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Anti-Moonists don't tell their readers what the average member is really like. They are like the sensationalist tabloids at the grocery store who tell lies or half-truths. They can't see the forest for the trees. These poor souls really believe Moon is a Hitler and his followers are SS Troopers. They see a dangerous organization that is out to destroy democracy, freedom and family. The truth is that our oldest son (as we write this part of the book now) is in the US Navy. He is an Eagle Scout. In fact, his scoutmaster said he was the finest scout he has ever seen. He said publicly that our son could be the poster boy for scouts. When he was interviewed to become an Eagle scout he told the men in at board of review that he admired America's Founding Fathers. He was not lying or deceiving anyone. It would never occur to him to do that. He is constantly harassed on his submarine for being a virgin. Our children are exemplary people. I am the president of my neighborhood organization. I know hundreds of people in my community and no one would agree with with the ravings of Hassan and other former members that I have lost the ability to think clearly. It is they who lie and deceive. Most Unificationists are exemplary people. Anti-Moonists accuse members of being zombies who have no brains. This is unbelievable nonsense, but like Hitler who kept pounding away that the Jews were dangerous, people believe persecutors.

My wife was the first member to go through the terrifying ordeal of deprogramming. She did not lie to her family. But her family and relatives all lied to her in their scheme to break her faith. She was even illegally put into a mental hospital. Later, Rev. Moon personally told her to love her parents and forgive them. Hassan says Moon teaches members to kill their parents. They can find some quotes taken out of context that they feel back up their malicious attacks. They are so consumed with irrational fear and resentment they can't think straight. Everything they say is just projection of their little minds.

Not only are they ridiculous in their hyped up accusations, they can't see that every mainline church has a history that makes whatever wrong doing of Moon and his followers pale by comparison. Countless Christians and Jews have a long history of making terrible mistakes. Even today, Catholics and Protestants kill each other's children in Ireland. The history of the UC is not as terrible as the history of every Christian denomination.

Anti-Moonists make the mistake of seeing the church as half-full. Anti-Americans do the same thing. America has made many mistakes, but overall it is on the side of good and Hitler's Germany was on the side of evil. Anyone with simple common sense will not see my family as evil. Eventually the lies and nonsense of bigots like Hassan, Maxim and Michehl will be understood. Eventually reporters for NBC News will stop seeing Hassan as some kind of expert and reject him as a snake oil salesman. What Hassan and his friends are doing to the UC is just business as usual in the history of religion. Persecutors have used the Bible and interpreted it to rationalize everything from enslaving black people to killing each other in Ireland today. The latest tactic is to use the idiotic argument of mind control. This is just another rationalization for persecuting a minority. In time America and the world will see the truth.

Let me give you an example of how shallow the thinking is of angry, hate-filled former members like Maxim. He says in his website that it is "disgusting" that almost 2000 ministers honored Rev. Moon at a banquet when he got out of jail. Some of those pastors were the most distinguished and famous religious leaders in America such as Jerry Falwell and Joseph Lowery. These two men are at the opposite extremes politically but they came in support of Rev. Moon. They do not agree with his theology, but they see him as a good man of God who was persecuted by the government. Maxim and his persecuting buddies cannot understand how such famous people, even Presidents of nations, including Presidents Bush, Ford and Reagan have praised Rev. Moon. They can't because they are so possessed by Satan's hate they can't think clearly. Maxim denounces those ministers who come from every denomination, even one of the highest leaders in the Mormon church was there. Maxim dismisses them as being there only because of money. He says these men were not there because of freedom of religion and to honor Rev. Moon. He says they were there because they love money. I rest my case.

He says, "In one of the most repulsive episodes in Christian leadership, Moon assembled an enormous group of so-called Christian Ministers (1700 according to church sources) that celebrated Moon's release from prison. Jerry Falwell and Joseph Lowery were two notable ministers that gave speeches. Jerry Falwell reportedly even called for a presidential pardon for Moon. Moon served them an expensive dinner, and they talked about religious freedom and separation of church and state. Money had united them ... not truth, not God, and not Sun Myung Moon ... but money, the god they all serve together."

This is one of the stupidest statements I have ever heard in my life. It shows that it is the bigots who hate Moon who have their minds controlled. They are possessed by Satan. They are dupes of Satan. They are incapable of thinking clearly. Jerry Falwell and Joseph Lowery would denounce them as bigots if they saw their websites and read their books. Maxim is like all those in history who have persecuted religious pioneers out a profound and pathetic ignorance of what religion and freedom mean. Take your pick -- 2000 thousand of the most prominent ministers in America or Maxim who sees them as dancing around a golden calf while he holds the truth God has revealed to him. Obviously the ministers are of God and Maxim is of the devil. Maxim is just one of those dumb people who were in the crowd shouting down Jesus as a danger to society. Maxim is to be pitied. Let's pray he and his handful of loser friends will someday rise to the level of those 2000 ministers who came to hug Rev. Moon.

The UC is a good organization. Mose Durst is correct in his apologetic book, To Bigotry, No Sanction, that their mistakes are not great enough for them to be hated and to be accused of being "dangerous" and "abusive" and therefore to be crushed. Every organization has its dark side. How many priests have sexually abused children in its long history? There is physical and mental rape going on in every organization. No organization is totally squeaky clean. It is easy to see the bad. The trick is to discern correctly whether something is to be tolerated or punished. People have usually not judged correctly in human history. The greatest mistake ever made was when the Jews killed Jesus. If today's anti cult people were in the crowd around Jesus they would have led the crowd to shout "Crucify him!" The errors of the UC members are not great enough to put them in jail. Overall, the Church is half-full, not half-empty. This is not the case with those who attack Rev. Moon and his church.

The rest of this book will be a critique of those poor souls who seek to abolish peaceful new religious movements. Anti-cult "bigots" people are what Jefferson despised with every fiber of his being. A prominent bigot has even taken Jefferson's quote and made it the name of his book, Eternal Hostility. The key is to see from God's eyes. And from God's eyes, he loves his many messengers of truth that this world has despised. The list is long. For the last 2000 years there have been many champions of God who were persecuted by the anti-cult crowd of its day. Sadly, some of these champions and their descendants became persecutors themselves.

One book against Moon is Hostage to Heaven by Betty Underwood who explains that she is a Quaker. Mankind continually repeats history of evil because people don't learn from the past. Later in this book we will tell the story of George Fox, William Penn and the early Quakers. If you think "Moonies" are nuts, take a look at those who started the Quakers. To fight new religious movements has got to be the stupidest thing a person can do. God has always sent his messengers as non-conformists with a message of sacrifice. His champions are masters at giving warnings to a spiritually sleepy people. When it comes to "phobias" the founders of religions are masters at scaring the hell out of people. And the ignorant masses kill the messengers.

Scandal in Rev. Moon's Unification Church

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