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I'm not holding my breath for her and any UC feminists to recant their views in the UNews. This battle for the mind of the UC will take many years to win. Right now, feminists are the ruling majority in the UC, but after a growth period, the truth will rise and the majority will believe and live by old fashioned values.


You will notice that UC feminists often write in church literature denunciations of the Bible's teachings on marriage and family as inferior to the innovative and new revelations about family they say exist in the Principle and Father's words, but they never tell you exactly what the new structure is for their brand new ideal marriages which will have "advanced" beyond patriarchy and feminism. They criticize but give no alternative or solution. There is no precision in their words. There is no logic in their muddled and incoherent and vague arguments. Their own marriages and families have broken no new ground. Some are even hypocrites and live by traditional values and then say how feminist marriages are just fine. Those who criticize me as being so black and white and "harsh" should take a good look at the sad reality of the UC. I do not enjoy airing the UC's dirty laundry, but it is obvious to everyone but Unificationists that the movement has not grown in the last 40 years. My critics have no clue how to fulfill the three blessings. You will never hear them agonize over the failure of the UC to gain members. Many of them are not physically fit, have mediocre marriages with only a few children, and have not taught the Principle and transformed a life in decades. If you want to see dynamic religion don't go to the UC, go to a conservative church like a LDS or Southern Baptist. There you will see growing churches because they honor the innate differences between men and women. They have common sense to know that men are more logical than women and are made by God to lead and they have the courage to publish their old fashioned, time tested values. Meanwhile those liberal churches who feel men and women are interchangeable, like the Methodists and the Unification Church decline every year. The Mormons have printed their constitution for the family. The UC has scattered writings that say they are anti-feminist with some exceptions -- like women state leaders. These exceptions make the UC feminist. Unificationists delude themselves into thinking they are peacemakers and unifiers with new headwing marriages, when they are simply on the left with Betty Friedan. If you want to be a revolutionary and teach new ideas try teaching that women should not be cops. UC sisters and many brother go ballistic when you try to say that.

Unificationists are unable to counsel anyone on how to have a godly marriage and therefore have lost the race against other religions that are more in line with God's universal values for marriage. I know this from first hand experience because I asked many leaders and members for help when I was suffering in my feminist marriage. No one had a clue to what I should do. I thank God a sister gave me Helen Andelin's book Fascinating Womanhood to give my wife when I told her I was in a nightmare marriage.

What Unificationists don't know is that we are supposed to teach that God wants patriarchy to be an absolute value. This means that absolutely no woman will ever dominate any man anywhere forever. Father brings the vision of a world of absolute values. The Bible says that a people perish without vision, and the UC has not flourished because it mixes some feminism with patriarchy. It is as if they sprinkle enough poison on their dinner to make you ill and thinking all the time they have sprinkled a brand new -- never before seen spice and think they have a delicious meal to serve.


There is a lot of Bible bashing in the UC. It is true that we have a higher truth in the Principle, but that does not mean that there are not eternal, time-tested truths in the Bible. Father does not give total new truth. Some truths have been given mankind and will always be eternal. We did not invent the idea of abstinence or that robbing banks is wrong. The advice given in the Bible for marriages is often excellent, true and practical. It is arrogance to think differently. Feminists hate the biblical family. God sees it differently. Unificationists need to see from God's viewpoint. Some of my critics say I am giving my philosophy. I am not. I am teaching God's philosophy that works. The ideology of my critics in the UC does not work. It is intellectually bankrupt and like die hard Marxists on our college campuses they just can't give it up even though the UC is as dreary as the former East Germany.


In the official DP book we read, "In the present era, as democratic ideals have flourished, people have been promoting the emancipation of slaves, the freedom of oppressed racial minorities, and the independence of small and weak nations. They are advocating human rights and equality between the sexes and among all peoples. More than ever before, people are zealously uplifting the value of the individual toward its original value. This demonstrates that we have arrived at the threshold of the Last Days, when fallen people can restore the first blessing of God." Another popular politically correct goal in the UC is to end "sexual discrimination." God's way is for discrimination. God is against the feminist goal of equality.


Exposition of the Divine PrincipleThe phrase "equality between the sexes" in the DP is a satanic invasion into UC literature just as devastating as advocating socialism in the official Principle book. This intellectual pollution has kept the UC from growing. It is a virus in the UC that has made our movement sick. It is as deadly as a little rattlesnake bite. Feminism's mantra is "equality." It is a devious ploy to equate the liberation of slaves such as the blacks in American history to saying women have been slaves in a patriarchal society. It is a brilliant strategy of Satan and sadly he was able to brainwash the UC as he has done to the rest of America. Father, in his writings, clearly blasts the feminist's concept of equality. He teaches, as Jesus taught, that men and women have equal value, but they do not have equal abilities and should never interchange roles. Women are to know their place -- it is to stand to the left of the man. To think that men are going to iron half the clothes in the home is not only ridiculous, it is dangerous thinking. It destroys the family by denying the innate differences between men and women. I hope Tyler and elders will cut out this false teaching in the Principle and church literature just as Tyler has exposed socialism as a lie.


The essence of feminism is to get men and women to interchange roles. There are not different kinds or types of feminism as some in the UC believe. There is no real difference between so-called radical feminists like the feminist theologian Mary Daly or what some would call individualist feminists, difference feminists, socialist feminists, moderate feminists or what I call the soft feminism of Josette Shiner. The result of all feminists is that women leave the home and dominate men in society. You can't be a little bit feminist anymore than you can be a little bit pregnant. Either you are for God's division of labor or Satan's. Either you are for women being subservient to men or not. Either it is right for women to lead men or not. We are dealing with absolutes here. It is black and white; there is no gray area, anymore than there is a gray area in our campaign for abstinence. Either you are chaste or you do premarital sex. There are no "types" of abstinence or "types" of premarital sex anymore than there are "types" of feminism. You are either a feminist or you are a traditionalist. There is no third way, no middle way, no new Completed Testament Age way, no never before seen Headwing way on this topic that is bigger or better than the eternal truths already given in the Bible. Headwing cannot harmonize the left wing and the right wing on this issue. The Right is right on the issue of godly patriarchal families. It isn't Andelin's personal views, Godwin's view or the Christian Right's views. It is God's view that writers such as the Andelin's teach. It isn't biblical views that feminists see as "oppressive" and "reactionary" and therefore outdated. It ultimately is God's views. Headwing offers new and exciting insights, but it is not advocating something "beyond" the roles men and women have in the biblical traditional family as taught in such books as the Andelins anymore than Headwing teaches something "beyond" abstinence. Feminism is evil just as premarital sex, adultery, smoking cigarettes and robbing banks is evil. Some feminists are more perverse than others, but they are all perverse.

Feminists say that women can contribute to society and everyone loses when women just stay home and therefore do not fulfill their potential. The hand that rocks the cradle should give way to women rocking the boat as a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Feminists see men as basically lazy, stupid and arrogant jerks who want women to be slaves. Women, in our feminist male bashing society, incorrectly see men as basically violent and the cause of family breakdowns.

There are those in the UC who see themselves as moderate feminists as opposed to the radical and militantWom Assembly Line feminists. Moderate feminists do not hate men, but they see prejudice and discrimination everywhere by the patriarchy. Women cannot be stay-at-home moms because Mother is not, they say. Father is seen as a moderate feminist. He sends women to the front line not to restore Eve's failure, but to give women the opportunity to lead men instead of being a boring suppressed helpmate who is in a little box. Father, they say, loves role reversal so men can understand what it is like to change diapers all day long and do the laundry while their wife is out learning what it is like doing their job of being a police officer and coming home to be a handyman around the home with fascinating tools like socket wrenches and power saws. Men and women, feminists teach, will understand each other better if men stay home and iron while women go out and experience work on an assembly line.

Men, feminists say, can be just as good as women with babies and little kids. Women can be just as good as men at being lawyers and combat fighter pilots. Unificationist feminists, like all feminists, see traditional family values as too rigid. There are no absolute roles for men and women. It is a case by case decision of individuals. No one should dictate to people how they should live. The only thing that men and women should do is respect each other, not be selfish and help the other develop their talents and that means that men are not always the breadwinners and women the homemakers like the 1950s TV shows portrayed. We should not put people into boxes. Some men are feminine and some women are masculine. We should be creative and open to different expressions. Homosexuality is a result of pushing stereotypes that prevent men from being emotional and sensitive. Because we are so obsessed with men not being sissies then some men become gay. Strong women become lesbians because they are not welcome in our rigid society.

All of the above in the previous paragraph is false.

Unificationist feminists see themselves as moderate feminists who do not hate men, but work to see that women are not discriminated against in the marketplace. The most famous moderate feminist I know is Christina Hoff Sommers who writes best sellers on feminism criticizing radical feminists like Gloria Steinem. Sommers calls herself an "equity" feminist versus "gender feminists." I like Sommers' criticism of radical feminists, but she is still a feminist and therefore, I believe, not in line with God's will that women do not compete with and lead men.

All the arguments of feminists are illogical and against God design for an orderly and happy society. Only 2-3% of men are violent. The other 97-98% are seen as hairy monsters oppressors by many women. Titus 2:3-5 is not a "box" for women. Ephesians 5:22-25 is not a rigid role for men -- "Wives, be subject to your husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. As the church is subject to Christ, so let wives also be subject in everything to their husbands. Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her."

Of all people who should understand absolutes you would think it would be Unificationists, but sadly they have been digested by our feminist culture and spout the usual politically correct nonsense most people think today. Because women have left the home by droves, we have a crisis in the family. There is so much divorce, promiscuity, betrayal and homosexuality because of the terrible social experiment the feminist leaders have brainwashed America and the UC on. Some churches such as the Mormons and Southern Baptists and Catholics will not let women lead men in their churches and therefore are blasted as ultra conservative kooks in the media and by feminists in the UC.

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