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Is Public Education Necessary?

There are many books on home schooling. One of my favorite is Samuel Blumenfeld's Is Public Education Necessary? In a speech published in Vital Speeches titled "Why Homeschooling is Important For America" he quotes someone who says this great line, "The family is man's basic government, his best school, and his best church." Blumenfeld gives so many good reasons for homeschooling. I can't go into them or into ideas on how we should do it at this time. Sisters are supposed to be studying these books, not working at some job. If they are they should be helped to understand their role as teacher. Blumenfeld says, "One of the most important actions families can take is to remove their children from the government schools and homeschool them. By now about a million have made that choice, and their actions have had an accumulative effect on American life that is only now beginning to be felt." Public schools are so bad that it is hard to express it in words. They are socialist/feminist nightmares. He says, "Liberalism goes under many guises: progressivism, socialism, collectivism. No matter what you call it, its most significant principle is its rejection of God as the true sovereign over our nation." We need to keep young people away from "statist, humanist, indoctrination." Father is always for decentralization. He isn't interested in improving centralized schools. He wants our homes to be the center of everything. Blumenfeld writes, "the homeschool family is on the frontline of this civil war, and we can only win this long, drawn-out war one family at a time. The quiet revolution is taking place right under the very noses of the humanists, and there isn't much they can do about it. "

"Meanwhile, the homeschooling family is creating a revolution in American family life. The Christian family that lives in obedience to God sets a standard of morality that will stay with their children for the rest of their lives. That even some homeschooled children may go astray is inevitable, knowing what we do about human nature. But the vast majority are becoming the kind of citizens we can all be proud of."

"And so, the reconstruction of the American family is one of the great benefits of the homeschool movement. TheSamuel Blumenfeld -- Is Public Education Necessary? homeschooling family creates a generational bridge instead of a generational gap. Parents can pass on to their children their spiritual and moral values, thereby creating family continuity into several generations .... Homeschooled children learn to respect their parents' intelligence, and the parents, who know their children better than any stranger could, enjoy teaching their children." Joy is the word. The WFWP should tell women to quit their jobs and go home to teach their children instead of telling women to achieve great heights in the fields of politics, industry and the church. It's an illusion that that is where women can make the most difference in this emergency time.

Socialists/feminists are Cain and capitalists/traditionalists are Abel. We teach clear Cain/Abel divisions in the Principle ending with Communists and Anti-Communists. That's what is going on here. Feminists are communists and anti-feminists are anti-communists. Marx and Engels wrote their goals in The Communist Manifesto and largely they have been achieved. They wrote "We replace home education by social." Father is an anti-communist and therefore wants to restore homeschooling.

Most people have little or no understanding or appreciation of the free market because of public schools. Warren Brookes wrote, "I asked Nobelist economist Milton Friedman why most American students still graduate from high schools not only with low performance but with such a socialist perspective .... His answer was characteristically clear: 'Because they are products of a socialist system. How can you expect such a system to inculcate the values of enterprise and competition, when it is based on monopoly state ownership?"

Chesterton said, "It is quaint that people talk of separating dogma from education. Dogma is actually the only thing that cannot be separated from education. It is education. A teacher who is not dogmatic is simply a teacher who is not teaching." And he said, "State education is simply Conscription applied to culture, or to the destruction of culture. "

Feminism's goal, Communism's goal is to get people to think that housewives are just "Queens of the couches". There is nothing good about what the communists and feminists teach. Michael Levine, the author of Feminism and Freedom, says, "Yet while feminism may have accomplished some good per accidens, I would no more pander to the reader by straining to praise rape crisis centers than I would strain to praise the punctuality of trains under Mussolini were I discussing fascism."

Women 's role: caring for the elderly

Another reason women should not spend time away from the home earning money is because their role is to care for the aged and sick at home. Father speaks harshly about Americans who send the old "to the asylum for the aged .... Blessed families in theUnification Churchshould be able to attend and serve the grandparents and parents" in their home. Mary Pride says it is women in homes that are to care for the aged and dependent relatives. The last few generations have given up that responsibility to others. Mrs. Pride goes into detail on this subject. I'll only quote a few lines: "It costs a whole bunch less to put Mom in the spare bedroom than to pay for her apartment in a nursing home. And there is equipment available on a rental or purchase basis which will answer all of Mom's noncrisis health care needs." Women can easily become experts on specific health problems. She gives an example of a famous Christian woman: "Edith Schaeffer had a daughter with chronic rheumatic fever, and a son with polio, both of whom she cared for personally. ... Then for years Dr. Schaeffer's aged mother lived with them." And finally she cared for her husband at home instead of letting him stay at a hospital and he died "in front of his fireplace in the arms of his wife." She says, "Can you imagine what a blessing it would be to the economy if this kind of family responsibility spread? And it would show true Christian charity to the world as well."

Three jobs

Mrs. Pride explains that women have three jobs inside the home: first, to be a loving wife, mother and homemaker; second, to homeschool her children and; third, to care for the aged. In God's ideal, families would be extended families where the grandmother would teach and help the younger housewife. Most women have given up these sacred responsibilities. Mary Pride in All the Way Home is furious over the fact that so many parents and grandparents are not helping their children. She writes, "Young parents today have been disinherited. Winnebagos sprout the message on neon red bumper stickers: 'We're Spending Our Children's Inheritance'. While Grandpa and Grandma party, young parents struggle." The Bible says a good man helps his children's children. Patriarchal long range thinking is given up for weak man instant gratification. The last two generations have given up their responsibilities. In Good Housekeeping magazine a woman wrote an essay summing up the satanic ideology of parents abandoning their children and grandchildren. Lois Wyse writes in October 1995 that families are "scattered to the four winds" and it's difficult to get together. She writes, "It's not that we want our grown children surrounding us daily; indeed their productivity and our freedom and pleasure in knowing they have independent, fulfilling lives are often causes for rejoicing. We know that silence and solitude are both the rewards and punishments of life." Solitude is a "reward?" "Freedom." America hasn't got a clue to what freedom is. This woman senses that something is wrong saying, "The once-a-year holiday dinner or occasional get-together doesn't provide enough glue to cement the family." This woman speaks for our culture that has abandoned the extended family. Why has it done this? Because it has abandoned patriarchy. Grandfathers have no power. There is no sense anymore of generational land, roots and group living. Satan has got everyone right where he wants them -- screaming at each other in single family homes.

Mrs. Pride is quite right in being livid that Grandparents voted in a ponzi scheme of social security and ruined the economy for their grandchildren. They failed to teach their children how to be parents. She writes, "Dad and Granddad usually subscribed to the theory that each child (male and female) should earn his or her own way in the world. This translated into dump-'em-out-the-door-at-eighteen policy." She says, "The Bible, of course, clearly says the generations must help each other. Grandparents are not supposed to hop into the Winnebago and vanish over the horizon. They are supposed to teach their children how to teach, and then help teach the grandchildren. ... Adult women are supposed to have a home in their father's house until married. Grown children, in turn, are supposed to take in the dependent oldsters in their families." Instead she says they are having fun in adults-only Florida retirement communities. There are no elder women performing the mentor role in Titus 2:3-5. She says, "Homeworking will not usher in the Millennium, but it will change society. And if homeworkers don't reconstruct society, the feminists will."


Godly women would not have time to work for money because in addition to all the overtime hours they work at home, they are supposed to do community volunteer work. In the UC that is primarily witnessing. But Father, like Christians, wants us to also help our community. He spent millions on trucks to transport food. He wanted us to work with other groups to deliver food to the poor. Father, like Victorians, makes associations to solve their problems. One of the most famous women's organization formed in the 19th century was the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA). It was one of thousands that women organized, as one author explains, "to rescue women at risk, be they poor or new arrivals in the city, and to make all women over in the image of virtuous womanhood." In the 20th century women turned progressively towards government instead of private organizations. Father is restoring the old-fashioned decentralized approach to solving problems locally. Even the name of his church is called an association -- HSA-UWC. He doesn't make hundreds of organizations just to make himself look good. He sincerely wants them to help people. He is not some socialist that thinks government or 4 west 43rd will cure all ills. He is for Tribal Messiahs, not Headquarter Messiahs or Government Messiahs.

We are supposed to be greater than Mormons. They have welfare farms to help families. Mary Pride writes, "Relieving the afflicted does not stop with our families. The ideal wife in Proverbs 31 was the family deaconess. 'She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy' (Proverbs 31:20). Women are suppose to perform charitable acts with sensitivity and creativity. Something government can never do. A homeworking wife is, she says, "a charity expert. The welfare state is a poor substitute for the personalized ministry of Christian wives." She says, "God intended women to spend their whole lives serving other people. Young women serve their children, their mothers, their husbands, and the community at large. Older women train and assist the younger women, and in some cases become church helpers. Women are not called to pursue motherhood for five years, get a career, and thereafter live for themselves. We are responsible for keeping society healthy and human. And for this, we get respect. Charity at home? What an opportunity! What a ministry!"