Conservatives Are Anti-Utopian

The dean of Conservative thinkers in the 20th century is Russell Kirk and he goes out of his way to say there will never be a utopia. He says, "The American conservative rejects the notion of a future earthly paradise -- which the ideologue promises to attain."

In Brad Miners, The Concise Conservative Encyclopedia, he says that socialists and communists dream of a worldwide utopia but conservatives are "anti-utopian or dystopian, meaning that the utopian dream is assumed to lead to hell, not heaven. Utopianism depends for its apotheosis upon the malleability and perfectibility of Man, and about this conservatives have no illusions. You can't get there from here."

Conservatives are wrong to see that mankind is basically evil and will never grow to moral perfection. Satan has got his hooks into the conservatives with his view that there will always be evil. To not believe that history is moving to an ideal world is an illusion. We will get there from here.

Miner briefly comments on Robert Nozick's Anarchy, State and Utopia and dismisses it as being too optimistic because, "The minimalist, non-coersive state is as practically unattainable as it is theoretically attractive, even in the brilliant conception of Nozick." To a conservative, anyone who tries to build a utopia always uses violence. Miner appreciates Nozick for not using force: "Nozick's process utopia at least avoids the inevitable consequence of all end-state dreamlands: the brutal repression required to achieve perfect equality."

Because every attempt at creating an ideal community or society has been not only a failure, but often so horrible that Sun Myung Moon is seen as everything from a ridiculous guru who wastes months or years of young people's lives to being a dangerous megalomaniac who must be stopped before he mesmerizes whole nations like Hitler and Stalin did.

It takes wisdom to sort out the baby from the bathwater. Mankind never gets it totally right and makes tragic mistakes of seeing Jesus, Martin Luther King, and Father Moon as bathwater that must be thrown out. Martin Luther King had a dream. He took a bullet because he spoke out strongly for his dream. The anti-Moon crowd, the anti-cult crowd, the anti-religious right crowd are like the crowd who demanded Jesus be crucified. Satan inspires a vision of a happy world of equality and corrupts it by making socialist and communist leaders use violence as a means to the end. Satan is master of lies and inspires the conservatives to have little faith in mankind. He makes conservatives see Jesus as not being a religious fanatic for a literal kingdom of heaven on earth. Satan also influences conservatives to sometimes use force when they shouldn't. Two quick examples are the conservative's passion to use force against women who get an abortion and anyone who tries to use a long list of drugs they have banned such as heroin and cocaine. Conservatives, like Bill Bennett, think they are logical but often they are as stupid as the liberals.

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