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Father is very clear that women are homemakers and men provide. I have many, many quotes from many speeches given over many years to back that up that I have put them in my books The Cultural War Since 1848 and this book, Why the Divine Principle is not a Household Name, that you can read the entire text at Here are a few quotes:

 "God thought a lot about how to create women. Instead of making women taller than men, He made women a little shorter, but with bigger hips. Why? Because women are to assume two roles. First, in giving birth to children women need a strong foundation, and second, they will be living most of their lives in a sitting position, so God provided built-in cushions. Men have narrow hips without cushions because men are supposed to take the initiative and always be in action. A woman is to be objective, receiving grace from her husband and always sitting home comfortably waiting for him. That is the way it should be. At the same time a man should be masculine, and that is why he has broad shoulders and strong arms. Going out into the world is the man's role."


 "Men are built to be masculine and to take a bold and initiating role. God created women to be feminine and take a passive, objective role so that they can follow men. This was God's plan of creation. So you can easily imagine that Eve was smaller than Adam."


 "When the husband comes home from work, the wife who has spent idle time at home commands the man to do things. If the wife greets her husband with a joyful, welcoming heart and invites him to eat right away, happiness dwells with the family."


 "A wife shouldn't think that she fulfills her responsibility by just preparing a meal when her husband comes home from work. The most important thing is to share a time of confidential talk of love at the dinner table. If she comforts her husband's hard work of the day with the whispering sound that she had in their first meeting, his fatigue will fade away and their conjugal love will become deeper."


 On October 3, 1995 he said, "The mother takes care of the baby all day long while her husband is working. In the evening when the husband returns home, he will run to the baby and give it a hug and kiss."


In Blessing and Ideal Family True Father says,


"The wife of a leader shouldn't nag her husband when he is about to leave for work in the morning. The disturbing ripple effect from his heart created by his wife's nagging will disturb the world and make it unclean. Woman should nag at night and then all the problems should be solved overnight. A man should launch his battle plan every morning; the wife of such a husband should wake up early and serve him well."


 "Women always should be beautiful even if it requires using make-up and perfume. A wife should not be indebted to her husband in emotional life, and she should always concern herself with her husband's body and clothes. When a husband looks tired after working, she should prepare water to wash his face, and toothpaste and toothbrush to brush his teeth, and she should be able to wash his feet and comb his hair."


Father is absolute about men protecting and leading men. When has True Mother earned one penny, invested money or worried about money? When has Mother every led Father? How about never. When does she ever stand on his right? How about never. How many times has he chastised American sisters for wanting to usurp the man's position and be bones instead of flesh? In my homeschool my kids listen to audio tapes of Father scolding sisters over and over for being out of order. Do sisters listen? No. Could this possibly be a reason God cannot bless the UC with new members and the Mormons, Southern Baptists and every religion on earth that teaches traditional values is exploding in growth? Common sense says so, but then there is very little common sense in the UC.

Arguing with a Unificationist is like arguing with a communist, socialist, democrat or liberal. Clinton and Gore denounce the conservative's ideology that says capitalism is more compassionate, loving, creative, free, and kind than big government. Republicans are put down as having no "heart." I used to be a bleeding heart liberal before I joined the UC. I was a loyal democrat. I now know the rules of politics and how we should organize our nation's economy. I have communicated with the Nobel prize winner, Milton Friedman, who I love. I have read countless books on political theory. Like most things there are two roads to choose from. I choose the road of capitalism over socialism as Father teaches us and as he taught the Politburo when he told them to embrace free enterprise. It is common sense to do so.

Unificationists who argue with me do the same thing to me that Democrats do to the Republicans -- shake their finger and talk about "heart." Peter and Kim Brown are two of the nicest people you could meet and have a website and books about heart and selflessness that sounds great on the surface but unfortunately they are intellectually bankrupt because they also say there is no particular "order" in how a husband and wife organize themselves. They say nothing about biblical, time-tested values.

I do. It is not enough to have emotion like the Democrats do. We need to guide our emotions with truth. We don't need a million laws like Congress dumps on us, but we do need a few basic laws of life, codes of conduct and rules for success that God has for us. I am proud of my son, Jonathan, who left our home at the age of 17 to join the U.S. Navy and stay pure against incredible pressure to lose his virginity. My wife and I have tears in our eyes when he tells his story. He guided his emotions and heart and love with the truth of abstinence. He knows that those who are abstinent usually lead a happier life than those who don't.

We have to have discipline and play by the rules. Just like Republicans are blasted for being heartless and putting people into boxes, I am told I have a "harsh" philosophy. I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard that. The truth is that Unificationists can feel they are all heart all they like but they are heartless when they have the women castrate men in the workplace like Josette does and puts their kids in public schools. Sometimes our kids wanted to try public schools. Every time they quickly came back. One of my sons went to junior high for a few months and told me there are posters everywhere in his classes that showed women having non traditional jobs. Big posters of women construction workers and women cops. Once when I was on a Unificationist Internet chat room, a sister and I debated about women cops. My absolute stand against it made her so furious she used the F-word and told me I was arrogant, offensive and she demanded I get off my soapbox. Not one person came to my defense. If she thinks she is livid now, just wait until I have books and videos in her public library coming up. I am on a crusade as noble as Pasteur to get doctors to wash their hands and instruments. The ideology of feminism has crippled the UC. It needs to wake up to the harsh reality that it is they who are harsh, not me. They are into day care and nursing homes and women being cops and being the Commander-in-Chief. They are with Hillary and Bill.

It is no coincidence that Tipper Gore has a good marriage because she gave up feminism. She said so in a woman's magazine. (I am the only man I know who has read countless Ladies Home Journals. I have spent many hours even reading issues of their magazine from the 19th century). Tipper said she gave up feminism when she married so she could focus on her husband. This is how women can raise men. Nancy Reagan did the same. Hillary did the opposite. Common sense tells you there are two roads here. Elizabeth Dole is barren. Lynn Cheney's motivation is to crusade for Republican and conservative values in her career as a professor, author and high government jobs. This wannabe future Second Lady has a daughter who is gay. There are terrible consequences if our actions are wrong. Even True Parents cannot fool Mother Nature.

The Brown's teach what most members seem to believe -- be heartistic and selfless and order will follow. They give no rules. If we follow the vague, mushy, emotional values they teach, then it wouldn't matter what we did as long as we felt we were not being selfish and loving. The problem with this is that there are laws of the universe that must be taken into account. It isn't a matter of whether order or love come first. It is a matter of loving the rules. Without stop signs, we would have chaos on our highways. They do not "box" us in. They do not limit our freedom. They do not decrease love of driving. They are not "harsh." They are simply boundaries, like abstinence. Two mothers can both have heart and selflessness. One can give a McDonald's party with greasy french fries and treat their kids with a bed time snack of donuts and whole milk. What about a mom who serves whole grains and puts candles on a watermelon (we do) instead. We have two choices -- God or Satan. We can show our heart by giving our kids snickers or strawberries, bananas or a Baby Ruth. Motivation is important, but good motivation has often led naive people down the road to hell. If sisters would be truly loving they would not clog the arteries of their husbands. They would study nutrition and be professional in their god given role of cook. Sisters fight being the Proverbs 31 and Titus 2: 3-5 wife and the results are that Unificationists are not the healthiest people on earth. The Seventh Day Adventists are the healthiest group in America. Why aren't we? Aren't we supposed to be superior to everybody as Father keeps telling us?

So we have a choice to make. God or Satan. Each has a philosophy of life. The one leads to romance, joy, and life. The other leads to mediocre marriages or divorce, less happiness and death. I am a former literature teacher and love poetry. Robert Frost says it well in "The Road not Taken"


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;


Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,


And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.


I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.


My wife and I have chosen the less traveled road. We know the other road real well. I was a Mr. Mom, a househusband once. I experimented with many different lifestyles the feminists teach. I have written hundreds of pages quoting both sides of this issue and have made my decision. For most who read this they never knew there was two roads. Cheryl Wetzstein and Marilyn Morris teach their road and I teach mine. Take your pick. I see the choice as good and evil, as black and white. There is no gray. Either gay marriages are right or wrong. Either abstinence is right or wrong. Either women encourage their husbands by being a truly religious feminine woman as a homemaker or she goes out and dominates men like Josette does. Either you are Tipper or you are Hillary. There is no other choice. Either you are a traditionalist or a feminist.

I get tired of hearing I am "harsh" by ignorant Unificationists, but that goes with the territory in speaking for God. I have no illusions I will change Cheryl and Marilyn's minds. They have shown over a period of many years that they have dug their heels in and will not debate me and let their words stand. I am standing by my view that is diametrically opposed to theirs. I see them as satanic. They see me as satanic. You, dear Reader, have a choice of which road you will travel down. I pray you will not be deceived by the cruel, heartless road offered by well-meaning, sweet, and nice Unificationist feminists who are dupes of Satan. These are not harsh words. These are words of truth and the truth hurts. You will never get Marilyn and Cheryl or the many feminists in the UC to give you a clear blueprint on how to gain members. I never read them even saying they care that virtually no one has joined in the last 40 years. I have a blueprint. It is not the "Godwin" blueprint. It is a practical game plan for success that growing churches are using. Try it and you will see I am right.

If all my critics tried for one day to live by the godly values in Helen Andelin's Fascinating Womanhood and Aubrey Andelin's Man of Steel and Velvet, they would change their minds. My wife told me the other day an experience she had at the grocery store. A former neighbor of ours moved to another part of town a few years ago. Her name is Kathy. I won't give her last name. I rarely ever name names unless they are published. Kathy saw my wife and hugged her. She said my wife saved her marriage because she had given her Fascinating Womanhood and spent so many hours at her kitchen table drinking tea and talking about it. She said she has bought copies for all her friends and told my wife of some of the miracles that have taken place in those homes.

What UC sister can say she has done what my wife has done? I thank God that a UC sister gave my wife the book. I thank God that an elder sister, Nancy Hanna, has written in the UNews encouraging sisters to study the book. I will not rest until I have published my books and made clear videos explaining all the nuances of thought and arguments in this debate and everyone hears the good news that God has revealed the keys to happiness in these terrible Last Days. I have talked to Helen and Aubrey on the phone and I have talked to Marilyn on the phone. I have made my choice which woman I think is right. Now you have to make your decision.

Hassan and Maxim read Father and see a racist megalomaniac who has built a harsh movement. We read Father and see the Ideal World. UC members seem to read Father and see a feminist. I see a traditionalist. There is no middle way. I hope you join me and distribute the Andelin's books.

Thank you for reading this rough draft of my thoughts. I would appreciate hearing any thoughts you have on what I write. Please email me --

John Godwin


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"You can't be a little bit feminist anymore than you can be a little bit pregnant." John Godwin

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