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God's way is for perfect health.  That is achieved when we eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables and some fats such as nuts, seeds, and limited amounts of meat and oils such as olive oil.


Motivational speakers like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins teach that to be successful we must be in control. One of the biggest areas of life that most people are completely out of control is the food they eat. UC members need to study the goal setting techniques of personal growth self-help books and listen to their tapes as they drive. Unificationists should be inspirational to these dynamic teachers. Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy are not fat. How can fat UC members impress them? We should know and teach exactly how Satan works and expose his tactics to gain control of us.

I lived on high fat food like high-fat white flour donuts and hamburgers for 20 years and found myself in poor health. I can't even believe I am still alive. Rev. and Mrs. Moon like McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts. They are highly disciplined people but in this crucial area of life they have led many members to the hell of being fat and sick. Instead of going to McDonald's, Father should stop at Subway and eat a low-fat sandwich with wheat bread. They have an advertising campaign of a man who only ate there every day for one year and lost 245 pounds. Restaurants are often difficult places. Subway has what is called "wheat" bread which means it has both whole wheat and white flour. When you buy bread at the grocery store, be sure that is labeled "100% Whole Wheat." And it is tempting to add high fat ingredients like mayonnaise. Eating right takes a lot of planning. I don't eat out; I carry a food box in the car. Instead of taking members to a Dunkin Donuts for a deep fat fried white flour donut and coffee, Mother should stop at a grocery store and get some fruit and fruit juice for a snack.


Every man and woman should have a cholesterol level of less than 150 or have a ratio of HDL to cholesterol of 4 or less. I discuss this fully in my chapter titled "Physique" in my book Reaching Your Full Potential. The foremost authority on this subject is Dr. William Castelli. I encourage you to read his book Good Fat, Bad Fat because he writes so well about the dangers of bad fat -- especially saturated fat. If sisters and women would be doing their job and feeding their families correctly, they would read such books and be experts at being homemakers which is what God wants them to be. Men should be reading books on everything from diet to marriage and be good leaders who encourage their wives to be professionals in the home and men should give their wives constant praise for being a good helpmate.


Every man and woman should not only get enough exercise everyday, they should also lift weights. I don't mean lift weights like body builders do. Many scientific studies are showing that lifting moderate weights is essential to good health. One thing that it does is strengthen the bones which is the foundation of our bodies. Toning the muscles does everything from burn fat to strengthen bones and therefore helps prevent osteoporosis.


The only milk that humans should consume is breast milk for babies. God made cow's milk just for baby cows. Drinking cow's milk and eating dairy is one of Satan's favorite tactics to destroy lives. Satan also wants to pollute and destroy the earth. He is doing a very good job by having the beef industry pollute our land and waterways with so much cattle. Again, this is just a short statement of my beliefs. I go into great detail in my other book on why milk is bad. Celebrities wearing milk mustaches are dupes of Satan. One of the biggest arguments the milk industry gives for milk is that it prevents osteoporosis. This is false. Nations and cultures that do not drink milk have less bone disease than those that consume dairy. I am confident of what I write because I have done my homework, prayed many hours over many years asking God and high spirit world to answer my questions, and finally I used simple logic to make my judgments. I titled my book on politics, Freedom Works, to illustrate that capitalism works and socialism doesn't. Often truth is so simple that it is difficult to see. Because Satan rules this earth, we often have to use contrary thinking. We have to honor authority, but we must also question authority. Often truth comes from unexpected places. It often comes from non-conformists, from those who look like kooks. God wants everyone to get out of their comfort zone God wants us to be open to new ideas -- to understand that the majority if often wrong.

Our children's grandparents and friends look like they are going to become ill when they see our children use water instead of milk on cold cereal. They see this as abnormal and therefore disgusting.


This is not God's world. What is normal seems abnormal. It is now politically correct that women are combat fighter pilots protecting men who wear earrings. Americans are so numb to the truth that everyone thinks we have advanced in the 20th century by letting women go through the ordeal of being shot down in the Gulf War and sexually molested by the enemy. We have not advanced from the Victorians is this respect.

I will mention two books for each of the three blessings that I feel you should read. I mention many more in my ten books. Two excellent books on health and diet are the HawaiiDiet (one word) and Beyond Pritikin. The HawaiiDiet teaches that people get fat from eating too many bad fats and processed grains like white flour. (There are many books on low-fat diets. Two other popular authors are Nathan Pritikin and John McDougall.) Beyond Pritikin has some interesting ideas about adding small amounts of good fats to low-fat diets like the HawaiiDiet. I write extensively about health in a chapter titled "Physique" in my book, Reaching Your Full Potential. There is an intense debate going on over what is the best diet for people. Many believe that people are very different genetically and metabolize food differently and therefore must find the best diet for them that may be very different from what other people need. The author of HawaiiDiet disagrees with this and gives some good arguments for saying that we are more alike than not and that his diet is for the vast majority of mankind.

I have found that some Unificationists have a hard time with what they perceive as "narrow" and "rigid" ways of life. They want to be loved and be popular with everyone and therefore would probably like to say that there areFruits/Veggies many paths to finding health. But I believe the HawaiiDiet is correct in saying this is false. The laws of the universe are precise. If we violate them we get hurt. The HawaiiDiet is a book about common sense -- something that is very difficult for 20th century man to grasp. I don't believe people are so different. There is basically one diet for everyone -- whole grains, fruits and vegetables. There are a rare few people who have problems with something like the thyroid gland or are different in some way from the norm, but I agree with this author that people are not vastly different. Even if you disagree with him, almost everyone in the food wars is saying such things as french fries is deadly because deep fat frying creates trans-fatty acids that devastate everyone. Under no circumstances should anyone eat at a fast food restaurant. And no one should run to government and ban them either. Father's way is for teaching and voluntary change -- not forcing anyone to do right. Government should not have food police arresting fat people who eat ice cream anymore than it was right for Janet Reno to persecute and kill nonconformist religious people in Waco or for parents of UC members to kidnap and "deprogram" their adult children.


Whole  GrainsThe Associated Press reported in 2000: "Women who eat lots of whole-grain foods can significantly reduce their risk of strokes, researchers say. Those who ate the most whole grains — the equivalent of two to three slices of whole-grain bread daily — were 30 percent to 40 percent less likely to have the most common kind of stroke than women who ate less than half a slice or the equivalent daily.

"The findings, based on data on 75,521 participants in Harvard University’s Nurses Health Study, appear in Wednesday’s Journal of the American Medical Association. In the study, the more whole grains women ate, the less likely they were to have a stroke.

 NBC News titled their article, "All carbs are not created equal" saying "Despite all the questions about how much carbohydrate we should eat, researchers say we may be overlooking a more important issue: the kinds of carbohydrates we eat. Studies now demonstrate quite clearly that carbohydrates like white bread and sweets can’t provide the kind of the health benefits offered by whole-grain breads, fruits and vegetables.

"FORTY STUDIES have linked regular consumption of whole grains with a 10 to 60 percent lower risk of certain cancers, especially cancers of the stomach and colon. Several large studies have found greater use of whole grains associated with a lower risk of heart disease, too. In the Iowa Women’s Health Study, those who ate the most whole grains suffered about 20 percent fewer heart disease deaths and 10 percent fewer cancer-related deaths than those who ate the least, even after controlling for the effects of weight, smoking and other dietary habits."


Dr. Terry ShintaniShintani (pronounced Shin Tawney) has an excellent website at He has several other books that he mentions and he has two excellent videos. One is about the principles of his low-fat, whole grain diet and the other is about cooking low-fat dishes. He appears in each one along with the health reporter for ABC News in Hawaii who is on the diet. I hope you buy these videos and show them to your family. Most people don't read, but everyone watches videos, even children and these videos will help your family to get on and stay with this healthy lifestyle. At his website there is an interesting section in which he compares his diet to other diets. He does an excellent job of critiquing high protein, low carbohydrate diets like Barry Sears' The Zone and the Atkins' diet. There is also an excellent statement of the benefits of soy. To read what he says, click here.

Americans often do the wrong thing. To be with God we pretty much have to be nonconformists. Successful people do the opposite of the vast majority.

Shintani Video Shintani Video

The image people should have of Unificationists is one of absolute health. We should be the healthiest group in the world. We should not eat donuts when we meet with ministers and politicians and not serve food that is filled with bad fats at church functions or at home. We should teach health by our words and deeds. Before I leave the First Blessing I want to emphasize that I am not saying that food is the core of this blessing. I am just using it in this short manuscript to make my point that to have mind over matter is very difficult. Everyone must make choices and strive to live like saints. By using the example of food I hope I have dramatized how difficult it is in our society to know what is true and even after knowing it, to stop our destructive habits and live a totally disciplined life. I also used the example of food because it ties in with my view that if women were better at fulfilling the Second Blessing there would not be so much death and suffering from diseases caused by women killing their families and all the while thinking they are being selfless. It is selfish to serve whipped cream -- not true love selflessness. Why are women so ignorant about cooking nutritious meals? It is because of feminism -- the deadliest ideology that has every been inflicted on mankind. It is the ruling ideology of America and the UC has been digested as it went into Canaan.

In the next part I will discuss how the UC has not been able to fulfill the Second Blessing. Please click on the "Next" button to continue reading.

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