Bronson Alcott was another of these trancendtalists who tried group living at Fruitlands. It is a museum. They attempted to live basically on raw fruit, especially apples. This silly experiment in equality lasted only a few months. It is famous also because one of the persons who lived there was Alcott's daughter, Louisa May, who grew up to become one of the most famous writers in America who wrote such classics as Little Women.

Today there are a few people who believe in eating raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These are fruitarians. My wife and I studied their philosophy, Natural Hygiene, and even went to visit with one of its leaders, T.C. Fry, in Austin, TX. Natural Hygienests have an organization and books. Some in the group feel that if people would only eat fresh fruit, the Garden of Eden would return.

They are wrong. Eating meat is fine. Rev. Moon is a world class fisherman and teaches that vegetarianism is not God's way. I go into this topic of diet later in this book.  



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