Early Christian Socialism

The Bible briefly says that one group of Christians in the infancy of Christianity lived a socialist lifestyle. Acts 4:32 says, "Now the whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common .... There was not a needy person among them, for as many as owned lands or houses sold them and brought the proceeds of what was sold .... and it was distributed to each as any had need." It goes on to tell the story of a couple who lied and kept some of their property. Peter found out and asked them why they lied. They were so overcome that we read they both "immediately fell down and died." The reaction of the rest of the group to this was "great fear seized the whole church and all who heard of these things."

Its been two thousand years since this happened. How many Christians do you know who live like this? There are a few little communities around the world living communally and sharing everything with no one owning anything but a toothbrush.

UC members published the best anti-communist book ever written named the CAUSA Manual. It speaks strongly for free enterprise, private property and limited government:"In the past, it has appeared to many thinkers that centralized planning would do away with economic ills and be more efficient than a free-market based economy. The dismal failures of the socialist economic experiments of this century have now shown this to be false." Throughout this book I show how insane this century has been to abandon the free-market economy of the Founding Fathers and of the Victorians. They continue"Highly centralized and planned economies do not work. They thwart human nature and are wasteful of resources rather than efficient."

"Socialist systems abrogate the rights of private property, exert state controls and deny individual free choice. In doing so, they directly oppose three basic aspects of human nature: (1) the desire to better oneself, (2) creativity, and (3) the drive to achieve. Because they oppose these basic human traits, they are sure to fail." And fail they have.

They go on to say that there must be"proper balance between central coordination and individual freedom." We have to hold"fast to three basic principles: the sacred dignity of the person, the social nature of human life, and the obligation to assign social decisions to the level of authority best suited to take action."

They say that it must be local:"In the free market system, the state is strictly limited. One of the clearest limitations on the state is the principle of private property."

The genius of the Founding Fathers was to trust limited government even though they did not trust the masses. They gave up power. We can never thank them enough. Feminists hate them and in classrooms all over America teachers stand in front of class and sneer at those dead White men when they should learn from them instead of thinking they have nothing to learn from them. Madison said the object of the constitution was to"set ambition against ambition." They decentralized power. Lesser men came after them and kept increasing government until today it dominates every aspect of our life and reached its peak of regulation by throwing the Messiah in jail and letting deprogrammers free during an administration that said it was working to get"government of our back."

I agree that the focus of the UC is on the family. I think the number one focus should be not only on the family but three or four families living under the same roof and eating together. But politics is also very important and how we organize ourselves in the fallen world and in the ideal world will have a big impact on the quality of life in our families. Laissez-faire capitalism is good for fallen man and restored man. Religious people should side with libertarian economists and take the flak of being called "radical." The so-called centrist view of mixed government is really dangerous radicalism that creates an economy that makes it very difficult for families to earn money rationally and safely. It is so difficult to earn money under big government that it takes almost all of one's energy. Satan has got everyone running ragged in his socialist economies. He's taken the fun and joy and creativity out of work for most people. And he has pushed women into the workplace that creates a downward vicious cycle that feeds on itself and plunges everyone down to the pit. The only hope I see of getting people to understand true economics is get this message on video. I'm only one person. I don't have a trinity of other men. It will be years before my sons are old enough to be married and have careers and able to help me. If you are inspired by this book, please help get the message out. My goal is to condense this book into a series of videos that clearly explain the laws of the universe such as laissez-faire capitalism and expose Satan's lies of socialism. He makes bad things look so good. We have a great task before us. The greatest in human history. There is a reason to get up excited in the morning. We can save lives. But if we are alone it is easy to give up and get depressed and not run this marathon race. But we have to. The Clintons are excited about big government that Hillary calls a village so she can trick everyone (unconsciously) to create her socialist dream world. The Clintons are attractive. Satan is the ruler of this world. He is damn good at what he does. We have to be better.

The first step is to get Milton Friedman's video series into every library and advertize it world wide.

The title of this chapter is Prosperity. We can only prosper if we decentalize power. One of the best statements on this and one of my all time favorite quotes is by our old friend, G.K. Chesterton.

Drunkenness of Responsibility

G.K. Chesterton said it beautifully: "Despotism, and attempts at despotism, are a kind of disease of public spirit. They represent, as it were, the drunkenness of responsibility. It is when men begin to grow desperate in their love for the people, when they are overwhelmed with the difficulties and blunders of humanity, that they fall back upon a wild desire to manage everything themselves. Their faith in themselves is only a disillusionment with mankind. They are in that most dreadful position, dreadful alike in personal and public affairs -- the position of the man who has lost faith and not lost love. This belief that all would go right if we could only get the strings into our own hands is a fallacy almost without exception, but nobody can justly say that it is not public-spirited. The sin and sorrow of despotism is not that it does not love men, but that it loves them too much and trusts them too little. Therefore from age to age in history arise these great despotic dreamers, whether they be Royalists or Imperialists or even Socialists, who have at root this idea, that the world would into rest if it went their way and forswore altogether the right of going its own way. When a man begins to think that the grass will not grow at night unless he lies awake to watch it, he generally ends either in an asylum or on the throne of an emperor."

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