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The UC should be even more politically incorrect and say that women should also never lead in society as well. Instead, Father announces at the beginning of the new millennium on January 3, 2000 that a major goal of the UC is to get a woman be Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces and women to be 50% of the Congress that guides our military so we can have "balance." Even the Messiah has his moments of illogic. This does not mean he is not the Messiah. Father has proven he's the Messiah by the vast majority of his politically incorrect statements. Nevertheless, the UC is crippled and God cannot bless it with members and power until it becomes a champion for absolute values. There can be no illogic, no contradictory ideas, and therefore no feminism in the UC. I joined the UC because I felt the mystical power of the logic of the Principle. Then I had to suffer under women state leaders who unconsciously emasculate UC brothers. When the UC takes the perfect logic of the DP to its obvious conclusions it will quickly have the power to create majority who will peacefully vote in every leader of every nation.

Those who think there are different kinds of feminism, like Sommers does, makes as much sense as saying that there are different kinds of bank robbers and different kinds of premarital sex. Unificationists defining themselves as feminists and not male bashers is like Clinton defining sexual relations. There is no logic or common sense, but everyone nods their head like they have heard something profound. Dr. Lee does not make any sense when he says in a speech titled "Today's World Problems and Unification Thought" -- "Great expectations are being placed on the Unification Movement as a new philosophy that can realize a unified world transcending capitalism and socialism." There is nothing that transcends capitalism and socialism. He goes on to say that Father told the Russians that they "should offer land without charge, establish free economic zones, and invite factories from the West." That is capitalism. Father did not offer any new political system because there is none. Either you have freedom or you have government regulation. The UC is for varying amount of socialism and feminism. That is like varying amounts of premarital sex, beer, cigarettes, and theft.


Feminists like Sommers and Josette Shiner think they have found a middle way between what they would say is simple nostalgia for the good old days of "separate spheres" that they say Aubrey and Helen Andelin teach and the patriarchy bashing of Gloria Steinem. The truth is that there is no kinder, gentler feminism. Sommers and UC feminists do not offer any hope for a solution to the battle of the sexes.

Unificationists should not be so concerned about being liked -- about being non-controversial. We have to make stands for many absolute values. We can't please both the vegetarians and the carnivores. Father says shooting a big fish and watching it bleed by the boat is spiritual. This upsets millions of vegetarians but we have to proclaim throughout the land that shooting and then eating a duck is wonderful in God's eyes. I've seen a picture of True Parents where they are both beaming as each stood in a field holding a shotgun in one hand and a dead bird of some kind in the other.


It is interesting that the only American woman that feminist Unificationists can come up with as an example of a conservative role model woman who held high position is Jeanne Kirkpatrick, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations who was appointed by President Reagan. Why is this interesting? Kirkpatrick is with Jack Kemp's conservative political organization, Empower America. The sister in the UM who rose to dizzying heights of the corporate ladder was Josette Shiner. Shiner left the UM and was hired by Kemp. If Jeanne Kirkpatrick is such a great role model, then how do you deal with the fact that the most public sister in the UM is with Kirkpatrick instead of being home taking care of her husband and children? Josette and all the feminists in the UM should see Helen Andelin as a role model instead. Helen Andelin

Ugly Blue Jeans

We should be standing up for true masculinity and true femininity. This means, for example, that we must denounce the unisex fashion of women wearing blue jeans all the time. Compare pictures of college campuses at the turn of the century to today. There is a sense of beauty in one and ugliness in the other. Almost every student wears jeans and a T-shirt. The feminist experiment of the 20th century has blurred the sexes and created an absurd androgynous culture. Saturday Night Live type shows constantly make fun of Janet Reno for being like a man. Feminism is ugly. Unificationist sisters should wear pants only when they are doing some heavy duty cleaning or hunting pheasant with their husbands or cooking around a camp fire. The vast majority of the time sisters should wear dresses -- the longer the better. I know. I know. Mother has been known to wear pant suits. I wish she wouldn't. But True Mother always wears a dress when she is in a public situation. And doesn't she look the most feminine when she wears brilliantly colored long Korean dresses?

Some sisters get furious and feel that talk like this is nauseous and stupid. Some feminist brothers support the efforts of sisters to provide, lead and protect their families and let the man do the ironing. They are wrong. I don't know how to sugarcoat the message so vegetarians can feel my heart and think I'm a nice guy. I don't know how to water down my words so nudists can feel better about me when I tell them that God does not want public nudity. I don't know how to tell Muslims in a tactful way that Mohammed is not the Adam that God has sent to mankind to restore this world. How do you say with love and tenderness and gooey touchy-feely words to a pro-lifer that abortion is not murder? How do you diplomatically tell America that it must someday submit to a world government led by Unificationists? Are absolute values "boxes?" Of course not. Are we limiting everyone's creativity and uniqueness because we say that absolutely every person will speak Korean and no other language? Are we being "rigid" because we say Rev. and Mrs. Moon are the only True Parents of mankind who are in the position of Adam and Eve? Are we constricting anyone because we say the Divine Principle is the highest philosophy in the world? I don't think those things are any more restrictive than saying that absolutely no one should snort cocaine and then rob a convenience to buy more drugs. By having just one language instead of many, we can be a family of man instead of killing each other. There are so many absolute values that upset people when they hear about it and it doesn't make any difference "how" you say it. Criticize someone's sacred and cherished beliefs and see what happens. Human history has been a brutal tale of torture to those who disagreed with the status quo. Try selling a Bible door-to-door in Iraq and see what happens to you. Try telling some Unificationists that biblical family values is the "only" structure of a family and you will hear howls of pain and attempts to get you kicked out of Internet chat rooms.

The idea that there are absolute values in men/women relationships that says men absolutely lead and women follow is abhorrent to many Unificationists as it is to most of America. We live in a feminist world. There are very few really masculine men and feminine women anymore. The mantra is now "equality" which really means "sameness." Try explaining the concept of a woman Commander-in-Chief to real men like those honored on Mount Rushmore.

I have had Unificationist feminists get so mad at me for saying that the Andelins teach universal truths. They argue that God is big and there will be many types of marriages in the ideal world. They say, "Don't put me in a box." -- each person and family is "unique" and if some want to be "democratic" instead of patriarchal and be spontaneous and creative, then God will be pleased. Feminists in the UC get scared that I am advocating a brutal patriarchy like Ayatollahs have in the Middle East. I am against government regulation of relationships. The Puritans of Massachusetts and the leaders of Iran did and do that. This has little to do with God. God gives man free will. He gives freedom, but He also gives responsibilities, rules, and commandments, that is,"boxes." Didn't God give Adam and Eve the box of don't eat the fruit? Our task now is restoration and God and Father have given us guidelines (boxes) to lead us to that end.

Unificationists love the word "heart" and argue that God is more interested in love than commandments. Heart is a popular word in the UC (read Peter and Kim Brown's books to see what I mean). The flip side to that coin is absolute values. We cannot develop our hearts without truth. We must be careful about letting our feelings dominate. The truth sets us free to experience true love. And to the 90s American and sadly to some feminist Unificationists, the truth hurts.

Creativity comes within order. Life is filled with rules. There are red stop signs everywhere. We can creativity drive wherever we want because of those stop sign "boxes." There are many rules of the road and every person must obey them. No exceptions. Run a red light and see what happens. When we disobey true laws (not false laws given by anyone from the government to UC leaders), people get hurt. Individuals, families and nations that disobey the laws of the universe pay a heavy price. America has forgotten the rules. Unificationists should be the teachers leading the way out of the chaos of feminism's many alternative lifestyles.

The argument for feelings over laws is what I call the "Cigarette Argument." Here's the logic:

A person says, "I am 90 years old and have been smoking a pack of Camels every day of my life. I feel great. I enjoy my smokes. I have some friends who smoke also. They are creative. They all smoke different brands. My best friend, for example, smokes Marlboro. Some of my friends smoke cigars. Some chew. And I know some nonsmokers who have got lung cancer. There is no cause and effect between smoking and health. Some nuns get lung cancer.

"Now here you come criticizing us and upsetting our happy relationship with tobacco. People like you are fanatical health nuts teaching that everyone should not do what I do. Have you been to my house? My kids are healthy and they grew up with all this so-called second hand smoke and they are fine. In fact, one of my sons has taken up smoking and we enjoy smoking together at his house.

"We feel sorry for our other son who has been brainwashed by those idiot anti-smoking crusaders. They think they have so much research saying that what I'm doing is harmful, but I can quote experts too. The scientists at the Philip Morris company have tons of studies to prove you rigid heath nuts are wrong. And those scientists at the tobacco companies have as impressive Ph.Ds as your guys.

"Us smokers have an alternate lifestyle. So do gay people. Why all this gay bashing and smoker bashing? Can't we just respect our differences? God is bigger than rules of health and rules of marriage. There are different strokes for different folks. You crusaders are kill joys. You are so narrow. You quote the Bible saying we have to walk a narrow path and our bodies are temples. But you miss all the love quotes.

"Love is greater than commandments. Don't be harsh and authoritarian and restrict my freedom. If I want to eat the fruit, I will. That fruit looks delicious. Hugh Hefner at Playboy and Helen Gurley Brown at Cosmopolitan ate the fruit and they say they are happy. And they have influenced many to eat the fruit and they are happy too. In fact smokers and playboys are happier than health nuts and uptight abstinence crusaders. God is big. There are so many options. Don't box me in. Don't come in here with your holier-than-thou judgments. Don't fence me in."

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