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Communism is anti-traditional family

The ideology that attacks the traditional family is Communism. Feminism and socialism are aspects of Communism and go together like a horse and carriage. Like Betty Friedan, Marx and Engels wrote against the traditional family which divides the labor of men and women. Engels says women are slaves to men, and when they are taken out of the home to earn money then they will be free. He says that when "The man took command in the home the woman was degraded and reduced to servitude; she became the slave of his lust and a mere instrument for the production of children ... within the family he is the bourgeois and his wife represents the proletariat." Women, he says, are unpaid servants who have talents that can only be used if she is earning money in "social production" and "public industry." Like feminists, he disparages homemaking saying that the wife's household labor "became a private service; the wife became the head servant, excluded from all participation in social production."

Michael Levine, in his anti-feminist book Feminism and Freedom says, "There is no doubt that the founders of Marxism were feminists. In The Origin of the Family, Engels wrote: 'It will be plain that the first condition for the liberation of the wife is to bring the whole female sex into public industry and that this in turn demands the abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of society. Monogamous marriage comes on the scene as the subjugation of the one sex by the other. The emancipation of woman will be possible only when ... domestic work no longer claims anything but an insignificant portion of her time.'"

Feminists still honor him. In a recent book by a feminist titled The Creation of Patriarchy, the author praises Marx and Engels saying, "Marxist analysis has been very influential in determining the questions asked by feminist scholars. The basic work of reference is Frederick Engels ' Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State ... Engels made major contributions to our understanding of women's position in society and history."

Because America has embraced Communism's core belief that women should work, the family has been crippled as they predicted it would. Socialists/Feminists substitute the state for the husband. This is a cancerous ideology. Either you believe in women working, or you don't. You can't have it both ways. You can't be a little bit pregnant. You can't "mix" these two ideologies. You either believe in Friedan and Engels or the Bible and Tocqueville. The concept that men and women will share work and housekeeping is fantasy. Men will never care for babies and do the dishes half the time. And women who combine career and home will end up with two full-time jobs and not be able to become excellent in either. There are limits. To achieve in the workplace you must be a professional and put in long hours. To achieve excellence in the home -- to nurse 12 children, teach home school, care for the aged grandparents, do housework and be a loving, supporting wife -- requires not just full-time, but over-time hours. There are rules for games from chess to basketball. Within those "rigid" rules Michael Jordan and other professional athletes can do their magic. The rules of life may seem "rigid" but within them we can have truth, beauty and goodness.

The most read women in America is Ann Landers. She is typical of America. In one of her newspaper columns a woman wrote in angry at someone who had wrote saying "there would be more jobs if wives and mothers would stay home." She goes on to say to this man, "If you can't stand the heat from competing with women in the work force, get IN the kitchen buster, and leave the jobs to those who are qualified and love their work." This kind of tone comes from the fierce competition in the marketplace that makes women, like this one, tough and unfeminine. Women competing for jobs makes the battle of the sexes escalate. This angry woman continues saying, "Men do not have a God-given right to employment, and I am tired of their whining, while women who need to work get smaller wages and rampant discrimination." Wrong again. This woman is a formidable competitor for men as most women are now. There is no sense that women are "weaker" as the Bible says.

Feminist statistics

Many people say feminism has been good because it fights discrimination and unfair business practices toward women. It has done nothing of the sort. It has created chaos in the marketplace. Scientific studies show that if we compare in an apples and oranges way women look like they are being discriminated against and earn 70 cents to a man's dollar or 80 cents or whatever the latest rigged statistics feminists come up with. But true studies show that if men and women who work are compared equally in education, time spent on the job, etc. that there is no difference in pay with some exceptions where women earn more than men.

Thomas Sowell in Knowledge and Decisions writes that statistics feminists give for women earning less than men are wrong. There are many ways of explaining how intellectually sloppy and deceitful feminists are, but I'll just quote one small passage to give a flavor of the antifeminist view. Sowell writes, "With women the key variable is marriage. Even before 'affirmative action' quotas, women in their 30s who had worked continuously since high school earned slightly more than men in their 30s who had worked continuously since high school. Female academics earned slightly more than male academics when neither were marrie-- again even before 'affirmative action' -- and unmarried female PhDs became full professors to a slightly greater extent than did unmarried male PhDs. In short, the male-female differences in incomes and occupations are largely differences between married women and all other persons." I don't want to make this book long so I'm not going to get into all the arguments socialists/feminists have. If your interested read books by Thomas Sowell and others. To those who need more nuances and added thought I can only refer to the many books, some of which I quote. I thought about making a thousand page book and going into every point and counter-point, but I decided that would be overkill for most people.

Lets look at a graphic example to show how absurd feminism is in its push for equality in the marketplace. One year the leading cadet at West Point was a woman name Kristin. I saw a picture in a magazine of a tall male cadet saluting this little woman. Her standards for physical strength are far less than his. Feminism has no sense of what is truly fair. Has this woman cadet taken a job away from a man? Yes, she has. Has she earned the right to be the boss over men? No. It was good discrimination when our military academies were "rigid" in having only men. It is satanic discrimination that puts women in the men's realm. I'm not against discrimination; I'm for it. Phyllis Schlafly was right to fight against the satanic ERA amendment. Sadly, most first ladies went to a feminist rally for it years ago. You can't be a little bit pregnant. The feminist agenda is totally false. It's black or white. It doesn't matter how high sounding, how idealistic, how many pie-in-the-sky promises socialists/feminists make the result is the breakdown of marriages, families and the economy. The result will be little women trying to protect men and coming back in body bags or raped by the enemy or raped by their fellow soldiers who have lost all respect for themselves, women and the family.

Continuing on through with this 20th century tough as nails in-your-face woman's letter: "Many women work because the bum they married is lazy or disappeared or abuses alcohol and drugs. Other women are married to good men whose jobs just don't pay enough to support the family." Before I look at this argument, let me say something about arguments in general. There are so many things to analyze when you look at the endless arguments people give. I wish I could fully go into every one. All of this debate reminds me of the Causa book and slide show. It had to go one by one into countless arguments that communists make . Analyzing all the nuances of Marx, Lenin, etc. is time consuming and usually too much for the average person who doesn't even read the Bible, let alone The Communist Manifesto. I'm that rare person who has read a bunch of the avalanche of books by socialists and feminists and anti-socialists and anti-feminists. I've heard all the arguments of feminists which go something like this: "Common sense says the earth is flat. If it was round, we'd all fall off." They say this with a patronizing attitude of "how stupid and Neanderthal can a person get." Gilder says he is "America's number one anti-feminist." He writes eloquently and debates some of the idiotic arguments of feminists, but they keep winning. They win over the average person and the President of the United States. They even win the UC. The anti-feminist argument goes something like this: "The earth is round and people don't fall off because of the law of gravity. We must respect and obey the law of gravity. It may seem 'rigid ' but it really is a wonderful law from God and anyone who disobeys it will get hurt and possibly die."

The arguments of feminists versus anti-feminists is a black and white issue as many issues are. Either Jesus is God, or he isn't. Either Chapter two is right about the Fall of Man, or it isn't. Either men protect, or they don't. Either fornication is bad, or it isn't. There is an exception to every rule. Mary and Zachariah committed fornication. God approved. But that's about it. Either women stay at home or not. Like adultery, we can't say it is good for some but bad for others. The law of the universe is simply that no woman should provide for her family. Her husband, her brother, or other men in her community should always take care of her. That is God's ideal. To the degree that we violate this law is the degree to which we suffer.

Getting back to Ann Lander's macho woman, she says that "many women" have to work because there are so many bums out there. Ultimately men should take responsibility if things are not right, but in all fairness men have been beaten over the head by feminists for a hundred years who nag and complain and refuse to be patient and usurp men's role. Women want everything yesterday. Father says they live in the now, and men live in the future. Eve got impatient with Adam. She left her position and led. Men are dreamers, and this drives women crazy. Anti-feminist books by such authors as Helen Andelin, Mary Pride, Phyllis Schlafly, and Beverly LaHaye teach women how to help men achieve. Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale in The Adventure of Being a Wife teaches women how to support their husbands. It is a beautiful story of how she helped her husband who had many insecurities and quirks that at first amazed her, but she says women are to study their husbands as she did and help them.

Let's look at the Amazon's statement to Ann Landers about those good men who have jobs that don't pay enough. It's a matter of cause and effect. There is a pervading atmosphere that men are weak, so men become weak. The reason many men don't strive to earn extra money, to improve their skills, etc. is because their wives deep down don't believe in their husbands, or they feel trapped in the house or won't live within his budget. It is also very hard for men because they have to compete with other women, and it is demoralizing. Their conscience says to protect women, and then they spend their whole time competing with them and sometimes losing to them and being bossed by women.

Let's continue: "Stop blaming others for your failure. I know men who have opted to stay home and keep house while their wives go to work. They say it was the best choice they ever made, though most admit keeping house was not the cinch they thought it would be." This is more fantasy and disorder. Househusbands are total wimps. We can only pray their children are not totally as confused as they are and become homosexual. Men do not have the temperament to care for children -- let alone 12.

Let's look at some more outer space logic. She writes, "There is no prescribed role for any human on this planet. It's up to each of us to find our own special niche without denying that opportunity to anyone else based on gender. signed Proud Professional." There would be more and better jobs done more professionally and happily by men if women lived their "prescribed role" as a "professional" homemaker. There would be more intact and happy families if men and women lived God's way of life where the man is the sole provider. Ann Lander's reply to this letter was, "Beautiful. Thanks for a superb rebuttal." Most of America would agree. I used to agree. Like a good member I lived this way and thought my wife was an idealistic "strong" soldier fighting Satan and filling the indemnity bank when she got in and out of her junk car all alone in parking lots of bars late at night. She was Rosie the Riveter in this emergency war -- a war greater than WWII. She was frontline. Of course I didn't know I was doing exactly what my enemy, Marx and Engels, wanted me to do. And I didn't know how much damage to the home those married Rosie the Riveters caused in WWII. I especially didn't know I was being castrated.