Bahai Faith

Ultimately, we need a religious truth to unite mankind. Democracy and free enterprise are part of the equation but the core truth mankind needs is the revelations from God to Sun Myung Moon. The only other religion that believes in a world government, a world language and world peace is the Bahai faith. They are well meaning but they have no answers to the fundamental questions of Life.

Until the followers of Rev. Moon start to live in cohousing communities, they will not be walking their talk. Only we eat together like people do in cohousing communities, will there be an ideal world. Families living individualistically in their three bedroom, two bath homes will never know true community. Cohousing communities are secular. The ultimate step is for the UC to live in condominiums or cohousing communities as religious communities. This will be the final attempt at communal living that will work for all mankind. When the UC lives closely then it will be the visual manifestation of God's way of life. Mankind will flock to it. News people will show it for free in newspapers, magazines and tv.

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