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Sun Myung Moon & Hak Ja Han MoonFeminism is the ideology that sees it as a crusade to destroy the traditional family by getting women to compete with men outside the home and preferably winning over them and for men to equally share in housework. They misuse the word "equality" just as all Communists misuse good words like democratic and freedom. In the sixties Satan inflamed the fires of feminism to match the blessing of True Parents in 1960. True Parents live by the three pillars of the biblical marriage -- that men lead, protect and provide for their families. Father doesn't come to abolish the traditional marriage but to fulfill it and perfect it. Name me once when Mother has led, protected and provided for Father? In every picture of the True Parents Mother sits, stands or walks on Father's left. Mother knows her place. It is in a subservient position to Father's leadership. How many sisters always stand to their husband's left? No UC sister should ever sit, walk, talk or sleep to their husband's right. There is a divine order between men and women. Those members who think that all we have to do is have "true love" and not be "selfish" and then all will be well are wrong. There are laws that we must live by. For example, if a husband can't earn enough money then he should take a second job. If we followed the vague teachings of some UC members it would not matter who took the second job. If the woman worked at KMart every night and he babysitted when he got home, then that would be seen as her being selfless and showing true love. She is giving him a break. But if we know the divine order for men and women that says women who have able bodied husbands should not work, then we can guide our motivation to show true love and not be selfish by doing the right thing. When we know the rules of marriage then we can reject arguments like some have given like some men are more feminine than their wives and some wives can earn more money than their husbands. We must live by God's laws -- not man's.

Let's take a brief look at a quote of Father on the difference between men and women. In a speech called "Where and How Do You Want to Live Your Life?" given on June 9, 1996 printed in Today's World (November, 1996) he says, "Who stands in the position of subject? [Man.] Why should man stand in the position of subject? [Because he contains the seed of life.] Unificationist women do not claim that man is the subject because they like that idea, but rather they have no choice in the matter! You did not believe it until you joined the Unification Church."


Like the frog that was slowly boiled to death and didn't realize what was happening to him, America has been boiled in feminism that wants to interchange men and women's position. Father goes on to say, "Women in this American melting pot society however claim that they should be subject. Who will eventually prevail?" So far American women have prevailed, but eventually Father's politically incorrect message will be heard and lived.


Father goes on to say these powerful words: "If these American women insist upon women being subject, then eventually we can bring women from Africa and India and through them sow the true seed." Why Africa and India? These are cultures that are not as feminist. They are women who are not rich and arrogant like American women. Women there are more objective and feminine. They are not like Amazon American women who are rebellious. Father says, "Then the American women who insist on maintaining their subjectivity will certainly face some problems. What then is your role as a woman? You are like a field waiting to be planted. Whatever seed the farmer may sow in your field you have to produce." Note the word "role." Women do have a role to play contrary to the teachings of some sisters like Marilyn Morris who teach that there are no ordained roles for men and women. Some in the UC seem to be into situational ethics instead of seeing that there are absolute roles for men and women. Father continues saying, "As a field do you have the luxury of telling the farmer what kind of seed to sow? You have absolutely no choice. American women don't like such an idea. In order to respond affirmatively to me, you have had to drastically change your thinking." American and other Western women are now screaming "sexist misogynist -- male chauvinist pig!" Father, they say, sees women as sex objects who are supposed to be barefoot and pregnant.


Father says, "Once the farmer sows the seed in your field, can you claim the harvest as your own?" Father is denouncing women for being subjective. They have left their position and usurped men's position. Women have absolutely no respect for men's subjective position. He says, "American law deals with child custody in a misguided way. The woman's responsibility is to follow her husband. If your husband represents the bones, you are like the flesh. Therefore, the two of you have to become one. Otherwise, we will end up with two origins, two directions and two effects. When divorce occurs, who usually wants custody of the children? [The mother.] Since we understand the truth, shouldn't such women be considered thieves? You do not consider them thieves, so am I telling you a lie? [No.]"

A hundred years ago, men got the children if there was divorce. One reason there was so little divorce in the 19th century was that women knew that they would not get the children. Feminists cry for equality. But we don't have equality with feminism. Women overwhelmingly get the children. There shouldn't be equality anyway. The men should be given the children in divorce instead of the women. Father often sounds like Victorians because they were more spiritually correct than we are.


Father continues saying,"The father stands in the vertical position. Therefore, if you want to climb up the vertical ladder you have to climb up your father. Your mother is in the horizontal position of the field." I really like Father using parables and other visual images such as a farmer and a field or ladders and baskets to teach his point. It is like Jesus talking. He continues, "The head of your family is your father, not your mother." How much clearer can he get? Men are patriarchs. Men lead. There is no dual leadership or interchanging of positions as feminism teaches. There is equality in value, but not roles. He says, "He stands in the position of the family king. In some American families there are various fathers and mothers, and everything is confused and mixed up." He says the word "mix." Feminists teach that it is good to "mix" men and women. Dear Reader, either you can have the order of Father or the chaos of feminists.


Father says, "This shows that they have completely disregarded this principle. If the law stated that when a couple divorces the children should remain with their father there would be far less divorce in this country. Suppose all of these children desire to follow their father: wouldn't the mother eventually come back because of her love for her children? Don't you think there would be a greater chance of saving the family? No matter how fertile your field might be, if there is no farmer to sow the seeds, then your field will be wasted." One of the principal complaints in the Seneca Falls Declaration in 1848 was that fathers automatically received custody after divorce. When Father or anyone says the truth there is always the opposition with their arguments. Father doesn't get into nitty gritty debates. That's our job. One argument that feminists make against men getting the children is that men are the cause of divorce. They are drunken hairy beasts beating the crap out of pure, sweet, wonderful, godly, innocent, spiritual, sacrificial, kind women physically and verbally. It is fashionable to bash men today (sadly, even in some of Mother's speeches). The truth is that women do not have a monopoly on goodness and men do not have a monopoly on evil. One of the causes of many men turning to drink and other addictions is because society has told them they are not valuable. Father teaches the reverse. If society understood that men are the center of the family and held men in esteem and gave them the children in divorce, there would be far less dysfunctional behavior in men. Even if a man is out of it and the wife divorces him, she still should not get the children. They should go live with the man's father, brothers or other men in his family.

I write extensively about feminism in my book The Cultural War Since 1848. These are the Last Days and Satan has attacked with his final and most cruel ideology because he wants to destroy the family. I pray that Unificationists will be be wise and reject the core teaching of feminism that teaches that women should leave the home and compete with men in the marketplace. It is fine that women volunteer their time away from the home, but it is diabolical for them to take a job away from a man. Women earning money castrates and emasculates men.

Traditional women need praise because the vast majority of women are like the prominent sister in the UC, Cheryl Wetzstein, who puts down stay-at-home moms my wife and I wrote about in the UNews, disparaging them with a contemptuous remark that they are just "Queens on the couch." Men, she says, in a patriarchal society get to be "doctors, artists, musicians, scientists, engineers and academics. ... What tasks shall fall to women in this Patriarchy? Dishwasher? Laundress? Cook? Maid? Delivery girl? I know, a position of true royalty: Queen on the couch."

"What a dreary view this couple seems to present."

These kind of "dreary" feminist statements in Unificationist literature are like a cancer that has weakened and crippled the UC. To feminists like Wetzstein, a woman cannot find happiness in old-fashioned values; they can only Feminine Mystiquefind happiness in the new values of work outside the home as Betty Friedan teaches in The Feminine Mystique. Sadly, I have heard praise for Friedan's evil book from Unificationist sisters. Wetzstein sounds like Hollywood's Roseanne who makes fun of Helen Andelin's phrase "Domestic Goddess" in Fascinating Womanhood in her stand up comedy routine. Compare Roseanne's life to Helen's. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The truth is that Wetzstein has a dreary view of life and my wife and I gave a glorious view of life. Feminists like Cheryl push women out of the home to "find themselves" by competing with men and even dominating them sometimes in the work place while children go unloved in day care centers and schools run by liberal activists. At the very least women in the marketplace distract men. How many homes have been broken because men spent time with women outside the home? Men should not spend time with any other women except those in his family and women should never be alone with other men other than those in her family. Just look at what happened in the Oval Office. Even a president of the Unification Church of America left his blessed marriage because he spent time with another woman. Do not eat the fruit is pretty hard to do when the fruit is everywhere.


Cheryl Wetzstein puts down the New Testament as outdated. She wrote against my wife and I in the UNews (September 1994) saying that "Patriarchy is a New Testament practice that thankfully shall be retired forever. In its place, a true liberation of men and women shall emerge." The liberation she writes of is the Women's Liberation Movement that is led by such New Testament haters as Gloria Steinem who has won the cultural war and ended the age old practice of men protecting women. Wetzstein deludes herself into thinking she has something brand new but it is just feminism. She sees herself as a sophisticated modern Unificationist that is beyond patriarchy. She is the new woman. The truth is that she is a dupe of Satan. How many lives has she shattered by this false teaching of hers? She should apologize to the UC for demeaning women who are homemakers.

My wife and I used to live by Cheryl's philosophy. For a while I was a househusband while my wife worked. We were so liberal we even had our kids call us by our first names. Then God used a sister in the UC to give us Andelin's Fascinating Womanhood. We changed our lives and have been completely happy since. My wife does as Titus 2:3-5 commands women to do. She is a wonderful wife and mother first and then she gives copies of Helen's books to our neighbors. She sits at kitchen tables and counsels these women. One woman moved to another part of town and recently my wife met her at the grocery store. This woman hugged my wife and said, "Amy, you are a godsend! I can't thank you enough for giving me Fascinating Womanhood. It has changed my life for the better. It has saved my marriage. Since I've seen you I have given copies to my friends and it has dramatically improved their marriages." My wife also cares for my Dad who lives near us. He is 81 years old and he loves her for caring for him hours every day. How do you express what it is like to see him cry because of the love and fun he says he has with her? My wife has taken him to see Mother speak and he loves True Parents because he says they have taught us how to have such a wonderful family. Mary Pride's book The Way Home is excellent at describing how a woman is to be a "homeworker." Cheryl Wetzstein's vision is for women to be public school teachers or work in a nursing home. My wife teaches our children and cares for the elderly. Which vision has true love? Cheryl or my wife's? Again, I ask Cheryl to recant her attack on my wife's godly lifestyle. I have tried several times to communicate with Cheryl but apparently she thinks so little of me that she has never returned my letters and phone calls over the years.

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