The Amish people do not live communally but I thought I'd mention them anyway because they are so close as a religious community. The Amish are another misguided people who fight many of the spiritual laws of the universe. They are right in being honest and moral people. But like so many other Chrisitans, they misread the Bible. They are irresponsible pacifists like the Hutterites and even more stupid in than the Hutterites by rejecting technology. Of course, they can't grow and year by year things keep gettting worse. Ultimately, they too, will become museums for the odd and irrational. They have lived for years as a tight community. They are famous for the women getting together to make beautiful quilts and bond as friends. The men are famous for building barns for each other in one days time. They have it right in believing in building big houses. They often kept adding additions as the sons moved in with their families. This is God's way and America should live like that. Sadly the Amish have degenerated to being unable to live even the basic lifestyle they have had. The farms can't compete with capitalist farmers so the sons are now moving into town and turning to other businesses. The women no longer meet to make quilts for their families, but have the pressure of earning money from the quilts to pay the bills because their menfolk are idiots to live the way they do. They also are not smart enough to live together in communities like the Hutterites do.

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