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General Holm puts down General Barrow. We side with General Barrow. But as time goes on and feminism chips away at common sense and common decency, America becomes more and more like the frog that was slowly boiled to death and didn't know what happened to him. It is time for good, Godly men and women to join with those few wonderful advocates of sanity like Phyllis Schlafly who have to go against their natural feminine nature and fight women like Pat Schroeder who has totally lost touch with anything feminine. Mrs. Schlafly has had to pay a heavy price for her constant traveling to fight the constant battles against feminists who never give up. One of her sons became gay. The rise in homosexuality is due to the blurring of the roles feminists have caused. Champions of God sometimes have to sacrifice their family for the family of man. It is very difficult to achieve success at home and in society in this cultural war. Mrs. Schlafly is attacked by feminists. I have personally watched her debate a huge room full of feminists. She is unflappable. I don't agree with every little word and deed she does. Who totally agrees with anyone? But she is one of the greatest ladies in the 20th century.

Her battle against and victory over the Equal Rights Amendment should have got her the Nobel Peace Prize. Ronald Reagan's daughter, Maureen, is a conservative and should know better, but sided with the feminists on this issue. She tried to convert her Dad, but he kindly said the logic of the bill could only lead to unisex restrooms. He is right. We have to take logic to its final conclusion. You can't be a little bit pregnant. Our protectors can't be a little bit feminine anymore than the Chicago Bulls basketball team can be a little bit feminine. It can't be the Chicago Bulls and Heifers. Women in the military is a perversion. Mankind is acting like the people at the time of Noah who drank and partied while he built his ark. Even after he saved his family, his eldest son, Ham, lost faith in his father. God is pleading with us to wake up to God's way of life.

We must stop being intellectually bankrupt and see how Satan works. He makes the most ridiculous things seem logical and smart and cool. He turns everything upside down like in the movie the Poseidon Adventure. God's voice has always been drowned out in human history. We are now living in a time when God's truth will finally begin to triumph. Everyone will eventually have to stretch and understand that the gate is narrow, but it leads to the widest path. Satan does not want discipline. He does not want rules. His way seems exciting and limitless and creative. But eventually mankind's conscience will overpower the diabolical teachings of Marx and Pat Schroeder. What is unnatural now seems natural, but the day is coming when feminists like Schroeder and General Jeanne are seen as emperors with no clothes on. Someday, hopefully in the near future, people will look back at the madness that overtook America in 1960s and increased for over 40 years, as ridiculous as we now see the fashion of the 70s. In the future women will return to wearing dresses, honoring the concept of chivalry that Pat Schroeder fights against, and return to the home and create a cozy and beautiful base camp of a home for men to be nourished in.

Truth can seem to be crushed, but it eventually wins. God is greater than Satan. Schlafly is greater than Schroeder. Evil, like cancer, eventually makes everyone so sick that even the most possessed person begins to see the nonsense of it all. It took 70 years for the evil empire of the Soviet Union to finally stop terrorizing mankind. It will take many years until feminism is stopped from terrorizing mankind with its nauseous philosophy that women share squad cars and foxholes with men. Those on God's side are not supposed to hate the sinner, but hate the sin. We are not to hate the stupid, but hate stupidity. Ignorance of God's laws is not bliss. It is a nightmare. Feminists look at the problems they create and then teach that the solution is more of the virus they have infected society with. Feminism is a cancer that will eventually be crushed under the weight of its own sickness.

General Jeanne writes against Mrs. Schlafly in her book. This cultural war is vicious. The feminists rule but their days are numbered. We hope in this book to influence you to see that there are no gray areas here. Either women protect men or they don't. Even if there are some strong women who lift weights and deeply love America more than most men, it doesn't make any difference. Fighting requires masculine focus that women are not born with. Many women are so out of touch with their femininity that they have become like Schroeder and refuse to cook for their family and want women to wear ugly fatigues. Godly men and women must work harder than workaholics like Schroeder who has said her life is a crusade against conservatives.

She says she will fight to crush conservative values until she draws her last breath in her book that is wrongly titled, Champion of the Great American Family. She writes in that book, "My work in Congress has been largely to counter the conservative policy of retreating to a romanticized past. Conservatives have fought against removing the barriers women encountered in the universities and workplace. They have fought enlightened social policy and thus have added to the tremendous stress families are under." To make sure that society does as she wishes she wants to use the force of government police. She uses the euphemism "require" saying that Americas want "a sensitive legislature" that will "help" businessmen and military leaders to "require" them to "meet their responsibilities."

She criticizes conservative women: "many women leaders of the conservative movement have run through every door opened for women, never said thanks, fought furiously against the opening of further doors, but then have run through the newly opened doors as fast as they could. Out West we'd call that rude and hypocritical." This is an often used tactic of liberals against conservative women who fight to stop the avalanche of legislation and media attention feminists dump on people. Notice that Schroeder says that her opponents fight "furiously." There is a connotation of unlady like behavior in that word. She calls them "rude" and "hypocritical" because they do not fall down and grovel in thanks to the liberals who have "opened doors" for women. No one is saying it has been perfect in human history between men and women. Some changes needed to be made in the laws and in some views of women. But those changes would have happened without women leaving the home to campaign for them. Men were on a course to improve the laws and views towards women and sadly have let feminists be "rude" and were wimps in front of feminists acting "furiously." The feminists threw the baby out with the bathwater in their zeal for the idiotic dream of equality. And overall society is worse off because of what they did. Feminists have become the epitome of those who paved a road to hell with good intentions. They lost all sense of what is "proper" behavior, of what the Bible teaches, of the most basic common sense morals and values mankind should live by.


Wimps like Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney said, "Women have made a major contribution to this [Gulf War] effort. We could not have won without them." The truth is the exact opposite. But the truth is not popular in the politically correct Last Days. America could have always won its wars without women leaving the home. There was no need for Rosie the Riveters in World War II. They just got a taste of being away from home and Satan enticed them with his message that the home is not a worthy place of work. Even in the transition to the ideal world we must not treat women as men. Twenty one females lost their lives in the Persian Gulf War. Those should have been 21 men instead. America is so desensitized to the feminist agenda that practically no one was upset to see mothers in fatigues say good-bye to their children as they went off to defend the millions of men who stayed behind. And no one objected when some of those mothers came back in body bags. The best way a woman can serve her country is to serve her family and only after her family is in order and not dysfunctional in any major way can she volunteer her time away from the home. She should never get paid for any work done outside the home. And when a woman does leave her home she should be in an environment that is safe from physical dangers and evil and manipulative men.

If America was really principled and strong it would have a military with absolutely no women. In 1948 women were capped at 2%. That is like being a little bit pregnant. It was a slippery slope to now where there is a sizable minority of women and they are clamoring every year to be a higher percentage, to have more women in leadership ordering men around, and eventually to be in combat so they can advance to the highest levels. This is a campaign to crush the spirit of our fighting men. It is a sick drive to dominate men -- all in the name of fair play and patriotism. The forces of evil always have high-minded, noble and common sense arguments -- in their mind. Sadly America keeps giving in to feminist demands. It is wrong for women to lead men, but it is especially wrong to have this upside down philosophy be the norm in our military. Women's presence has lowered the standards. We are a joke. But it is not a laughing matter. If America were Godly then it would have no feminist president and congress like we have now. Would Sadam Hussein have attacked Kuwait if America was a strong world policeman?


Why did he attack? He felt America would not respond. And there were many in Congress who were against President Bush coming to the aid of a small nation who was being raped by a bully. Instead of 21 women coming back in body bags, only men should have come back in body bags in the Gulf War. If America had been strong, tyrants like Sadam Hussein would never act like Cain killing Abel. America should be in a strong parental role and stop the smaller bullies of the world. And if we have to fight, how much more effective would we be if we had no women distracting our warriors? There would probably have been less death in the Gulf War if there had been only men instead of the tens of thousands of women getting in the way.

Evil men get emboldened against weakness. That is the lesson of history. Stalin saw Truman as weak and sent his tanks into Eastern Europe to brutally take away millions of people's freedom. Truman did nothing. It is heartbreaking to see the Hungarian freedom fighters throw rocks at Soviet tanks in 1956 when they rose up against their invaders. America did nothing.


It is so hard to discern all the devious ways Satan works to teach his values. It is not always so clearly seen as black and white because both sides have good and bad qualities. For example, it is true that Patricia Schroeder has been able to have what looks like a successful family, while her chief opponent, Newt Gingrich, the Republican, who became the Speaker of the House, had several divorces. It is true that Bob Dole divorced his wife and married a woman who decided a career was more important than having children. Elizabeth Dole even ran for President. It is confusing in the Last Days. Those on God's side are not perfect and all united on every Godly aspect of life. We have to see things in perspective. Overall, those on the Conservative side have a better ideology than Liberals and have better marriages and families. The general happiness of women like Mrs. LaHaye and Mrs. Andelin are far greater than Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. Mrs. LaHaye specifically criticizes Betty Friedan in her writings. We must have the guts and will power to keep fighting the good fight until we win.

The goal is not to have an Islamic like state where women are not free to pursue the career of their choice and live the lifestyle they want. But we do have to make some laws. The authors of this book are Libertarians economically and do not like that many conservatives want to legislate to much morality such as against drugs. But we should keep the law on the books that discriminates against women being in combat. We should reinstate laws that outlaw women from being cops. We should eliminate the Big Brother laws that legislatures have made to regulate business to make the workplace equal. Equal pay for equal work is ridiculous. Laws like that throw a wrench in the machinery of the workplace. We write in depth on this topic in our book Freedom Works. But for now, we will just say that it should not be illegal for an owner of a business to pay some people more than he does others even though it may appear that each is doing the same thing. The owner should have the freedom to pay what he wants.

Think about it. Discrimination is normal. It is a waste of time for busy bodies to interfere with the millions of people who build businesses. There is a flip side to women's argument that because men have been given favored preference in the workplace, women should now be given help with government force to make employers be what they say is "fair." To discriminate is natural and often is the compassionate thing to do. For example, if an employer pays a man more than a woman who both stand at the same spot in an assembly line and both produce the same amount of work, it may be because the man has a family to support and the woman is single. She is not forced to be there. If she doesn't like it, she can go somewhere else. She can even start a business and hire women only if she likes. Unions should not force equality. The flip side to the coin is that an employer may also pay the woman more than a man on that assembly line because she has a family and the man is a single guy who he knows doesn't need as much as the woman does.

One of the biggest arguments of the feminists for getting women into combat is because men in the military often advance faster and higher because they are put in areas that women cannot go and of course are then trained better and rewarded for it. The fact that the military is not the place for any woman because she is born without the innate capacity to persevere physically and mentally like a man on the battle field, makes the argument that the military is unfair to women who want to build a successful career, ludicrous. Alan Keyes has been a Presidential candidate for the Republican Party and correctly says, "Our military forces are not fit subjects for questionable social experimentation. Military preparedness should be our top priority. As President, I would try to be a line of defense between our military establishment and those political and other forces who seek to impose politically correct agendas at the expense of military judgment" one of which is the idiotic notion of women in combat.

The opposite of Alan Keyes is Senator Warner who said in an interview that women should also be combat fighters, not just combat pilots. He said, "If women are going to take the risks in the rear, and they are willing to take the risks in the forward positions, can we as a matter of law deny that?...There is no safe area now in a combat zone, front or back." This shows that men and women have hit rock bottom in America. Women should not be allowed to even go to war and women should not be "willing to take the risks." If suffragists had seen that the result of their efforts would be Pat Schroeder they would never have given women political power.

General Norman Schwarzkopf led the Gulf War and told Congress that he did not believe in women fighting ground combat but, "I have no doubts that women could perform in Army cockpits -- any cockpits." Senator Kennedy said that "the issue is not whether women should fly high-performance aircraft. They already do ... as instructors of [male] combat pilots." He said, "The real issue is whether we select our combat pilots based on ability or on gender." He is wrong. Women do not have as good as ability as men and we should discriminate based on gender. Kennedy says the laws against women in combat "are no longer relevant to this world. " "This world" is sick. Senator Roth fought along side with Kennedy to get women as combat pilots. One of his arguments was to point out a Newsweek poll that showed that 63 percent of Americans were for women combat pilots. The majority is often wrong. He said we should get rid of "an antiquated barrier" that "makes no sense at all" and "impairs the maximum effectiveness of our armed services." Senator Roth is one that "makes no sense at all."

Kennedy said, "Barriers based on sex are coming down in every part of our society. The armed forces should be no exception. Women should be allowed to play a full role in our national defense, free of any arbitrary and discriminatory restrictions. The only fair and proper test ... is not gender but ability to do the job." This is the talk of a wimp with no sense of what is "fair" and "proper."

Our woman general, Holm, ends her book saying that women should be able to "pursue a career based on their individual qualifications rather than sex stereotypes and male norms unrelated to the job." God made men and women to be opposite so they would complement and attract each other. Feminists think men have made "male norms," but it is God who has made women to be "weaker" than men.

Holm teaches Satan's view that women can handle combat. She writes that the Gulf War "helped destroy many old myths and preconceived notions about women's ability to perform in the stress of a combat environment, and did much to ease concerns about the effectiveness of mixed male-female forces." No it didn't. She says, "The hard-liners who have held sway over policy decisions are having to face new realities and changing national attitudes." She is excited about the future because she sees America becoming more feminist, "And there is growing evidence of new attitudes within the services as a new generation of leaders matures -- leaders unencumbered by the baggage of the past who are willing to challenge antiquated arguments and stereotypes." In other words the future brave new world will not have the "baggage" of Biblical values.

Women, she says, "have earned the right to be treated as members of the first team rather than as a protected subclass excluded from the heart of their military profession." So that is where women have degenerated to. They see any effort of a man to be chivalrous and protective as seeing women as a "protected subclass."