What is Melaleuca? Melaleuca is a catalog ordering company that manufactures over 200 excellent household products such as shampoo, laundry detergent, toothpaste, health food, and pharmaceuticals at its headquarters in Idaho Falls, Idaho and at its plant in Knoxville, Tennessee. There are over 400,000 members in the United States and Canada who order by calling a toll-free number or from the Internet and have the products they love sent to them by mail to their home. There are also hundreds of thousands of customers in Japan, Taiwan and Argentina.


I want to share with you how professional and ethical the company and its president are. It started in 1985 and has grown every year by leaps and bounds. The respected business publication, Inc. Magazine, honored Melaleuca by studying the company thoroughly and putting it on its prestigious Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies in America. Out of all the tens of thousands of companies in America, Melaleuca made the list 5 times in a row -- the maximum a company can be on the list. It is the only company that has ever done that who had an "A" profit rating for each of those five years.

Melaleuca has received the Chamber of Commerce's Blue Chip Award. In 1999, the president, Frank Vandersloot was named "Idaho's Business Leader of the Year." He was also honored by being asked to be on the board of directors of the National Chamber of Commerce.

The company has always been debt-free and always will be. It is financially rock solid and has a "4A1" Financial Rating with Dun & Bradstreet. It has been in business long enough to stand the test of time. Ninety percent of all networking companies fail inside eighteen months. Only one out of 1,000 is left in five years. Melaleuca has been in business for over fifteen years. Its reputation is excellent and squeaky clean because of its exceptional quality, environmentally sensitive products, its fair, safe and lucrative business opportunity, and its honest and ethical management team. There is nothing to fear about this company.  Don't be afraid that you will be taken advantage of.  It has a long history of being trustworthy.

The company employs more than 1,300 people at its main plant. It is already the third-largest privately held corporation in Idaho. More than 400 friendly product specialists take up to 80,000 orders a day on the toll-free ordering lines. Tens of thousands of people enroll every month. But even so, less than 1% of Americans and Canadians are members and most people have not even heard of the company.



The company got its name from the scientific name of a natural oil that has amazing properties to heal.  The owners started the company with the idea of introducing this pharmaceutical to America that will be in every person's medicine chest someday.  Now the company has a wide variety of products -- many of which contain Melaleuca Oil in them.



To influence you to switch your shopping from the grocery store, Melaleuca has not only made the price attractive on many of their products, but they have made each one to be superior to any comparable product sold in stores.  The vast majority of Americans have bought Procter & Gamble's products for the last 50 years.  Many people are loyal customers to them for their whole life.  Some families have used their products such as Tide and Cheer laundry detergent and Crest toothpaste for several generations. Big corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars on TV and magazine ads to get you to use their products and keep you using them.

What does Melaleuca have to do to get you to change companies and become loyal for life and even for generations to their products?  Melaleuca has made the price of their products to be competitive with the popular products sold in stores.  But price is not the only reason we use to determine what we buy.  We also look to quality.  Ultimately the only way Melaleuca can entice people to form a new habit of buying from their catalog is to offer products that are made of natural, safe ingredients that far surpass the effectiveness and quality of typical grocery store products and are also reasonably priced.  Melaleuca has done that for every one of their many products.  So, even if you could save money by buying at sales and using coupons, it would still be better to buy Melaleuca because they do a better job for you and those you love.

I have only a few minutes to introduce you to a few products so I will concentrate on telling you a little about the oil and a patent they have for nutritional supplements.



Melaleuca oil is also known as tea tree oil.  Melaleuca is the scientific name of a tree that grows only in Australia.  The Melaleuca corporation owns a huge forest of these trees.  From the leaves an oil is extracted that is the most powerful natural antiseptic on earth.  And it is non-toxic.  It is so safe you can use it on a baby.  What does it do? Scientific research proves that it provides soothing relief to minor cuts, wounds, abrasions, scratches, scrapes, minor burns, itching from chicken pox and insect bites, and other irritating conditions. It kills staph, strep, E. coli and salmonella on contact.  It is also a powerful fungicide and immediately kills athlete's foot.  It deeply penetrates the skin and breaks up infection without damaging any healthy tissue. Every Australian soldier in WW2 carried Melaleuca Oil in their first aid kits.

Melaleuca's exceptional products are reasonably priced.  This amazing all-purpose antiseptic costs only $5.99 for a small bottle that goes a long way. You only need to use a few drops.  It is so powerful and versatile you can even put drops of oil inside your mouth on such things as cold sores, which it will heal quickly.  Melaleuca's philosophy is to always make their products better than the competition, and in the case of the oil it has made theirs to be the finest therapeutic grade in the market.  You don't know the quality of tea tree oil in health food stores.  With Melaleuca's oil, called T36-C5, you do know the quality and they explain in their literature why their oil is the best you can buy.  Once you try this oil, you will use it for life.  We all want the best for those we love and nothing heals better than this oil.  Be sure to buy one when you make your first order.  And tell your friends and relatives about this oil so they too can have the best product in their medicine chest.



Scientific studies show that every person, young and old, has a serious health problem. Research shows that everyone does not get enough vitamins and minerals, no matter how good they eat. Every adult and child should take a nutritional supplement every day. One of the most famous doctors in America is Dr. Art Ulene who was for 20 years the medical correspondent for NBC news. He said in an interview, "Contrary to popular belief, most Americans are not meeting their vitamin and mineral needs through diet. That’s why I recommend vitamin supplements. If you are not already using vitamin supplements, you should start now." He says that scientific research shows that we should take vitamin and mineral pills every day. Most non-users believe they are getting enough vitamins from their diet. Dr. Ulene says "They’re wrong. The U.S. Department of Agriculture studies show that most adults fail to consume even the minimum recommended amounts of vitamins A, C, E, thiamin, riboflavin, B6, B12, and folic acid. And they are not meeting their needs for several critical minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, chromium, selenium and zinc."



One out of two women and millions of men will get the terrible brittle bone disease, osteoporosis, because it is too difficult to get enough calcium from food. The National Osteoporosis Foundation says it is a silent epidemic: "national surveys have shown that many Americans are not consuming enough calcium. Many women, in fact, consume less than half of the daily recommended amount of calcium."



Minerals, such as calcium, are often lacking from our foods because our soil is mineral deficient and during the trip to the store, fruits and vegetables lose many minerals. To make matters worse, it is not easy for the body to absorb minerals. 80% of minerals just pass through our system without nourishing our cells. "Minerals like calcium and magnesium, just by their very nature, are difficult for your body’s cells to accept. If something isn’t done to assist your cells, you’ll never gain the benefit of zinc or selenium or any of the other minerals your body needs." Melaleuca has the solution to this universal problem.



They own the patent to a process called Fructose Compounding that makes minerals easy for the cells in the body to absorb unlike all other brands of supplements. This breakthrough alone should be enough for you to want to become a Melaleuca customer so you and your loved ones can have the nutrients they absolutely need for optimal health. If we do not get a daily supply of minerals we will eventually experience serious health problems.



Melaleuca's Vitality Pak is two bottles of supplements costing around $20. The Mel-Vita is a daily vitamin and mineral pill. The second bottle is Mela-Cal -- a daily calcium and magnesium supplement.  Melaleuca supplements are proven to work. Each bottle has the U.S. patent number on it. You can’t buy better supplements for adults and children than the Vitality Pak for adults and Vita-Bears chewables for children. Children are notorious for being picky eaters who live on peanut butter and refuse to eat well balanced meals. How many adults and children get the recommended 5 fruits and vegetables everyday without fail? Kids love the wild cherry flavor of Vita-Bears and parents love that their children are getting the nutrients they need. You cannot buy a better multiple for children on the planet because of the breakthrough technology exclusive to Melaleuca.



My goal is to give you enough information in these few minutes to intrigue you enough about this company to sign up as a member by writing a check for $29.00 plus tax made out to Melaleuca or with a credit card. This makes you a member. Then you order some products from the catalog over the phone with one of Melaleuca's friendly operators. I feel this is an easy decision for you to make because you have nothing to lose.

Let me explain. You can't lose any money because Melaleuca gives a 100% guarantee on every product. If you are not completely satisfied with any product you purchase, Melaleuca will return your money. And if after looking at the Business Kit you feel you do not want to be a member, Melaleuca will also return your $29.00 enrollment fee within 30 days.

Marketing Executives can sell, deliver, and collect money if they wish, but very few do.  They let the company do that and focus only on enrolling and helping others to enroll.



Another reason why a person doesn't lose any money is because you are buying products that you are probably using already. We all have to brush our teeth, use first aid medication, and wash our clothes. In effect, most people are not spending more dollars, but are simply switching stores and buying at a different place. I realize that it is easy to get into a comfort zone and be loyal to giant companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, etc., but I hope you will give Melaleuca a try. There is absolutely no risk. Virtually, no one has ever got hurt in any way from the products or financially by being a member.



Melaleuca also offers the finest business opportunity in America today.  Hundreds of thousands of people are customers only, but many thousands of households earn extra money with the company's lucrative compensation plan.

Many people have a problem of not earning enough money and are looking for an opportunity to work out of their home for part-time or full-time money.  Starting a business is very risky.  Many go into debt and work long hours in the hope customers will come.  Entrepreneurs have the burden of dealing with manufacturing, inventory, warehousing, hiring and firing personnel, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, workmen's compensation, employee insurance, liability insurance, office space, and federal and state regulations.  And after all that, most new businesses fail their first year.  Franchises are often costly.  Unless you have a lot of money, starting your own business is probably out of the question.  With Melaleuca you have none of those headaches.  Anyone can be successful with this company. You do not have to have a lot of money, have educational degrees, or be charismatic.



Melaleuca calls their marketing plan -- Consumer Direct Marketing. It is far removed from the style of companies such as Amway or NuSkin that call themselves Multi-Level Marketing or MLM. For example, there is no large investment -- only $29.00 plus tax to enroll. The company gives you a Business Kit of literature, and every month you receive a magazine that gives updates on new products and business successes. That's fair and reasonable, isn't it? Where else can you start a business on such a small investment?



The company says, "Unlike some home-based businesses, Marketing Executives are not required to keep an inventory on hand, so no one gets stuck with products they may not be able to sell." You only buy products you use yourself. You have no delivery because each customer orders from the company and products are sent by the U.S. Postal Service to each person. There are no repeat sales presentations. No pressuring customers to purchase. No billings or collections – the company takes care of all that. No complicated paperwork like most businesses have because Melaleuca does that for you. It sends a detailed report every month showing exactly how much each person ordered that month. Every Marketing Executive is an independent contractor (not an employee) and sent a 1099 form for taxes at the end of the year. Because you are in business, you are given some tax advantages also.



Some people have been hurt with other companies who call themselves multi-level companies. Tragically, many companies came and went who promised more than they delivered. Many people have lost more than they made and tarnished their relationships in the process. Melaleuca has all the good and none of the bad that many have experienced with other home-based businesses. For example, there is no front-end loading, no breakaways, no big investment, no products that have only testimonials as opposed to solid research, and no fear that the company will mistreat you in any way. They have proven themselves to have the best home-based business opportunity in the world today. The many awards and achievements they have attest to their excellence. Many dream of owning their own business. You can feel great pride in owning a Melaleuca business.

I want to emphasize that the company goes out of its way to make sure that everyone understands that those who decide to be customers only and not do the business are "precious."  They write, "It is significant to note that hundreds of thousands of households across North America use Melaleuca products month after month but seek no financial reward.  They are our valued customers -- and they just love Melaleuca products!  They wouldn't consider using anything else in their homes.  Quality is everything to them.  As far as they are concerned, someone else can have the money -- they just want the products!  These customers are precious to us."



Melaleuca's business opportunity is not a get-rich-quick scheme.   Success in Melaleuca takes time and hard work. There is no high pressure or hype in this company.  It is simply friends helping friends achieve their goals of having a healthy life.  Because Melaleuca products are so superior to those sold in grocery stores and health food stores, there is a very high degree of loyalty -- 95% of all the customers who purchased orders last month will purchase this month.  This means that those who would like to build a business they can operate from their home will often have loyal customers who will order each month and therefore generate a steady, residual income.  Residual income is a continuous stream of income generated by the repeat purchase of products. It is possible that you can give a one-time presentation and receive income for month after month, year after year.



Melaleuca assigns a number to each product called a "base point."  This number is close to the actual price.  For example, the price of a Vitality Pak is $21.99.  It's base point is 21. Melaleuca Oil is $5.99 and has a base point of 5.

To be a member, a person is required to order a minimum amount of products each calendar month of 35 points.  Thirty-five points of products comes to around $40.  The average American family spends about $60-$120 per month at the supermarket on nutrition, pharmaceutical, personal care and home hygiene cleaning items.  So, for most people, joining Melaleuca involves no new money.  They are simply switching stores.

Everyone agrees that if they should forget to order that month, then Melaleuca will automatically send a back-up order and charge their savings, checking, or credit card. You give the company permission to withdraw only what you allow them to.  Most make their own back-up order so they will be sure to get the products they like and will need for that month.

Why does Melaleuca ask for this commitment?  There are very good reasons to do this.  It makes everyone committed to simply change stores and make monthly product purchases. Remember, everyone is signing up to be committed and order each month just like you are. This makes for more serious customers, and this is good for your business.

If a Marketing Executive failed to order in a calendar month and had a downline, he or she would not receive a check that month.  The back-up order makes sure that Marketing Executives makes an order and therefore gets paid.

From a business point of view, having committed customers increases your chance of receiving a check each month.  This feature of the marketing plan helps to insure that there is a stable and continuing income.  This program has proven to be very successful for many years and is a key reason why Melaleuca's business opportunity is so powerful.  Commitment is the key to success and this program helps to ensure that.



Let's look at a page from the company's presentation booklet of a chart that shows that there are 7 levels or generations in the compensation plan.  At the top it shows your household. You order for yourself each month.  You do not get paid anything for ordering for yourself, only from those in your organization.  On your first generation the company allows you to put 5 people.  Like you, each of those five people can have 5 under them. This gives you 25 potential people you can have on your second level.  The next level has 125 spaces.  This goes on by multiples of 5 until the 7th level.  This gives you over 97,000 potential households you could have in your organization.  To be successful you need only a tiny percent of that many households.  Some people are earning over a $100,000 a year and have around a thousand people in their organization.

Let's give an example to explain how the compensation plan works.  Let's say you sign up 8 relatives, close friends, coworkers, neighbors and a waitress you talked to when you ate out at a restaurant.  Because you have only 5 positions on the first line, if you placed your first 5 enrollees on your first line (you don't have to), you must put the other 3 of your personal enrollees underneath someone in the first line.  The company deliberately made it that way so people are "forced" to help others by putting people under others.  An amazing thing happens here.  Let's say you put your relative (let's call her Betty) on your first line. You talk to your neighbor, Mary, and she comes on board.  You put Mary on the second line below Betty.

Everyone in Melaleuca is required to make at least a small minimum order each calendar month and so everyone orders for the month.  The company's multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art mainframe computers in Idaho records all this and sends a check for 7% of the order to 7 households.  Your neighbor, Mary, does not get a check because she has no one in her downline.  But your relative, Betty, does get a check, even though she did not sign up Mary and may never even meet her.  Melaleuca does not guarantee this will happen to you, but it has happened for many thousands of customers who have received money in the mail because someone ordered who they did not sign up but were placed under them.  It's possible to receive income from strangers that you will never meet who live thousands of miles away. If your relative on the first line stops being a member, your neighbor on the second line will roll up to take that spot on your first line.  This business only works if people help people.  Your success depends on making other people successful.



The only thing you have to do to build a business is to focus on sharing and teaching others about the wonderful, unique products and marketing plan.  Anyone you sign up can go out and duplicate what you do.  The Business Kit says, "You have essentially recruited a sales force that continues to enroll new customers."  To grow their business, they are "forced" to grow yours. The power of this is incredible. It's like having employees, but you do not have any of the headaches a regular business has.



Are you still skeptical about this company?  I hope not. It has been around long enough to prove itself.  The National Chamber of Commerce would not let the owner and president of the company be on their board of directors if it wasn't an outstanding company.  The products are all manufactured in America by Melaleuca with the highest standards possible. These are products that bring loyal repeat business from hundreds of thousands of households each month because they work better than the competition.

Bobbi McCaughey (pronounced McCoy) is famous for having 7 babies at one time. Her pastor's wife, Ginny Brown, is in Melaleuca and was earning a part-time income of over $400 a month in their small town in Iowa. She signed up Bobbi to be a member and order the Vitality Pak during her pregnancy. Her doctors -- who were some of the finest in America -- studied and approved it. Now, Bobbi speaks for the company and these wonderful supplements.

This is a fun and rewarding business because you really help people. I think it is the ideal business. I hope you join the Melaleuca family. I want to thank you for taking the time to look at this great company. I hope you have caught the excitement for their exceptional products such as the patented daily supplements and Melaleuca Oil and will sign up to become a member so you can order them. There is no risk. You can't lose any money because everything is 100% guaranteed -- even the low membership fee of $29.00. You have 30 days to check out the Business Kit.  What more could a company do to make it as easy and risk free as possible for someone to take a look at their business opportunity?  You can quit anytime and get all your money back -- no questions asked. There is nothing to be afraid of.  Melaleuca has taken the fear out of having a home-based business. No one has ever been hurt by being a member.  The company has an outstanding reputation as seen by their many achievements such as being on Inc. Magazine's top 500 list.

I hope you see the unbelievable home-based catalog business opportunity this award winning company offers that can help make your dreams come true.  It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application forms. Would you like to write a check or use a credit card to become a member?