Chore List
Mom -- Laundry and Cooking

Laundry done Thursdays
Cooking dinner every night and 
oatmeal in morning for Dad

Joe -- Dishes (Back-Up Adam)

Wash dishes after breakfast at 10:00am
Wash dishes after dinner at 6:30pm
Extra dish cleaning if warranted by excess dishes
Take out trash

Jonathan -- Kitchen (Back-Up Tom)

Clean Fridgerator every Thursday
Cleaning the countertops
Cleaning the tables
Clean the microwave 
General cleaning of living room area.

Adam -- Mirrors and Windows (Back-Up David)
Sun -- As needed Thurs -- Walls
Mon -- Wall Cleaning  Fri -- Windows
Tues -- Windows Sat -- Mirrors
Wed -- Mirrors
David -- Bathrooms (Back-Up Joe)

Bathtub cleaning every other day
Toilet scrubbed daily
Mirror cleaned daily
Sink area cleaned daily
Clean floors
Empy trash

Tom -- Floors (Back-Up Jonathan)

Sweep and clean all floors in the house daily
Sweep porch daily
(Sweep living room at least twice daily)

Extra -- Washing Cars

Every Sunday morning at 10:00am by Jonathan, Joe, Adam, Tom

*Bedrooms will be cleaned daily by occupants including making beds and straightening

Sam -- Hallway (Back-Up Joe)

Straighten hallway every day
Clean his room and make bed