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The Second Blessing is about creating unity in the family. The happiest marriages and families are those that live by biblical family values of men and women being opposite and having different roles. Men are to be the heads of their home and be the sole provider. Women are to focus on the home in which she cares for her husband, children and the grandparents.

Two of my favorite authors that teach biblical traditional family values are the Andelins and Mary Pride. It is not a coincidence that they have built large and successful families. Every sister should buy, read, study and do what is taught in Helen Andelin's Fascinating Womanhood and Mary Pride's The Way Home. Every brother should do the same for Aubrey Andelin's Man of Steel and Velvet. These books are a must read for every member. They are the best books I have ever seen that clearly explain what masculinity and femininity mean. I have talked to both of the Andelins on the phone and by e-mail. They are wonderful people who have saved countless marriages and improved many others. Her how-to self-help really book works. It teaches the formula for true order and romance between men and women. Their books are classics and UC members should humble themselves to the magnificent truths they teach.



Mary Pride writes in her introduction to The Way Home: Beyond Feminism, Back to Reality: "Homeworking is the biblical lifestyle for Christian wives. Homeworking is not just staying home either (that was the mistake of the fifties). We are not called by God to stay home, or to sit at home, but to work at home! Homeworking is the exact opposite of the modern careerist/institutional/Socialist movement. It is a way to take back control of education, health care, agriculture, social welfare, business, housing, morality, and evangelism from the faceless institutions to which we have surrendered them. More importantly, homeworking is the path of obedience to God.

"Homeworking, like feminism, is a total lifestyle. The difference is that homeworking produces stable homes, growing churches, and children who are Christian leaders."


The three pillars of the traditional family are for men to be protectors, providers and patriarchs. Satan speaks through feminists who hate these roles. Feminists teach the opposite -- women are to leave their positions and join in the responsibilities of leading, protecting and providing. The epitome of this is a real life woman general who is base commander of a U.S. Marine Corps base in America. Today we have women cops and firefighters risking and giving their lives for househusbands. And everyone smiles and thinks, "How advanced we are in our equality!" Feminism is chaos. Godism is divine order. A woman playing general and leading men in the Marine Corps shows, as Father has said, that "America is suffering from terrible confusion."


Man WorkingPatriarchy has a negative connotation of cruel men who torture women like those women who had their feet bound in China. That is false patriarchy. The Andelins teach that God speaks in the Bible clearly for men to be good leaders. Christians call it servant leadership. Patriarchy is leadership. There is good leadership and bad leadership. The 20th century has been a social experiment of throwing out good patriarchy along with the bad --the baby with the bath water. The 20th century has become more and more feminist and marriages and families have gotten more and more worse. The Victorian era was better for marriages than the 20th century just as free enterprise was better for America in the Victorian times than the increasing socialism in the 20th century. Feminism and socialism go together. Unificationists should be anti-Communist and this means they should be anti-feminist and anti-socialist. The DP teaches that salvation is restoration and that means we should work to restore old-fashioned values for the family that our Founding Fathers lived by. Father has brought the vision of an ideal world, but he has not brought a new structure for the family. He has brought the good news that every family is destined to be happy by living biblical family values.

Mom and ChildrenIt seems that most Unificationists who write to me tell me that Father is not teaching traditional values. They tell me that Father is not for men being the sole leaders, protectors and providers. Women, I am told, are excellent at being state leaders, cops and CEOs. The opposite of Helen Andelin is Betty Friedan, the author of The Feminine Mystique. Friedan says the same thing that my critics say to me. Apparently, UC sisters want to think that Andelin's book is great but want to live by the principles taught in Friedan's book. Most UC brothers, like most men, don't read anything about marriage. They should. And they should read Aubrey Andelin's book and lead their families correctly instead of being weak Adam's who are being dominated by out-of-order Eve's who want to be bones instead of flesh. Men are far more receptive to what I write. In fact, every sister in the UC who has written to me hates what I write. Only Western sisters have written to me. I suspect that oriental sisters would have no problem with my love of patriarchy. They are from patriarchal societies and this is probably one of the reasons there are many more oriental women than Western women in the UC. Father is very strong in teaching that vertical is more important than the horizontal and this is not the thinking of America. Just like American men are more conservative than women in America, most UC brothers want a oriental wife and most have an oriental wife.

Unfortunately Father is contradictory in his speeches. He is basically for old-fashioned family values, but in the last few years he has been talking about women leading men. My opponents concentrate on these quotes. You will never see them even acknowledge the many times he says only men are to lead in the home and in the world. I admit that he has been, for whatever reasons, very feminist lately. Because of this, very few Western members agree with me.

We have only two choices to make. Either men and women have different roles because they are innately different or they can and should interchange. One of the most powerful and clear statements Father made for traditional family values is in a speech he gave to members in 1987. He is crystal clear in explaining how men and women are different and that men focus on the public and women focus on the private. I wish Father would praise the work women do at home more than he does, but he is a man and thinks mainly about the public. He has even taken his wife out of the home to accompany him as he does his public work.

Because women have left the home to earn money in droves they often act like cats in water. It is not very pleasant in most homes. Women are so overworked that they cannot lift, inspire, and encourage men to be the leader and provider of their families. Men are so demoralized in our feminist culture they push women to work. If men understood their God-given roles and demanded that their wives not work, 99% of women, even UC women, would quit their jobs gladly and concentrate on their home.

At some point UC brothers are going to get the guts and balls to live by old-fashioned values. When a brother does this he must be firm and patient, but not yell at his wife, be harsh, hit her, swear at her or move out and separate from her if she does not respond quickly. And men must never relinquish their position at the final decision maker in the home and in society. Most women would be thrilled if their husband acted this way, but UC sisters may very well be rebellious and fire back that they are going to work and give whatever reasons they have. One reason they may give for not respecting their husband's leadership is that they feel they are married to Father and not to their legal husband. They may not take their husband seriously because he has been weak for so long and they will feel they will starve to death if she depends on him. Perhaps some sisters will not accept their husbands as their leader and sole provider until Father dies. Women are basically objective and long for strong leadership, even if they say they don't.

Aubrey Andelin

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