The company's motto is "Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping them reach their goals."

To help you understand more about this great company.  Let's begin by looking at a page from their presentation booklet called New Horizons.  At the top it says, "Products you consume everyday."  Then it lists a few of the kinds of products people use such as vitamins, makeup, deodorant, sunscreen, laundry detergent, etc.  Below each category is the name of the Melaleuca product.  At the top left under "Vitamins" it gives the Melaleuca brand called "The Vitality Pak."  At the top center under "Soothing Throat Spray" it names Melaleuca's product called "Hot Shot." At the top right hand column under "Water Spot Remover" it says "Tub 'N Tile."

At the far left side of the page we read "The Quality & Value Grocery-Store Brands Can't Deliver."  Then it says that Tilex costs 12 cents per use versus Melaleuca's Tub 'N Tile that costs much less at 5 cents per use.  Tilex is made by the corporate giant, The Clorox Company.  On the bottle of this bathroom cleaner it says in big print: "WARNING: Do Not Get on Skin and Clothing."  Tilex goes on to say that it is, quote, "Hazardous to humans and domestic animals."  Some stores sell another brand called Shower Power Soap Scum Remover that also gives warnings.  It says it is hazardous because it has phosphoric acid and if you touch it you must, quote, "Get medical attention."  Melaleuca has a safe alternative. All of Melaleuca's products are non-toxic.

The next product mentioned is Listerine mouthwash that costs 44 cents versus Breath-Away at 20 cents.  Mr. Clean all purpose cleaner costs 28 cents versus Tough 'N Tender that costs almost half at 15 cents per use.  And the list goes on!

To influence you to switch your shopping from the grocery store, Melaleuca has not only made the price attractive on many of their products, but they have made each one to be superior to any comparable product sold in stores.  The vast majority of Americans have bought Procter & Gamble's products for the last 50 years.  Many people are loyal customers to them for their whole life.  Some families have used their products such as Tide and Cheer laundry detergent and Crest toothpaste for several generations. Big corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars on TV and magazine ads to get you to use their products and keep you using them.

What does Melaleuca have to do to get you to change companies and become loyal for life and even for generations to their products?  Melaleuca has made the price of their products to be competitive with the popular products sold in stores.  But price is not the only reason we use to determine what we buy.  We also look to quality.  Ultimately the only way Melaleuca can entice people to form a new habit of buying from their catalog is to offer products that are made of natural, safe ingredients that far surpass the effectiveness and quality of typical grocery store products and also reasonably priced.  Melaleuca has done that for every one of their many products.  So, even if you could save money by buying at sales and using coupons, it would still be better to buy Melaleuca because they do a better job for you and those you love.


Only members of Melaleuca can order their outstanding products.  To be a member a person must be 18 years or older.  Married couples can sign up together or only one spouse can sign up.  One spouse cannot sign up the other.  To become a member, the company asks for a one-time fee of $29.00 to cover the cost of a Business Kit that includes all the business and product information needed to launch a successful home-based business.  For example, it explains why its laundry detergent, Mela Power, is better than Tide or any other detergent sold in such stores as Safeway, Kmart or Walmart.  They explain that Mela Power is scientifically proven to not only clean better but does so without harsh alkalines that Tide and other detergents use that damage fabric.  Mela Power is also more environmentally friendly than Tide that in many states uses phosphates that has shown to damage our streams and waterways.  Melaleuca is very concerned about ecology and makes only products that are extremely environmentally sensitive and safe. And still Mela Power costs only 15 cents for each load of wash.  Go into any store and you will find that Tide costs more than 20 cents per load.  Not only do you save money with Melaleuca's brand of laundry detergent, but your clothes will be cleaner and last longer.


When you look at the prices of Melaleuca products they may, at first glance, look to be more expensive than their competitors.  For example, the price of a gallon of Mela Power seems expensive but it really isn't because it is concentrated.  Melaleuca sends products that last a long time or the products have expensive ingredients that make them better than any competitors.


Members order the products from a catalog by calling a toll-free number.  Orders are shipped by the U.S. Postal Service that delivers it to your door. Because Melaleuca spends no money on expensive advertising, middlemen and stores like traditional businesses have to do, they can pass the savings and profits to those customers who advertise by word of mouth to friends and neighbors.  And you even get commissions from orders made by those your friends may bring into the Melaleuca family.  This is an extremely powerful marketing plan.  There is no limit to the amount of money you can make in Melaleuca's generous home based business opportunity.  Many people are content to be loyal customers because they are so happy with the products and could not imagine living without them, but at any time you have the option to build a business to any level you wish at any time you want. Some build business quickly; others slowly. There are no boundaries or territories, so if you move, your business goes with you.

Melaleuca Oil

The first product I'm excited to show you is one that will eventually be in everyone's medicine chest.  It is melaleuca oil, also known as tea tree oil.  Melaleuca is the scientific name of a tree that grows only in Australia.  The Melaleuca corporation owns a huge forest of these trees.  From the leaves an oil is extracted that is the most powerful natural antiseptic on earth.  And it is non-toxic.  It is so safe you can use it on a baby.  What does it do? Scientific research proves that it provides soothing relief to minor cuts, wounds, abrasions, scratches, scrapes, minor burns, itching from chicken pox and insect bites, and other irritating conditions. It kills staph, strep, E. coli and salmonella on contact.  It is also a powerful fungicide and immediately kills athlete's foot.  It deeply penetrates the skin and breaks up infection without damaging any healthy tissue. Every Australian soldier in WW2 carried Melaleuca Oil in their first aid kits.

This amazing all-purpose antiseptic costs only $5.99 for a small bottle that goes a long way. You only need to use a few drops.  It is so powerful and versatile you can even put drops of oil inside your mouth on such things as cold sores which it will heal quickly.  Melaleuca's philosophy is to always make their products better than the competition, and in the case of the oil it has made theirs to be the finest therapeutic grade in the market.  You don't know the quality of tea tree oil in health food stores.  With Melaleuca's oil, called T36-C5, you do know the quality and they explain in their literature why their oil is the best you can buy.  Once you try this oil, you will use it for life.  We all want the best for those we love and nothing heals better than this oil.  Be sure to buy one when you make your first order.  And tell your friends and relatives about this oil so they too can have the best product in their medicine chest.


The next product is a patented energy food bar.  It is called the Access Fat-Conversion Activity Bar.  They are made of chocolate and are as delicious as candy bars.  They compete with the billion dollar industry of energy bars.  But there is no competition when compared to other energy bars such as the popular Power Bar.  Why?  Because Melaleuca has the patent that makes their activity bar do an amazing thing.  This patent is one of the most revolutionary discoveries in nutrition of this century.  Taken before a person exercises, it helps the body burn fat instead of glucose.  The chemistry of the human body is made to store fat.  For many people this is a problem, because it is very hard to burn excess fat.  The patented technology in the Access Bar releases the fat to be burned which not only helps those who want to lose excess weight, but it also prevents burning and fatigue in the muscles when a person exercises or does heavy labor. They have more energy and endurance.  To receive a patent is very difficult because the product must perform as it says 100% of the time. Scientific studies must prove it will do what it claims to do. The Access Bar works every time, for every person. When America hears about this amazing energy bar, it will be used by every kind of person, even world class athletes.


The next product replaces all the many brands of pain relieving cremes.  Melaleuca's
Pain-A-Trate is patented.  It has the patent number printed on the tube.  To receive a U.S.
patent is very difficult because it requires an incredible amount of documented scientific
research that must prove it does what it says.  For sore or cramped muscles, lower back
pain, strains, bruises or minor arthritic pain, no other pain relieving creme is as effective.


Another product that Melaleuca is excited to present is Provex CV.  It is patent pending.  It
is a completely natural supplement made from grape seed extract that has shown in studies
to be more effective in preventing heart disease than any product on the market.  It has
been written about in distinguished medical journals.  The major news media such as ABC
NEWS has even reported on this product that will sweep America and the rest of the world
when people hear about it.


Now let's take a look at Melaleuca's business opportunity.

The first thing I want to emphasize is that the company goes out of its way to make sure that everyone understands that those who decide to be customers only and not do the business are "precious."  They write, "It is significant to note that hundreds of thousands of households across North America use Melaleuca products month after month but seek no financial reward.  They are our valued customers -- and they just love Melaleuca products!  They wouldn't consider using anything else in their homes.  Quality is everything to them.  As far as they are concerned, someone else can have the money -- they just want the products!  These customers are precious to us."

Melaleuca's business opportunity is not a get-rich-quick scheme.   Success in Melaleuca takes time and hard work.

This is a product-centered business.  There is no high pressure or hype in this company.  It is simply friends helping friends achieve their goals of having a healthy life.  Because Melaleuca products are so superior to those sold in grocery stores and health food stores, there is a very high degree of loyalty.  This means that those who would like to build a home based business will often have loyal customers who will order each month and therefore generate a steady, residual income.  This is income you can receive month after month, year after year because of one presentation.  Your time is also leveraged because if someone you sign up goes out and signs up a friend, you will get a commission from both orders.  This goes on for 7 generations.  It's like having employees, but you do not have any of the headaches a regular business has.  Let me explain.


The company says, "Unlike some home-based businesses, Marketing Executives are not required to keep an inventory on hand, so no one gets stuck with products they may not be able to sell."   You only buy products you use yourself.  There is no need to deliver products.  Everyone in your organization orders their products from the company and has them delivered to their door.  There are no repeat sales presentations.  No pressuring customers to purchase. No billings or collections -- the company takes care of all that.  No complicated paperwork like most businesses have because Melaleuca does that for you.  It sends a detailed report every month showing exactly how much each person ordered that month. Every marketing executive is an independent contractor and sent a 1099 form for taxes at the end of the year.  Because you are in business, you are given some tax advantages also.


Let's look at a page from the company's presentation booklet of a chart that shows that there are 7 levels or generations in the compensation plan.  At the top it shows your household. You order for yourself each month.  You do not get paid anything for ordering for yourself, only from those in your organization.  On your first generation the company allows you to put 5 people.  Like you, each of those five people can have 5 under them. This gives you 25 potential people you can have on your second level.  The next level has 125 spaces.  This goes on geometrically until the 7th level.  This gives you over 97,000 potential households you could have in your organization.  To be successful you need only a tiny percent of that many households.  Some people are earning over a $100,000 a year and have around a thousand people in their organization.

Let's give an example to explain how the compensation plan works.  Let's say you sign up 8 relatives, close friends, coworkers, neighbors and a waitress you talked to when you ate out at a restaurant.  Because you have only 5 positions on the first line, if you placed your first 5 enrollees on your first line (you don't have to), you must put the other 3 of your personal enrollees underneath someone in the first line.  The company deliberately made it that way so people are required to help others by putting people under others.  An amazing thing happens here.  Let's say you put your relative (let's call her Betty) on your first line. You talk to your neighbor, Mary, and she comes on board.  You put Mary on the second line below Betty.  Everyone in Melaleuca is required to make at least a small minimum order each calendar month and so everyone orders for the month.  The company's multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art mainframe computers in Idaho records all this and sends a check for 7% of the order to 7 households.  Your neighbor, Mary, does not get a check because she has no one in her downline.  But your relative, Betty, does get a check, even though she did not sign up Mary and may never even meet her.  Melaleuca does not guarantee this will happen to you, but it has happened for many thousands of customers who have received money in the mail because someone ordered who they did not sign up but were placed under them.  It's possible to receive income from strangers that you will never meet who live thousands of miles away.


Melaleuca assigns a number to each product called a "base point."  This number is close to the actual price.  For example, the price of a Vitality Pak is $21.99.  It's base point is 21. Melaleuca oil is $5.99 and has a base point of 5.

Let's say someone in your organization buys a minimum order of 29 points worth of products. This will come to around $35-$40.00.  The computer at the headquarters in Idaho Falls will print this out on a business report form they send you.  Your check will be 7% of 29 points -- not the dollar amount ordered.  7% of 29 points comes to exactly $2.03.  The company average is higher than 29 points. Most people order more than the minimum.   Let's say your enrollee orders 50 points worth of product.  7% of 50 comes to $3.50.

If your relative on the first line stops being a member, your neighbor on the third line will roll up to take that spot on your first line.

Checks are sent on the 15th of each month and thousands of people receive checks from anywhere from $2.00 to over $100,000 each month.  Several people have built businesses that make more than a million dollars a year.


When you sign up 8 customers you are called a Director.  This should be your first major goal if you want to build a business.


If a Director has 5 of his personal enrollees go on to become Directors also, then he or she is called a Senior Director.  Senior Directors get even more bonuses such as $400 per month for a new car.


Those Senior Directors who have 5 more of their personal enrollees become directors to make a total of 10 Directors, are called Executive Directors and get $1000 a month toward one or two car payments.


The highest level is Corporate Director.  They have 5 of their personal enrollees become Executive Directors.  One of the special bonuses they receive is a gift of a check for $100,000.  The first person to reach Corporate Director was a single, 23 year old who did it in three years.  Since then people have made that level who come from all walks of life and all ages, including a single mother.

Those who have made it to these levels in the company set specific goals, wrote them down and established a deadline for each to be accomplished.  They understand that the only way to achieve in Melaleuca is to help others reach their goals of physical and financial health.  All of these Marketing Executives care for people and consistently share the products and compensation plan because they feel they are doing their relatives and friends a favor.


So how much does a Melaleuca Independent Marketing Executive make?  The company has a brochure to help answer that question.  The answer to the question depends on the individual.  In their brochure on Income Statistics they give numbers to show the range of income.

The income sheet shows how much the highest check was for each level and the lowest.  Then it shows the average.  The average Senior Director earns between $35-40,000 a year and the average Executive Director earns over $10,000 a month.

Minimum Order

The next thing I want to talk about is why the company asks for a commitment of ordering every month.  To be a member, a person is required to order a minimum of 29 points worth of products each calendar month.  To become a member everyone signs two application forms.  On the Customer Agreement form there is a place where everyone agrees that if they should forget to order that month, then Melaleuca will send a back-up order and charge their savings, checking, or credit card. You give the company permission to withdraw only what you allow them to.  Most make their own back-up order so that they will be sure to get the products they like and will need for that month.  Of course, anyone can change what their back-up order is or end this contract at any moment.  To end your membership, all you have to do is mail a letter saying so with you signature.

Why does Melaleuca ask for this commitment?  There are very good reasons to do this.  It makes everyone committed to simply change stores and make monthly product purchases. The average American family spends about $60-$120 per month at the supermarket on nutrition, pharmaceutical, personal care and home hygiene cleaning items.  So, for most people, joining Melaleuca involves no new money.  They are simply switching stores.

From a business point of view, having committed customers increases your chance of receiving a check each month.  This feature of the marketing plan helps to insure that there is a stable and continuing income.  This program has proven to be very successful for many years and is a key reason why Melaleuca's business opportunity is so powerful.  Commitment is the key to success and this program helps to ensure that.


Frank's philosophy is that a company must have the highest moral and ethical standard.  He tells every member to be totally honest and always immediately say with pride you are with Melaleuca and treat everyone with respect.  He also believes that everyone should be totally debt-free and every person should make owning a debt-free home their first financial priority. He teaches that this is the basis of true financial freedom. If anyone uses their Melaleuca earnings to pay off the debt on their home, he will come, if you like, to your mortgage burning party.  He says that this is one of the most enjoyable things he does.  He walks his talk.  The company is debt-free.

The company plans on being so solid that your descendents will order from the company. They can also inherit your business if you put it in your will.