Everyone has a problem.  Scientific research shows that every person does not get enough vitamins and minerals, no matter how good they eat.  Each person should take a nutritional supplement every day.  One of the most famous doctors in America is Dr. Ulene who was for 20 years the medical correspondent for NBC news.  He used to believe that people didn't need supplements but in light of all the studies done, he now says he was wrong and that everyone should take them daily.

Reader's Digest is the most published magazine in the world.  It had an article about Vitamin E that they highlighted on their cover.  This vitamin is crucial for optimal health and almost everyone is not getting enough.

There are many books and articles that show that osteoporosis is epidemic in America. One out of two women and millions of men will get this terrible brittle bone disease because they did not get enough calcium in their diet.


The solution to this problem is the company, Melaleuca, a company that manufactures and sells the finest supplements in the world.  It has the exclusive patent to a process that binds minerals to a fructose molecule that allows for all minerals to be absorbed instead of passing through the body unused.


What is Melaleuca?  Melaleuca is a catalog ordering company that manufactures over 100 household products at its headquarters in Idaho Falls, Idaho and at its plant in Knoxville, Tennessee.  There are over 400,000 members in the United States and Canada.  It is also in Japan, Taiwan, Argentina and will eventually be in all countries.


Melaleuca's Vitality Pak is two bottles of supplements. The Mel-Vita is a daily vitamin and mineral pill.  The second bottle is Mela-Cal -- a daily calcium and magnesium supplement.  Many scientific studies and research shows that almost every American does not get enough minerals in their diet every day and every one should take a daily multiple vitamin and mineral tablet.  Minerals are often lacking from our foods because our soil is mineral deficient and during the trip to the store, fruits and vegetables lose many minerals.  To make matters worse, it is not easy for the body to absorb minerals.  80% of minerals just pass through our system without nourishing our cells.  Melaleuca has the solution to this universal problem.


It owns the patent to a process called Fructose Compounding that makes minerals easy for the body to absorb.  This breakthrough alone should be enough for you to want to become a Melaleuca customer so you and your loved ones can have the nutrients they absolutely need for optimal health.  If we do not get a daily supply of minerals we will eventually experience serious health problems.  For example, one out of two women and many men as well, will get the deadly disease, osteoporosis or brittle bones.  More women die every year of osteoporosis than breast cancer. This would be prevented by taking Mela-Cal every day.

Melaleuca supplements is proven to work.  Each bottle has the U.S. patent number on it. You can't buy better supplements for adults and children than the Vitality Pak for adults and Vita Bears chewables for children. Kids love the wild cherry flavor.


My goal is to give you enough information in a few minutes to intrigue you enough about this company to sign up as a member by writing a check for $29.00 made out to Melaleuca or pay for your Business Kit with a credit card.  This makes you a member.  Then you order some products from the catalog over the phone with one of Melaleuca's friendly operators.  I feel this is an easy decision for you to make because you have nothing to lose.

Let me explain.  You can't lose any money because Melaleuca gives a 100% guarantee on every product.  If you are not completely satisfied with any product you purchase, Melaleuca will return your money.  And if after looking at the Business Kit you feel you do not want to be a member, Melaleuca will return your $29.00 enrollment fee also.  You can't buy products from me because I don't sell and deliver products.  You deal with the company, not me, when you buy.


Another reason why a person doesn't lose any money is because you are buying products that you are probably using already.  We all have to brush our teeth, use first aid medication, and wash our clothes.  In effect, most people are not spending more dollars, but are simply switching stores and buying at a different place.  I realize that it is easy to get into a comfort zone and be loyal to giant companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, etc., but I hope you will give Melaleuca a try.  There is absolutely no risk.  Virtually, no one has ever got hurt in any way from the products or financially by being a member of Melaleuca.


Melaleuca calls their marketing plan -- Consumer Direct Marketing.  It is far removed from the style of companies such as Amway or NuSkin that call themselves Multi-Level Marketing or MLM.  For example, there is no large investment -- only $29.00 to enroll.  With that money the company gives you a Business Kit of literature, and every month you receive Melaleuca's magazines that give updates on new products and business successes.  That's fair and reasonable, isn't it?  Where else can you start a business on such a small investment?



Many people have a problem of not earning enough money and are looking for an opportunity to work out of their home for part-time or full-time money.


Melalecua has the finest home based business opportunity I have ever seen. If you sign up a person and they order, the company sends you a commission check.  If that person signs up someone, you receive a commission of that person's order, even if you never meet that person.  This goes on for 7 levels!  A few people are earning over a million dollars a year after a few years.  Many people are customers only, but many also share the company with others and receive checks each month.  You have no delivery because each customer orders from the company and products are sent by U.S. mail to each person.  You do not have to keep any inventory.


The last thing I want to share with you is how professional and ethical the company and its president are.  It started in 1985 and has grown every year by leaps and bounds.  The respected business publication, Inc. Magazine honored Melaleuca by studying the company thoroughly and putting it on its prestigious Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies in America.  Out of all the tens of thousands of companies in America, Melaleuca made the list not just once but 5 times in a row -- the maximum a company can be on the list.  It is the only company that has ever done that who had an "A" profit rating for each of those five years.

Melaleuca has received the Chamber of Commerce's Blue Chip Award.  This year, the president, Frank Vandersloot was named "Idaho's Business Leader of the Year."  He was also honored by being asked to be on the board of directors of the National Chamber of Commerce.

The company has always been debt-free and always will be.  It is financially rock solid and has a "4A1" Financial Rating with Dun & Bradstreet.  It has been in business long enough to stand the test of time.  It's reputation is excellent and squeaky clean for its exceptional quality, environmentally sensitive products, its fair, safe and lucrative business opportunity, and its honest and ethical management team.

The company employs more than 1,300 people at its main plant.  It is already the third-largest privately held corporation in Idaho.  More than 400 employees man the phones and take up to 80,000 orders a day.  Tens of thousands of people enroll every month.  But even so, only less than 1% of Americans and Canadians are members and most people have not even heard of the company.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

One of the most famous families in America is the McCaughey's that had 7 babies at one time. Bobbi's pastor's wife in their small town in Iowa is in Melaleuca earning a part-time income of over $400 a month. She signed up Bobbi to me a member and order the Vitality Pak.  Her doctors who were some of the finest in America, studied and approved it.  Now, she speaks for the company and these wonderful supplements.

This is a fun business.  I think it is the ideal business.  I hope you join the Melaleuca family.  I want to thank you for taking the time to look at this great company. I hope you have caught the excitement for their exceptional products such as the Melaleuca oil and the patented daily supplements and will sign up to become a member so you can order them.  There is no risk.  You can't lose any money because everything is 100% guaranteed.  I hope you see the tremendous home-based catalog business opportunity this award winning company offers.  It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application forms.  Would you like to write a check or use a credit card to become a member?