for a while who had mental problems. Now she is in her fifties and has never married or had children and writes against Jerry Falwell who she sees is a scary fundamentalist. We live in the last days and there is a fierce cultural war going on. Going after Moon makes about as much sense as going after Republicans or Democrats.

Everyone feels their opponent is dangerous. Liberals and conservatives each believe the other is destroying America. Hassan is an extremist who cannot be tolerant of other views. He sees himself as wise and helpful. He is not. He wants to use the federal government to use force against who he deems as "dangerous." This is no different than what happened to Jesus. America is built on principles of freedom. Zealots like Hassan are anti-American in their crusade to destroy minority religions. He is the kind of person Jefferson despised and Washington fought against in the American Revolution. Hassan is despicable and stupid. When the Republicans tried to impeach Clinton it was done because they said, (and they were right) that he had committed perjury. They didn't impeach him or try to send him to jail because he was a liberal. Many Republicans believe abortion is murder and therefore Clinton is a murderer of genocidal proportions because he fights for it. Republicans don't act like Hassan who is hell bent on getting his opponents to be thrown in jail. Hassan cannot find enough on his hated small religions to take them to court as criminals so he turns to persecution and fear mongering so that things like Waco can happen and Rev. Moon can be jailed in America. Ever notice how Hassan and his lowlife friends never mention Carlton Sherwood's Inquisition, that shows how America has been brainwashed by Hassan and the liberal media to hate what is good. There are many horror stories in the Catholic church and in the Unification Church, but the true horror stories are caused by people like Hassan who get the Messiah to be tortured and jailed.

Hassan is a fanatical bigot on a persecuting crusade like all those in history. All persecutors think they have good reasons to persecute. They are helping society by ridding it of the germ of non-conformists. They are eradicating dangerous fanatics who are mentally unbalanced. The signs of dangerous behavior are obvious to bigots. New religious movements aggressively witness and demand hard work.

George Washington and his mother

There are countless examples of families torn apart because of ideological differences.  Many brothers fought against each other in America's civil war.  Many parents have suffered because their children chose another church or lifestyle.  Let's look at one example.  The founder of America is George Washington.  He is considered the greatest American - the father of America.

What was his relationship with his parents.  His father died and his mother Mary never could see that her son was a great man.  In Washington: A Biography by Noemie Emery we read that she was a "troubled woman" who "fretted" about "unnamed anxieties that centered on a desire to possess property ... and to possess her children. ... Later her letters would ring an endless complaint -- 'No corn in the corn-house ... I should be almost starved.... I never lived so poor in my life' hinging on the common themes of privation, insufficiency, and loss."  She  was both "impressive and disturbing, intense in her preoccupations, backing her hesitant decisions with unchanging tenacity of will."

To her children "she showed all her life an inability to take pleasure in their achievements or their company or to recognize them in any way as personalities with identities and troubles of their own.  Her total lack of interest in the honors that deluged her oldest child [George] (which she lived to see, dying in 1789) is a peculiar chapter, but her sense of pleasure was as raddled as her eye for pain was keen.  But her awareness of the rights of was always shadowy at best. She wrote George, on campaign in the wilderness, for a Dutchman and butter, and her response to his travail in the Revolution was to dun him with complaints about her money troubles and finally to petition the legislature of Virginia for relief."  She embarrassed Washington.

He wrote to his mother once trying to educate her on a simple truth saying: "'Happiness depends more on the internal frame of a person's own mind than on the externals of the world.'  But Mary, who had no acquaintanceship with happiness, was not about to form one now."

Washington's feelings for his mother was one of "ambivalence: in childhood he was withdrawn; in youth, resistant; in maturity, resigned.  His correspondence with (and about) his mother reveals no emotion, except exasperation (and perhaps a saddened tolerance); his visits to her after childhood were infrequent, reluctant, unrewarding, and short. The conclusions to be drawn from this are inescapable; that he moved, as soon as it was in his power, to sever, or at any rate reduce, a connection that had brought him little comfort and a high degree of strain."

Champions of God, like Washington and Bradford, often have parents who drain people.  Parents just can't get it sometimes.  In Washington: The Indispensable Man, James Thomas Flexner, writes: "Their relationship had always been stormy.  Mary Ball Washington's attitudes towards her son's activities in the French and Indian War and in the Revolution had been the same: he was meddling in matters that should not concern him to the neglect of his duty to her.  Although he had set her up in a small house at Fredericksburg and seen that she was well supplied with money and goods, she had embarrassed him, when he was away as commander in chief, by complaining 'upon all occasions and in all companies' that she was neglected, left 'in great want.'  She even initiated a movement in the Virginia legislature whereby the state would come to the financial rescue of the mother of the Commander in Chief.  Washington found her action extremely humiliating and squashed it.

Like so many people, his mother was obsessed with money.  Fallen man clings to it.  Those who fight for God's new messengers often don't have any or give it away or risk it all for their crusade.  This drives the average parent out of their trees.  For example, many parents of Unification Church members kidnapped their children because they felt they were brainwashed by some oriental con artist who only wanted their money.

Washington's mother is like so many who are obsessed with money.  We read, "After the war, her demands for money became so oppressive and annoying that Washington suggested that she sell her house and live with one of her children.  He quickly added that this was not an invitation to Mount Vernon."  So, whenever you see a picture of this house which is probably the most famous in America, ponder on the fact that the owner did not want his mother to come there.

Washington fought his war without the help of his mother. Bradford had to fight his battles without his guardians.  The followers of Sun Myung Moon have often had to do the same.  Their crusade is the greatest in human history.  It is nothing less than the building of a one world family.  Because they say everyone will speak Korean in that world their parents often go ballistic.  Let's learn from history and be open to what sounds like strange revelations and strange movements.  Some are crazy, but we must always be on the lookout for revolutionary truths.  Jim Jones was just plain crazy.  Rev. Moon is crazy for God.  If anyone looked carefully they would see the difference.

On the next page are quotes from Gary Fleisher's www.Tparents.org and Damian Anderson's site: www.Unification.net. They have put many of Rev. Moon's words on the web for all the world to read. Any rational person with simple common sense will see that the church teaches the highest moral and ethical standards. Compare what you read here with the juvenile, pathetic irrational words of Hassan, Maxim, Michehl, Ross, Conway, Singer, Clarkson, etc.

Armstrong Begin Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong Armstrong


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