The paperwork to become a member of Melaleuca is simple.  There are two agreement forms to fill out.  Let's look first at the Customer Agreement.

At the top of the form put a check in the box for Preferred Customer.  Next decide to commit to purchase products totaling at least 35 or 75 base points by placing a check in the 35 or 75 base point block.

Part One -- Print name, address, social security number etc.

Part Two --  Fill out how you want to be on file for paying for your order when you call each month.  If you are going to use a checking account, write "VOID" on a check.  I will send it with these forms so that Melaleuca can use the information on the check to notify your bank and get approval for preauthorization.  In part two select your primary form of payment. Then put your bank account number and/or credit card number and expiration date in the blocks provided for your form of payment. Your bank account number is the second bracket of numbers on the bottom left hand corner of your checks. Where it says Electronic Checking you can also put Electronic Savings because payments can be made from a saving's account (you will need to write the name of your bank, account number, and the banks routing number anywhere in part two). If possible, write in more than one form of payment as a back up. At the bottom of part two sign your name and select your method of payment for the enrollment fee. I recommend you check the the box titled "Bill My Account As Indicated Above." This will allow Melaleuca to receive your payment faster and send your business kit much sooner.

Parts 3-5 are filled out by the enroller.  In part 3 the enroller puts his or her information in the blocks provided. In part 4, the person that does the presentation puts his/her customer number in the blocks provided and the enroller signs his or her signature on the line. In part 5 the enroller writes in the name of the person they decide to be directly above the new enrollee in their organization.  It is probably wise not to place new personal enrollees too far down the 7 levels.



In Part 6 you can choose which backup order you want.  The company has made several of their own you can choose from, but I recommend you make your own by filling out the Select-Pak Backup Order on the back side of the white copy. To calculate shipping, add $4.90 ($3.90 for the mainland) and 4% of your order.  Look through the catalog and pick some products you think you would like to have sent if you forget to place an order.  There are over a two hundred products and as time goes by you will have your favorites.  For now, just write in some products and later, after you have tried them, you can send a letter or fill out another Customer Agreement form with a new list. When Melaleuca receives this list they will cancel your previous list of products.

To help you decide which products to choose for your back-up, I recommend putting down the Vitality Pak and Vita Bears if you have children.  The Vitality Pak is 21 points and the Vita Bears is 5. That makes 26 points already. As you can see, it is very easy to reach a minimum order of 35 points and why most people order more than the minimum each month.



If you like you can sign up for MelaCom, a long-distance savings program.  Phone rates change all the time, but many feel that this is a good deal.  Of course, if you sign up, you can always change.  Or if you don't sign up, you can always do so later.



The company also has a Visa and MasterCard.  It is an attractive card with the company's logo on it.  When using the card some have signed up cashiers at stores who they struck up a conversation with about the card.  The company has tried to get good rates.  An added benefit to both MelaCom and the MelaCard is that you receive a special bonus if someone in your organization signs up and uses these services. INTERNET SERVICE is a premier Internet service offered at a substantially reduced price exclusively for Melaleuca preferred customers. They offer truly unlimited Internet access, high-speed dial-up connection, free e-mail and 100 megabytes of webpage space. An unbelievable offer at only 13.95 per month.



The last thing to do is sign the form.  You receive the yellow copy of each agreement.  I will send the white copy to Idaho today or tomorrow and keep the pink copy for my records.

Thank you for becoming a member.  My family and six other households are very grateful.  Your loved ones will thank you for enhancing their lives with these products and if you wish you can now start sharing the company with others and signing them up to become members.

You are now a member of Melaleuca and called a customer.  When you have someone in your Marketing Organization (downline) and receive your first commission check then you have the title of Independent Marketing Executive or Marketing Executive for short.



Sometime during each calendar month you call their toll free number at 1-800-282-3000 (printed at the top of Customer Agreement) and give your order to one of their courteous and knowledgeable operators.  He or she will ask you for your ID number.  This is your social security number.  They then ask how you would like to pay for the order.  You tell them how.  If you are a brand new member and want only to order from your checking account, it will take a few days until they receive your application form, voided check, and contact your bank for approval.  If you want to order by credit card, you can, of course, order at anytime.  As your enroller, I will call the company today or first thing tomorrow and enroll you over the phone at their toll-free enrollment line 1-800-262-0600.  After I do this, you can order with a credit card.

Operators take calls in Idaho from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday. And Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m -- Mountain Standard Time.  If it is the last day of the month they stay open until midnight. They are never open on Sunday.  If the last day of the month is a Sunday, they stay open until midnight on the Saturday before.  You can also order 24 hours a day by automated phone.  Melaleuca’s Buyer’sLINE is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its toll-free number is 1-(888) 282-20001. Finally, you can order online anytime from their website at (after your first month).



When you make your order, you might want to buy a few sales aids if you plan on working the business now.  They have literature, audio tapes and videos. Sales aids do not have base points.  No one earns money because someone bought a sales aid. Be sure to order just what you need.  Again, if you are not totally happy with any product you order, you can return it and get your money back.



When you enroll a new customer, you receive a special bonus the first month.  Instead of the usual 7%, you get 25% of the first 100 base points your new enrollee orders in that first month.  The Product Introduction Commission will not be paid if the customer does not call in their first order the month he or she enrolls and gets a back up order instead.  So, be sure that your new enrollees do not use the back up order on their first month.



The second form is the Independent Marketing Executive Agreement.  Please print neatly using UPPER CASE letters and stay within the boxes.  Use a ball-point pen.

In Part One -- Print your name as you want it to appear on commission & bonus checks that may be sent to you.  Then your social security number.  There is a space for the spouse's name.  Married couples can sign up together or only one spouse can sign up.  One spouse cannot enroll the other.  If you have a fax number you can put that in.  Fill in your occupation if you wish.

There is a box that you must check if there is two applicants and you are legally married.

Fill in your address, city, state, phone, etc.

At the bottom of Part 1 select your language preference. All materials from Melaleuca including the business kit will be in the language you select from the boxes provided.

In Part Two -- check which level of participation you plan on working for.  Each level is described in the page called "How Can Melaleuca Enhance Your Life?"  In summary, it says Level of Effort One is that you are not interested in a sideline business and want to be a customer.  This is wonderful. Level Two means you see yourself sharing and signing up a few people that will generate enough income to pay for your Melaleuca products each month.  Level Three is where you plan to spend enough time to earn around $200-$300 each month.  Level Four means you plan on working your business several nights every week to build a business earning several thousand dollars a month.  Level Five means you will spend every spare moment on your business and build it into a large company owned and operated solely by yourself.  This will take hard work and leadership.  Your goal is to earn income of $10,000-$20,000 per month or more.

Next check which method of payment you want for your Business Kit.  If you are paying by check, make it out to Melaleuca. The enroller sends the check to Idaho.  In states that have a sales tax, add the tax.   Marketing Executives can buy Kits and sell them for $29.00 (plus tax) if they wish when they enroll someone.



Part Three -- All new members are given a chance to buy one or two packages of products much less than the usual cost.  The Value Pack has over 45 products and costs $199.  The Career Pack includes everything in the Value Pack plus additional products and sales aids (There is also a career pack for Nicole Miller products) that costs $299.  The company is practically selling these products at cost to help new members get a jump start on their business.  Melaleuca is a product centered business.  The more product knowledge you gain, the more confidence and excitement you will have which makes it easier for you to share with belief and persuasive and first hand experience.  This offer is good only for the calendar month you enroll and the two months following.  Even if you are not interested in building a business it is a great deal to buy these products at such a savings and convert your home to Melaleuca’s products.

Those who have bought these packs testify that it was one of the smartest things they ever did.  The company allows two packs per business.

At the bottom left hand side of the form there is a section titled, Assisted By. If someone other than the enroller assists in the enrollment of a new customer and sale of a Value Pack or Career Pack, that person that has the ability to receive the value pack or career pack commission by signing on the line provided and filling out the blocks provided with his or her customer number.

The last thing to do on this form is to write your signature.  You must be at least 18 years of age.  There is a note under the signatures saying that you can cancel this agreement at anytime for any reason by giving written notice to Melaleuca with your signature, printed name, address and Customer Number.  That number is your social security number.  To send this in writing is protection for you.