The dictionary defines utopia as "A place or state of ideal perfection ... any visionary system of political or social perfection." Utopian is defined as "Given to dreams of perfection ... an ardent but impractical political or social reformer; a visionary; an idealist."

This book is about some of those dreamers, visionaries, and idealists. So far, no one has been able to lead this world into "ideal perfection." Everyone who has tried has been "impractical" because he or she did not know the truth that would set mankind free. There is one exception. Jesus of Nazareth was murdered before he could reveal the truth that would have set this world free from its disunity caused by Satan.

To know the cure we have to know the cause of the problem. Jesus knew how Satan had created this hell on earth. Jesus had a plan to unite everyone to God instead of Satan. When he told the people that they were of Satan, they got angry and killed him. In 1935, Jesus appeared to Sun Myung Moon and gave his mission to the young boy of leading this world into perfection.

Perfection does not mean that there will be no more erasers on pencils. It means a world of true love. A world where everyone is a brother and sister to each other in one huge harmonious family of man. What mankind needs is an ideology that will unite them. That ideology is the Divine Principle. The Principle is revelations from God to Rev. Moon. The Bible says that all things are possible with God. In Genesis we read, "Is anything too wonderful for the Lord?" Rev. Moon teaches that God wants us to build an ideal world. Rev. Moon has a practical plan to accomplish the building of a worldwide utopia that will last forever. Eventually mankind will live in a world where everyone does live happily ever after. It is inevitable that there will be world peace and every person will reach their potential.

Rev. Moon is the greatest visionary and idealist of all time. He is the greatest teacher and leader in history. He is the messiah -- our savior. He and his wife are the new Adam and Eve. They are the True Parents of mankind forever. The way to a unified, ideal world is through them. They are the mediators between God and us. They are the external manifestation of masculinity and femininity. Their words are words of life. They have the blueprint for the Kingdom of God on Earth. They are the second coming of Christ. They define by word and deed what True Love is.

Year 2000 -- Millennium

In the year 2000 Rev. Moon will turn 80 years old. Eight is the number for a new start. In the next millennium mankind will gradually accept the Divine Principle. There will be a messianic movement that will eventually encompass the planet. Some day absolutely every person on earth and who has ever lived will accept the Divine Principle as the truth. Satan has done everything imaginable to prevent this from happening. But truth cannot be stopped. It can be delayed but it always rises. Everyone used to believe that the earth was flat. Now everyone believes in the law of gravity. Some day everyone will believe in the laws of the universe that Rev. Moon teaches. Many people will go into the Kingdom easily and for many it will be incredibly difficult.

The Truth Hurts

The truth hurts. Every person will have to give up some cherished belief they have that is wrong. Millions of people deeply believe in such things as vegetarianism, Buddhism, and that Jesus is God. The list of deeply held beliefs is endless. But everyone will have to stretch and accept the teachings of Sun Myung Moon. Vegetarians will have to see that catching and eating salmon is not cruel. Buddhists will someday see that Rev. Moon has married Buddha from Spirit World to Mrs. Choi, an early follower of Rev. Moon. Billions of Christians have a hill to climb to give up their view of the Trinity.

Christians Need More Truth

There are a billion Christians on earth. They are divided between Catholics and Protestants. The most famous Catholic leader is the Pope. The most famous Protestant leader is Billy Graham. Neither one has been able to prevent the Catholics and Protestants from killing each other in Northern Ireland. Obviously, Christianity needs more truth to unite them. Rev. Moon founded the Unification Church for that very purpose.

Although all of this is gut wrenching and emotionally stressful, it is also the most exciting thing that has ever happened in human history. God has finally been able to find a couple who could reflect Him. They are like a doctor who has to give the bad news that everyone is sick and dying but who also has the bitter medicine and surgery that will save us. There is nothing more difficult than understanding and accepting the truth. And there is nothing more thrilling than the truth. The truth is simple but mankind makes everything so complex and difficult. Mankind is basically superstitious. People are children who have never had true parents to educate them on how to live. Satan is the ruler of this world and makes everyone see things through his eyes. The messiah exposes him.

Rev. Moon's teachings will be accepted voluntarily by mankind. Followers of Sun Myung Moon are taught to persuade without violence. His enemies have used violence against him and his followers and say they have the right to use force because Rev. Moon is dangerous. Fallen man has a very difficult time being logical. God has been working for thousands of years to raise mankind to the level they can accept the logic the messiah teaches. Rev. Moon has been teaching God's vision of utopia for fifty years and only a few thousand people have been spiritually and intellectually open to this exciting good news.

Mankind Is Cynical

Mankind is deeply cynical and cannot imagine that there could ever be a world without wars, crime, and broken hearts. Many people are now at the point that they can hear and accept the logic of the Divine Principle. But sadly many are not open to even hearing new ideas. As I write this there is a story in the newspaper that says "Mob Riots Over Bibles." It says that a mob in Indonesia attacked a group of foreigners who were distributing Bibles in a Muslim province. A crowd of hundreds even stoned the police station where the foreigners took refuge. There are probably a billion Muslims in the world. It is going to be very difficult for them to give up Mohammad for Rev. Moon.

There has been so much blood shed in history over religious and political ideologies. Rev. Moon has been tortured and jailed many times for simply teaching his revelations. His followers have been put down as brainwashed zombies and called Moonies. Many followers of Rev. Moon have even been kidnapped by force and gone through what critics call deprogramming.

Jesus Commands Us To Witness

Nevertheless, we should do as Jesus commanded us -- witness. Our job is to be small messiahs and teach as many people as we can. Most people hate the idea of selling anything -- especially something that most people do not want to hear about. But we have to sell this religious message. We have to be creative and persuasive for God. That is why I am writing this book. It is my way to get the truth out. How God works through you is something you will have to find.

God works in mysterious ways. You are not hearing this from Billy Graham or the President of the United States; I don't even have a fancy degree. But neither did Einstein when he was 25 years old and working in a patent office. He had come up with the formula E=mc2 all by himself and had it in his drawer at work. It didn't stay there. His truth eventually got out. Rev. Moon is like so many who have brought revolutionary truth that raised mankind to a higher level.

In this book I am going to talk briefly about a few books and people who have had a dream of building a utopia or at least a better world. This subject is vast and I am not going to mention every famous or even very many non-famous books, people, or idealistic communities that have existed. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books on utopia and idealistic communities. None of them come close to the power of Rev. Moon. I will end the book with a few quotes from some of his speeches in which he talks about utopia. I encourage you to read and study Rev. Moon. He is creating the greatest movement the world has ever seen. It will eventually sweep the earth. He and his followers are on the most idealistic and noble crusade in history. Please join us in healing this world and leading this world into a glorious new Earth.


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