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Women fighter pilots

Bat 21Satan's mathematics are quotas in the police force legislated by feminists. Recently the Senate voted women the right to be fighter pilots. Even conservative senators voted for this absurdity. The argument is that women don't need strength in the cockpit. Typical of this century is a total lack of reality. What happens when women are shot down and become POWS? Some pilots in the Vietnam War were prisoners and tortured brutally for seven years. A woman would have the added torture of being gang raped for those seven years. Another argument against this is that when they landed after being shot down, they may have to fight men in hand-to-hand combat. In the movie Bat 21 Gene Hackman plays a true story of a 50 year old man that was on a reconnaissance plane over Vietnam and was the sole survivor when they were shot down. Hackman had to kill a man in self defense. War is hell, but conservatives like Pat Robertson are for women combat pilots and fall for Satan's feminist ideology. Another argument against women fighter pilots is that it ignores the basic truth that men are more aggressive than women.Bat 21 My wife cannot kill a bug. My young sons can crush it without thinking. Women should not compete with men in the competitive workplace either. It demeans both men and women. Women should never lead and protect men. But it is the norm in our culture.

A woman general, Jeanne Holm, wrote a book, Women in the Military: An Unfinished Revolution. She pushes for women to be in combat. In her book she tells the story of how Congress passed legislation allowing women to be combat pilots. It is sad to see men voting for this abomination. Several senators were even Republican like Warner and Roth. General Norman Schwarzkopf advocated women as fighter pilots. When the debates were going on Phyllis Schlafly, bless her heart, led some conservative women to fight against it in Washington D.C. A few prominent people testified against it, such as a former Marine General. But congresswoman Pat Schroeder and others were on a roll. She said, "There were a lot of cowardly lions roaring in the cloakroom, but they wouldn't go out on the floor and vote against it...The Persian Gulf helped collapse the whole chivalrous notion that women could be kept out of danger in a war." How can one find words to express the sadness of how low America has fallen when comments like these of Schroeder dominate our social thinking. She spits on the concept of men being "chivalrous." She dismisses it as a "notion." Because there is no safety in the "rear" during combat, women, according to feminist logic, should be on the front lines. Everyone is so brainwashed by feminism that it never even occurs to anyone that women have no business being in the military at all.

To help understand this point, let's compare the military to a football team. No woman is qualified to be on a professional football team. Our military has a far more important game to play than football. If America loses at its defense, there may not be another game to play. Psychologically, just having women in the military shows our enemies that we are not serious and emboldens them to plot to overtake us. There should only be men in the military, just as there is only men on the Dallas Cowboys football team. There are no Cowgirls. The coach is a man and the President should be a man. The President is the Commander-in-Chief. That is his first responsibility.


Every job on any military base and ship should be done by a man -- everything from nurses to janitors to cooks to instructors. Every man in the armed forces should be skilled at killing with their hands and with weapons. Every military man should be able to carry another man. (As well as every police officer and fireman). No women should be allowed on a military base, just as no woman should be allowed in a football team's locker room. Our culture is so confused in these Last Days that female reporters go into team locker rooms. Lettingwomen into the military is just a slippery slope to combat. Schroeder worked tirelessly to get women into combat in her 24 years in Congress. Finally she got women to be combat fighter pilots. As the cancer of feminism grows it is just a matter of time before women will be placed in combat. Women cops are in combat duty every day, so why not in the Army? It's like everyone is asleep in some Hollywood horror movie like the Matrix or Dark City.

What Schroeder and her army of feminists don't understand is that the Gulf War showed us that women have no business being in the military at all. Two women were taken hostage and one wrote a book telling of how she was molested. What is our military fighting for? For the sick ideology that women protect men? For women to be taken prisoners and raped? For women to be sent home in body bags? America has lost all sense of the most basic things on earth. We are supposed to be God's chosen nation that fights for freedom. We are called to use our freedom to act within God's laws. And in God's design men and women are different, not interchangeable.

Women shouldn't be in the workplace at all, but during this time when mankind is fallen, some women will have to work because they have no man or men to care for them. Helen Andelin teaches in her book Fascinating Womanhood that those women should take traditionally feminine jobs and never be a man's boss. The very essence of our sexuality calls for men to protect women and children. As we increasingly deny this law of the universe we create a more chaotic and disunited society. Marriages fall apart and people of all ages become more and more addicted to harmful lifestyles. There is no order and therefore no true love in our culture. It is harsh and crude. College girls dress like college boys -- jeans and a tee shirt. They swear and fornicate and get drunk. There has been so much male bashing that some single women are beginning to get sick of it and want to turn back the clock a little and have men pay for dinner and movie on a date and open the doors. They want their cake and to eat it too. But there is no logic to mixing old-fashioned values with the new ones of the sexual revolution. Why should a college guy open a door for a so-called woman when she will just walk through it to get first in line to get an interview and take a job away from him?

Out of one side of their mouths women want men to be different and show some healthy aggression, but out of the other side of their mouth they want to be totally "equal." How can there be total equality and the man pays for dinner on a date? Where is the logic in thinking that husbands and wives are going to both equally cook dinner and bring home an equal paycheck after working equal hours? What kind of military will we have when every foxhole has one man and one woman in it? The feminist's dream is Satan's dream. Just look at your own life. How many men in all the marriages you know equally cook and clean? I rest my case.

Homosexuals should not be in the military because it is not a place for a team to have any distraction of sexual love. Likewise, the mission of those who protect us from evil men is so great that it is madness to use the military and the police as some sick social experiment of communist/feminist radicals. People who believe that mankind has "evolved" to where women should carry guns and use their so-called communication skills with killers and rapists as a career are intellectual and spiritual morons. The Bible predicted that all would be total madness and confusion in the Last Days. Every since 1960 America has increasingly embraced the depraved ideology of feminism and it has suffered beyond my words to express it. Women in positions of authority over men, especially in the military and police forces is the very definition of stupidity. If a people can't understand the difference between a man and a woman, then how can it continue to keep God's blessing? Eventually Sodom and Gomorrah societies fall. It is a disgrace to see Senator Ted Kennedy fighting women to be combat fighter pilots in the U.S. Senate.

In Holm's ridiculous book she quotes Marine Corps General Robert Barrow. He served 41 years and became the highest ranking general in the Marine Corps. He fought in the terrible Chosin Reservoir campaign in the Korean War and fought bravely in Vietnam. He was awarded the Navy Cross and many other decorations. President Reagan attended his retirement ceremony. He said at a congressional hearing: "Exposure to danger is not combat. Being shot at, even being killed, is not combat. Combat is finding ... closing with ... and killing or capturing the enemy. It's KILLING. And it's done in an environment that is often as difficult as you can possibly imagine. Extremes of climate. Brutality. Death. Dying. It's ... uncivilized! And WOMEN CAN'T DO IT! Nor should they even be thought of as doing it. The requirements of strength and endurance render them UNFIT to do it. And I may be old-fashioned, but I think the very nature of women disqualifies them from doing it. Women give life. Sustain life. Nurture life. They don't TAKE it."

She writes, "Women in combat units, Barrow added, would 'destroy the Marine Corps ... something no enemy has been able to do in over 200 years.'" She also quotes him as saying about the intense lobbying done by military women on the Hill, "They have their own agenda and it doesn't have anything to do with national security."

She introduces this quote by putting him down saying that he said it "caustically." Then she quotes a military woman saying in the audience to another, "I think the General's agenda has more to do with maintaining the macho image of the Marines than with national security." This great patriot is given no respect by feminists who are on a roll. Of course, this woman was not caustic. Feminists always see themselves as wonderful and their opponents as, Senator Kennedy called anti-feminists, "Neanderthals." Well, dear reader, take your pick.

There are women in the military and in the hardworking ranks of feminism that say they love America and want to serve their country for noble reasons. And there are surely men in the military who are there just for the paycheck and could care less about national security or anything that is noble. My son was in the Navy and he saw plenty of men who fornicated with prostitutes without protection, drank themselves into oblivion and never read a book in their life. Even so, those men are better than any woman in any position in the military, even in the kitchen. The military and police mean hand-to-hand combat. It is not a place for a woman to climb the corporate ladder to success. America has sank so low that there has even been a woman Marine Corps general who was head of a military base.


Hollywood has made several movies about women in the military such as Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin. Demi Moore in G.I. Jane was a Navy Seal. America's sweetheart, Meg Ryan, felt the call to act in a totally different kind of role. She played a single mom who gave her life fighting not only the enemy but men she was leading. No one questions any of these ridiculous movies. Siskel and Ebert give G.I. Jane two thumbs up. Sometimes they are all thumbs. They have lost sight of what is reality and what is god-centered. The idea of a woman in the Navy Seals, the elite fighting force of the Navy, is as realistic as a woman playing in professional football. It's as if everyone has gone mad. The world has lost all sense of discerning what is proper and moral. It is complete chaos.