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James Webb

James WebbJames Webb was Secretary of Navy under President Reagan and resigned when he did not get the amount of ships he felt the Navy needed. He was wounded twice as a Marine in Vietnam and is one of the most decorated soldiers receiving the Navy Cross as well as many other medals. He is a best-selling author and many consider his novel, Fields of Fire, to be the classic book on Vietnam. He is a graduate of Annapolis and in 1996 he gave a speech there criticizing the Navy's leaders for being wimps and letting two women bring down two great Admirals. We haven't the space to go into all details of this. The point we want to make is that Webb, like so many who fight for truth, don't go far enough. Webb should be fighting to keep all women not only out of Annapolis, but out of James Webb -- Fields of Firethe Navy as well. As great a warrior as he is, he is still only at the top of the growth stage. Many Unificationists are stuck at that level and cannot see the pure logic of God's absolute roles for men and women.

In Webb's speech he blasted the Navy brass for not standing up to Paula Coughlin and other women who got some influential people to destroy the Navy because of the actions of a few drunken sailors. He was courageous for doing so, but he falls far short of the mark. Because he is not absolute, then eventually the forces of darkness win. They are absolute. Webb never even mentions the word "feminism "in his speech. He is a weak man for doing so. True guts and masculinity speaks out 100% against feminism. Not 50% or 99%. People go ballistic when anyone stands up for God's absolute laws, but that is what God wants his champions to do. Webb is just a 16 year old living in a world dominated by Satan. He is no match for Betty Friedan.

Maggie Gallagher

Maggie Gallagher says, "Personally, I believe those who say gender-integrated training and the push to demasculinize the military have resulted in things like lower standards, higher outlays, reduced productivity and lessened 'unit cohesiveness.' But even worse, they attempt to strip from men whatever vestiges of protectiveness toward women and children remain. 'If we can't win a war without our mothers, what kind of sorry fighting force are we?' Sally Quinn once put it in The Washington Post."

Jared Taylor

"The idea of making combat soldiers or firefighters out of women is so stupid that only very intelligent people could fall for it.

"There is an excellent book about sex differences called Brain Sex, written by Anne Moir and David Jessel. Every high school student in America (as well as every congressman) should be made to read this book. An enormous amount of suffering would be avoided if people were taught early in life than men and women are, by nature, different."

Michael Levin

Michael Levin -- Feminism and FreedomMichael Levin in his excellent book Feminism and Freedom has a chapter about women in the military and occupations that require strength. We haven't the space to go into all the arguments he gives, but here a few. He says that the "message being sent to our allies and potential enemies by persistence in the unisex experiment is a question little discussed within the American military and intelligence community." "When I asked a senior member of the American intelligence community for his best guess about foreign perceptions of the unisex experiment, he replied, 'They think we may have lost our marbles."

He shows the illogic of women in combat with the following argument: "no one is willing to claim there could be an all-female enforcement hierarchy ranging from patrol person through judge up to prison guard. To admit that an all-female military is inconceivable already closes the theoretical case against egalitarianism, since all the order-preserving organizations in human history have been all-male. It also begins to close the practical question of the limits to the use of women in the military and police. The use of women in these services will always depend essentially on the presence of men to back them up. All that remains uncertain is the point at which the female presence begins to render these services ineffective."

About women being cops he says, "When asked how a small female officer is to disarm a 200-pound psychotic, the NYPD Information officer replied that 'the purpose of the Police Department is to serve the public.' The New York Board of Education justifies the use of female guards in its violence-plagued schools on the grounds that children feel comfortable with women around." Levin give some excellent arguments against women being cops, fire fighters and soldiers. His whole book is an excellent attack on the illogic and stupidity on the dangerous feminist crusade. Steven Goldberg said of the book, "Michael Levin's book is an astonishing achievement. The crucial moral and political questions raised by current gender issues are finally given the rigorous analysis they need and deserve." Sidney Hook wrote, "Michael Levin challenges" the "feminist movement. His intelligence analysis is admirable, his courage awesome."