Apology book?

Maybe there are some things for this book here.  I don't know.  I don't have the time to look at this material right now.  Maybe some of these ideas can be used in the Apology book.  I'll check it out later.

Significance Of The Training Session   I don't know why I put this in apology.  read later and see if anything goes there or in why rome fell.  maybe father says he is our brain and i counter this by saying he is taken out of context.  do i have this at the end of the principle?  if so, maybe i could put what i say there into apology.  check it out.


Day of hope

"Jesus Christ is the one man who lived Godís ideal in its fullest realization. He was the first man of perfection ever to walk the earth, and he came to restore the true relationship between God and man. But after Jesusí crucifixion, Christianity made him into God. This is why the gap between God and man has never been bridged. Jesus is a man in whom God is incarnate. But he is not God himself. I Tim. 2:5 of the Bible says, "For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, ...í The dwelling of God within Jesus was a total reality. He said, ĎDo you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me? ...í (John 14:10) Jesus is, indeed, the only begotten son of God, but God does not want only Jesus as His son. All mankind is created to be able to say, ĎI am in the Father and the Father in me.í This is the fully attainable goal of everyone."

This sounds something like Quakerism that says each of us can commune with Christ directly. Rev. Moon teaches that he is not another God like Jesus is God and we all mere mortals next to him. He always tells us to be greater than he is as any parent would tell their children. Parents should not be defensive or take offense at him telling their children that he and Mrs. Moon are their true parents. They should be humble and see that anyone who would say that is either insane or right.

Moon teaches that it is next to impossible for fallen man to understand Christ. "No one understood Christís true mission. The people judged the Son of God with sinful eyes, according to their own earthly standards. And they treated him as they pleased. This sinful world can never be hospitable to the purity of Christ. He came to his own people but the people received him not."

"As I mentioned, all the saints and prophets and righteous men of history had first to deny themselves totally and give themselves up to God. When He summoned them, they gave up their homes, their fortunes, their families and their nations. God wants His champion on the individual level, on the family level, tribal level, national level and worldwide level. He has summoned His champions on each level. And the qualification for Godís champion on any level remains the same. He needs the absolute and untiring faith required to follow His command wherever it may lead. God needs total obedience to His will." And since God speaks through his champions we need to follow them too. Just as we follow the president of the United States into war or children follow parents.


Adventists are focused on the second coming of Christ. But in a sense all of Christianity is Adventist. An encyclopedia says that the "Christian church as a whole is united in the hope of the Second Coming of Christ." Adventists is the "the theological doctrine of the imminent return of Jesus Christ to establish his reign and bring the world order to an end."

God had worked to educate the Romans to build a Pax Roman, world peace, and universal roads and communication so Godís truth could be quickly disseminated world wide. The center of this vast empire was what is today Italy. God had worked internally with the little remote country of Israel to produce a humble messiah and He worked externally to prepare Italy to be the world power that would accept him when he came to their lavish palaces. Jesus was to wear the fancy clothes and eat the exotic foods as the elite did. The emperor was to humble himself to Jesus. Godís plan was for the emperor to continue being one and administer the country with guidance from Jesus. Jesus and his wife would be revered and followed as the True Parents. Jesus had no desire for political position. The clergy would also keep their positions but now teach Jesusís truth to their congregations. There would be one language and one value system."

(not part time, amateur player that former members say is laid a guilt trip on if thatís all they can do and never told that that is an option. Itís all or nothing. You are either a fanatic and crazy for God and show no weakness and therefore get a mate in a marriage matched by "Master" who you have never seen, Who cares she is not a person . You and your mate are only to breed for "Master" If you canít stand the heat your booted out and lose marriage and life and your ancestors will dig up your bones when you die and spit on them for betraying the messiah. Whew! ]

"God cannot be pleased with man if we live in self-centered way.[ commitment must be total and leaders have not allowed say former members breathing space and time alone or able to be challenged on their straight and narrow course. They say it was too extreme and not any thing for the person who is dispensable and not missed if leaves and yelled at for not reaching impossible goals. ] I met Jesus personally, and I received a revelation through which I learned that Godís grief if great. His heart is broken.

[ and members canít dwell on their own hurts because we have to comfort God who has been betrayed for so long and we have broken his heart every day of our lives because of our sin and selfishness and lack of discipline and caring and sacrifice. No matter how hard we work, it is never enough and never really appreciated because the early leaders of the UC have suffered more than anyone even the early Christians who were sent to lions and wild beasts. Father has suffered and no one gives a damn about your past present or future because nothing you do will ever be good enough and to be scolded is good for your growth and you need a lot of it. By accepting public chastisement and harshness with a grateful heart then you can advance to leadership and criticize others . The judgements goes down , not up. Respect for elders is respect for god. Only in extreme cases such as sexual advances or poisoned cool-aid etc. is when a member even suggests doing things differently. Restoration is trough obeying Abel and living in poverty and being chaste. This is the history of religion and asceticism and the group are everything. The individual is nothing.


Is the most controversial psychologist of the late twentieth century. wrote a utopian novel Walden Two that was published in 1948 the same year Korea was made a nation. IT influenced many to dream of ideal communities. Skinner said that "Plato didnít know how to produce a Republic; Bacon didnít know how to produce a New Atlantis; Cabet didnít know how to produce Icaria. In Walden Two, I said, ĎIíve got some ways of getting something. Why donít we use them to produce a world that is wonderful?" There was no God and no blueprint. Some people tried to form communities such as Twin Oaks. He had visited Oneida, where John Humphrey Noyes had founded one of Americaís most successful utopian communities. The book tells of a small society of about one thousand. Each adult works an average of four hours a day, property is owned in common, and babies are raised in a nursery and belong to the group, not to the natural parents. It is basically agricultural and there are labor credits. He says he and his wife argued over it and she rejected it completely and never would even consider living in a place like it: "It was a feminist book ... had men doing womenís work .... But Eve resented it. She still hates the book." When asked in 1979 why he did not join a Virginia commune inspired by Walden Two, he answered, "Iíd have to get a divorce right away ... my wife doesnít believe in community." There is a factor here that women may hate community more than men, but it was really because of his feminist utopia idiotic ideas. This is just another example of ivory tower limited thinking. Only religion can hold people together in communities and then it has to be done right. Cohousing is the way to go. Free enterprise and we have to take into account that men are hierarchial and trinities have to be figured out. Maybe the best way is to have communities vote for men leaders and a committee handles marital problems and gives criticism for laziness or immorality or whatever problem there is. Joyce Brothers says men are competitive and canít be friends easily. In a Cohousing councils I think they could have hierarchy that is voted and have leadership and have compromise and yet individuality and group in blend and harmony.

In Deuteronomy 5:17 we read that Moses gave the people the 10 Commandments from God. God did not reveal it to every person Ė He revealed it to his champion, his leader, his central figure, his messenger and spokesman. Today God will not fax every person or send a letter but He will again as He always has speak through his champions who he reveals his messages to.

In 5:17 one of the ten commandments says in the King James Version that Thou shall not kill

IN the New Revised Version it is translated more carefully to say You shall not murder. Then we read in chapter 7 that Moses commands them saying that when "God brings you into the land that you are about to enter and occupy ..." then will find "seven nations mightier and more numerous than you and when the Lord your God gives them over to you and you defeat them, then you must utterly destroy them. Make no covenant with them and show them no mercy." He warns that if they donít do this "Then the anger of the Lord would be kindled against you; and he would destroy you quickly." He says that they must also "break down their altars" "smash" and burn.

We read that they donít exterminate the Canaanites. One book says, "The Rabbis indeed could not conceive the removal of Canaanites in such a cruel , radical manner and circumvented plain scripture by interpreting Joshuaís conquest as follow. "Goes on to quote how Joshua gave the people choices ti was in clear contradiction to the commandments o f Deuteronomy 7:2 ????????????????? I donítí know if this is necessary.

God tells them they must be pure and not get digested by these cultures. He is deadly serious about them being a pure chosen people completely united on one God instead of the heathen gods and paganism of the people around them. Perhaps we can look at these harsh statements of killing can be likened to the dropping of the Atomic bombs on Japan in 1945. Innocent children were killed and terribly scared for life and everything was leveled against a people who were not Christian. But it ended the war and ultimately saved more lives and God needed them stopped before they killed the messiah in Korea that they were torturing him and godís chosen nation. God is not a sugar daddy god and Jesus is not the sugar daddy messiah that most think. He acted like Rev. Moon, strong and forceful.

The word Jew was born in the Babylonian exile. Cyrusí goal was world domination and he knew he needed a system of government that would bind, not alienate the conquered. Romans did this later. So he returned captives to their own lands "to the places that make them happy" as his royal edict said.

It is easy to read into Rev. Moon as it is into the Bible harshness for subjugating the body with fanatical work and asceticism. It is easy to judge statements by Rev. moon or the prophets in Old Testament who predicted bad times ahead for those who disobey God. What is wrong with that? Nothing. What may be wrong is if individuals make prophecies to other individuals. Itís one thing to talk of nations. IT is another for an individual person. ?We canít predict the future of an individual person. Maybe he has spirits from earlier generations , ancestors who did wrong and he has to make up for it or he has a great past of sacrificial ancestors who help him and he glides through life easier. IT is not important to figure out what, it is important to face up to whatever challenges we face.

But it is easier to predict the fate of a nation. And if America continues to disobey Godís warnings given through Rev. Moon it will decline. Rev. Moon is not the only religious and political leader writing and speaking strongly on Americaís downward path. They are not anti-America. They are the best Americans. They care the most. They love America the most. It takes guts to speak out. People donít like criticism. Alexander Solshcinitzn blasted America for losing its courage in his famous speech at Harvard. He predicted Americaís fall if it didnít drastically change. He, of course, was booed by the crowd and graduates and President Carter publicly disagreed with him.

Under Carterís administration, communism swept over many countries because of his weakness. God put Reagan in and Rev. Moon said he helped in that too. And Communism fell and its leader Gorbachev became friends with the two most anti communist men in the world, Reagan and Moon.

Rev. Moon is calling for a world of communities, not isolated nuclear families. He has a dream that others have had but never worked. That is because they were always communistic or socialist. For more on community see my book 10 keys chapter called "Pals".

The government has an agency called the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that will purify our environment. This is socialist conceit that Hayek and Adam Smith say is naive and slows down progress with their redistributed money taken by force of taxes. History has always shown that high taxes are a sure way to destroy a nation. Liberals think big business is the problem because they pollute the streams and make the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Laissez faire capitalism has done the very reverse. It lessened pollution as the country got richer. It brought wealth to the average person that never had it in the human history of powerful governments that prevented creativity and did not unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of the average person. We shouldnít have a RPA -- a religious protection agency to clean up religion. Locke is right that there must be separation of church and state in that the state endorses a state religion and uses force against other religions. Religious leaders and corporate leaders should not go to Washington or the government and get favors for itself. There should always be a level field. But Locke is wrong in thinking that the state is only interested in things. Fetuses are "things" and religion plays a part. Locke thinks that ministers and churches have no say in legislation but he is wrong. The church has the responsibility to "meddle" in affairs. Locke does not see that Jesus came to build an ideal world here. He has the view of most that Jesus would have no interest if there should be a forced minimum wage or if America should have fought the Korean War. Still his thoughts advanced the thinking of freedom even though he didnít go all the way.

The fear of the UC is the fear of a totalitarian dictatorship. The fear now is focused on brainwashing and mind control, but when the church gets big it will have to answer questions like Kennedy did in that he had to say he would not ask the Pope his opinion and be led by a pope who lives in Italy.

Moon does not say up to this point what the government will be in the future other than that it will be a world government with a world supreme court. Will the borders stay the same or will America be united with Canada as one big nation and all of South America one big state? I understand that Moon is having a constitution of the world written. Plato said the best government would be one with a philosopher king. Rev. Moon would be the best leader ever but I donít know what his descendants will be like. If you take the 12 top Korean leaders in the church or the 12 top American leaders or the top 12 from any country and interviewed them and watched their lifestyle, it would be obvious that they are not like the top 12 men around Hitler who were brutal totalitarians . Hitlerís millennium is of Satan and Moonís is of God. Absolute power corrupts but if Unificationists were in charge they would be good men who would not be pacifist and fight our enemies, but they would also be champions of freedom of religion. Eventually the whole world will be of the same ideology but as long as there is one person who doesnít believe and that day will literally come when there is a final person who doesnít, he or she will not be persecuted. They can own property and believe as they wish and print what they like. Of course in return they can not use violence because the society they live in will not condone violence. Unfortunately Moon has not given detailed views of economics and politics. Hayek is given $50,000 but I know members who believe in the welfare state which Hayek fought his whole life. The same for affirmative action another issue. The church is not interested in it and just gives money to conservatives by the billions, but some day leaders will arise out of the church and eventually all the leaders will be voted in because America will be a majority of members. But like Utah that has a majority of Mormons they do not declare Mormonism the state religion and outlaw persecution of other religions even though they are a majority in America but a minority in Utah. Senator Orrin Hatch is a good man from Utah and friends of Rev. moon.  It would be unthinkable to either of these men to force their religion on others.

Nevertheless the world is in for a surprise in seeing the power of the future of the UC which will have great power economically because billions of people are going to buy cars made by owners that are members and patronize their business. To prosper people are going to have to trade with them. Fear of the UC will never go away until every person is converted. As the church gets larger I pray that the members act correctly and become libertarian and not be welfare statists or socialists. And take special privileges from government that so many other groups lobby and get in Washington. The most controversial and passionate issue for churches is the abortion issue and some churches are active politically in wanting to influence legislation against abortion. Other Christians say it should be legal. There has been violence in that the hysteria created by fundamental Christians has led some kooks to kill people and doctors in abortion clinics. The DP should be clearly written and answer this question and give down to earth advice politically on this issue. It supports the Washington Times and does not interfere with the conservatives that run it but the church should be outspoken on all political issues and give absolute guidance. Moon doesnít do this because he is focussed on marrying people and getting families straightened out. By doing that that will solve many if not most of all problems. But there are many practical issues to figure out such as politics and economics. We should be spending some time to write and teach and become legislators and pass laws that are libertarian and in the case of abortion to keep it legal. We are pro-choice but that does not mean we are happy with abortion anymore than we should be against prohibition and that means we are for alcohol. Or that we are for freedom of religion so that means we think that we do not have the truth and others might. We know we have the absolute truth but we do not fear freedom. On the contrary.  The more freedom there is the less power  government has to force people to conform to their religious views and then we will win faster. Islamic countries fear freedom with the rationalization that other religions would hurt people. They have missed the boat and donís see they are now worse than other religions because they are using force to stop freedom. Even some UC members may fear freedom but they should see that Father was sent to jail by the same government they want to purify our environment. Government canít stop at using force.  It will go all the way as it did and imprison the messiah. It is endemic to the beast. The founding fathers knew this and FDR got possessed and forgot the lessons of history.

Communist Manifesto - public schools

Engels says women must work.

Satan working through Betty Friedan. God working through Helen Andelin, Beverly LaHaye

Stanton wrong to ask that women get children in divorce. This has done so much to destroy the family in the 20th century that has done as she fought for.

Bible is the most published and distributed book and most influential in the world. Jesus is the most influential person in the last 2000 years and God is behind him.

Scientific Revolution started in the 16th century

There will be an international currency and international or world court

Give me liberty or give me death

there are laws of society, if we violate them we pay a terrible price such as the civil War for the crime of slavery

Hayek: "The system of private property is the most important guaranty of freedom, not only for those who own property, but scarcely less for those who do not."

Hayek was a voice crying in the wilderness as Thomas Sowell wrote of him in Paved to Hell article in Forbes saying the world was in love with big government and socialism and he was a clear voice saying it was insanity and violated human freedom. He was a champion of freedom and put down, even though his book was a surprising best seller.

Liberty and justice for all

Boy Scout laws his book is one of the most published and sold in the world. Playboy magazine has the highest publication rate for men. Hugh Hefner is a tool for Satan to destroy the morals in his crusade against the Puritans as he says to liberate sex from the puritans who hated it and repressed it and didn't see the joy in it.

 Washington did not become King George and he walked away from the presidency after two terms because he mistrusted government and did not see it as a career

Tocqueville was so prophetic that he saw the future division of the world between ???? do i need it?

New Testament says celibacy is good and better than marriage was interpreted and is today to mean all kinds of things.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Liberty and justice for all

tyranny and injustice for most

Religion has emphasized the ascetic lifestyle of denial to swing to the side of spiritual since man fell because of the physical. We need to balance it out, but if we err, we must err on the spiritual. Human history has been a nightmare.

Magna Carta is part of the history of freedom.

principled leadership, May gives up on it. He doesn't tell us how to be and follow leaders. He is a lonely philosopher but most people live in the real world.

Life is a tragic vale of tears but we must sing and praise god and smile. especially now that we have the true parents on earth. We need to pay the price, carry the cross, with joy and love. We need to be patient and parental with others as they struggle to accept the Principle and work to overcome their demons.

Athens established stable democratic society that endured for hundreds of years.

Liberal vs. Conservative

In American politics the Liberals are Cain and the Conservatives are Abel. Once again, this does not mean that the Abels are perfect and always right and the Cains are terrible people and always wrong. It means that God is reflected more in Conservatives than He is Liberals. For example, God was behind Ronald Reagan becoming President and President Carter being defeated by him in the 1980 elections. Reagan made mistakes and did some things that were wrong, but, overall, he was clearly Godís favorite in the division between the Republicans and Democrats. God does not love any person or any political party or church or nation more than any other, but he does side with some over others and Satan works through some more than others. Reagan made serious mistakes in his administration such as not pardoning Rev. Moon when he was persecuted by the federal justice system. He and many conservatives are wrong on their passionate campaign to make abortion illegal. Rev. Moon has revealed that abortion is not murder. A fetus is not a person who has eternal life until it takes a breath. This does not mean that Rev. Moon likes abortion. Itís just that there are many black and white issues hotly debated often between two groups and God is many times on one side and Satan is on the other. By studying Rev. Moonís words and lifestyle we can see through Godís eyes and eventually when everyone is in agreement on what is true, then people will stop being disunited and there will be world peace because there is global unification.

One World Government

After World War I, God was behind the formation of the League of Nations. He did not win that fight for world unity, but He did win a victory with United Nations being formed after World War II. Satan corrupted it by making sure Communist nations joined and they have almost crippled it. He wants mankind to eventually have a one world government. Many strong Christians are against this concept and must go through the ordeal of changing some of their most basic and fundamental beliefs.


Tertullian is called "the father of Latin Christianity." One book says, "the Christian Church, after a period of silent growth, after worship in caves and catacombs, was now a recognized power in the Empire." Mobs sometimes destroyed Christian churches and desecrated their burial places. "Caricatures of Christ were paraded through the streets, and the usual ridiculous charges of incest and cannibalism were brought against his disciples. It was this which produced Tertullianís Apology." He writes in defense of Christians "listing the charges brought against Christians and then goes into detail showing their falsity."

Six stages

Augustine is a philosopher of history and said that there were six ages in Biblical history. He was right about the number six, but not about the division. Still, he is close to the Divine Principle parallels. He says, "As therefore God made man in His own image on the sixth day: thus we find that our Lord Jesus Christ came into the sixth age, that man might be formed anew after the image of God. For the first period, as the first day, was from Adam until Noah; the second, as the second day, from Noah unto Abraham." He goes on from here but misses the dates. Still he was aware of the significance of the numerology of six and that God was behind human history working to bring the messiah.

Augustine judges Jews

He writes that after "seventy years ... after the crucifixion of the Lord vengeance was taken upon them with a great scourge, and being rooted up from that place where, with impious licentiousness being infuriated, they had madly raged against their Physician, they have been dispersed throughout all nations, and that land hath been given to Christians; and there is fulfilled what the Lord had said to them, ĎTherefore the kingdom shall be taken away from you, and it shall be given to a nation doing justice.í" Is this anti-Semitic or fact? It doesnít mean they should be persecuted or not have freedom, but it means we must call a spade a spade and not let others defensiveness and thin-skinned and irrational blindness from keeping us from saying the truth that hurts. Augustine is also to blame in not seeing the messiah correctly and setting up a huge headache for God who has to see Christianity go down Satanís superstitious path.

first strike

The UC has been taught by Rev. Moon to not strike first. It is central to the teachings of God that evil strikes first and good must defend itself without revenge or malice. The UC will not act like the Christians did when they got power after centuries of being a persecuted minority. When the UC dominates the Congress, Presidency and Supreme Court, the three branches of government they will not decree the Divine Principle the state theology and persecute and discriminate against others and then form different denominations within itself and fight itself. The truth of the DP is as absolute as that of scientific truths of nature. Nevertheless, the future leaders of the world will be Unificationists and they will make laws affecting the everyday life of people. Today, leaders are basically mainstream Christians with a few Mormons and atheists and Jews and other minorities. They have decided countless things to regulate, such as allowing adults to smoke cigarettes but go to jail if they smoke marijuana. There are many issues to figure out from capital punishment to abortion to foreign affairs. In my book Ten Keys to Building the Ideal World I go into many of these controversial issues that are hotly debated in Congress and in living rooms. Ultimately we will all agree, all five billion people, on every issue. Rev. Moon has not spoken on every topic. He is just one man. WE are all to write some of the truth ourselves. He has given us the basic laws and with that we can figure out all the rest of the nitty gritty of life. Rev. Moon will die. But God will always guide us. We have the basic blueprint, the details will be figured out. That the Divine Principle will someday be the absolute ideology for every person on the planet forever and people will never have to lock their doors is coming. It is coming become truth cannot be stopped. The whole world used to think that the earth was flat, but nobody does today. The same is true of the Divine Principle. It is absolute truth. But like all truth it will take time and many will have to go through the agonizing ordeal of changing their fundamental beliefs. One of the most important missions of us who know the Principle is to make it as painless as we can by living the highest moral standard life so by our fruits True Parents can be judged as a good influence, and we must write and express the truth in all ways, in all languages, to all ages and to all types of people. Ultimately, Hollywood will ake

movies of the life of Rev. and Mrs. Moon and everyone can feel the awesome burden they carry. And how they have done it with true love, grace, dignity and class. This is the greatest crusade in human history -- the crusade to teach the truth that will save mankind. This is why Rev. Moon is accused of being a fanatic and exploiting others. But he works harder than anyone else. He gets only two or three hours of sleep a day and pours his heart out every waking moment. His story is the greatest story ever told and someday everyone will accept him as their true father and be reborn through the True Parents. We are called to stretch out minds and hearts. We must be smart but simple, tough and kind, balanced but workaholics who sacrifice for the world. It is the greatest challenge and most noble goal ever given. Actually Jesus gave it but Christians have completely misunderstood his vision for a one world under God. They stop at one nation under God. We are called upon to be great, to make our lives and this world a masterpiece, not sit around and wait for some savior to come out of the sky and take care of us. We are called to grow up and be adults and take responsibility. We are called to live by absolute values -- absolute sex, absolute purity, absolute love, absolute truth. We must give up the fallen, satanic view that we have to have vices, the world will always be disunited, and there is no goal for an ideal world. Many Christians believe a one world is from Satan. They are from Satan and must be stood up to. But we must do it with dignity even though at times you just want to scream at people for being so dense. Patience is hard. And in some countries and in some places in America too we canít just proclaim who we are and act like the over emotional first Christians who sought out martyrdom. We have to be wise and sometimes spoonfeed people. Iím not doing this in this book. Iím not hiding anything. But in my everyday life I donít stand on a street corner with a sign saying this the last days and Rev. Moon is the Messiah. The media will quote me and other members and Rev. Moon and not understand the context things are said and confuse people as they have all along. But it doesnít matter in the end. They will all bow to Sun Myung Moon someday. WE all will. But what the media will not publish and show on TV for a while is that husband and wife bow to each other out of respect and the children bow to the floor also out of respect for their parents. Tertullian wrote his apology for early Christians. This is a little of mine. A former president of the Church, Mose Durst, has written a book whose title is from a speech George Washington gave to a Jewish group, called, To Bigotry No Sanction. Rev. Pak, a close friend of Rev. Moon has a book, True Family Values. There are a number of books like these such a Sontagís book that may be in your public library and or you can order from the UC. Write to their headquarters for a catalog.

The most important thing is the truth. Satan is a liar. We need to educate. We must love words. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist church, had shelves of books in the back of his wagon as he traveled relentlessly from town to town witnessing. Methodists today would think he was nuts if they saw him. We have to be crazy for God, but we must also be smart for God. Words are precious. We must use words with precision. They cause great suffering as Marx and Engels caused or they cause great happiness as Christian writers such as Mary Pride do. Although she gets a dig at the UC in her book The Way Home she has many good points on home schooling and the role of men and women. The Mormons Aubrey and Helen Andelin have written the best books ever on marriage and family roles. God speaks through Milton Friedman, a Jew, on how to organize ourselves politically. God is speaking through so many people with their books and film. Satan is too. Letís join the Great Conservation as the Great Books series calls it where ideas of exciting and life changing. Letís make the Divine Principe alive for everyone. Letís write it for theologians who are wrapped up in esoteric and silly details and missing the forest for some trees. Letís write it for the blind in braille. Letís make childrenís videos on every aspect of life. In the end video and computers are the most powerful. Everyone watches videos. Letís make many kinds of videos for every age and personality type. Someday famous people will join and lend their influence as role models and heros to proclaiming this truth on video. We live in the most exciting time in history. God has sent the messiah and created a world of mass communication. Letís use absolute precision in speaking the truth and be absolutely united in what we say and the values we live by. With this unity this minority will not only become a majority, but will become a unanimous voice. We will do this peacefully , instead of using violence to get to our goal as Marx and Engels taught that their ideal world will come after a bloody battle. This is Satanís way. We must have the proper means to the end. Sometimes the means is unique and temporary and painful, but basically we must live now by the values we will live by in the ideal world. If a Unificationist is kidnaped and screamed at for 15 hours a day week after week it all right to lie. Lying is wrong, but in this case it is right. The early Christians should have lied to the Romans who went on a frenzy sometimes against the Christian "cult." Basically we donít lie. With this said, I will now criticize the UC, my fellow brothers and sisters, who continue to lie or evade who they are when they are out fundraising. This lying and deceiving and long hours which keep young people away from school and career is stupid and wrong. Rev. Moon has always said to say who they are. But like all of history, we are all fallen and as Indiana Jones said in the first movie, we are making this up as we go along. There is trial and error and mistakes. The MFT and other practices that are foolish and upset America must stop. Itís time to build a movement that grows. Itís time to start working smarter. I pray this book will advance the building of unity and clarity in the UC. If you are not a member of the UC and reading this book I hope you will not judge the Principle and Rev. Moon by all of the actions of those members you meet. Itís time for religious people to get it right. If we donít do it now, it will take generations to accomplish the unification of this world. Letís do it now!

All three chosen people have screwed up from the Israelites, the Christians and the Unificationists.

Shakespeare wrote: "Even the devil can cite Scripture for his purpose." Is Scripture capitalized? Check

Order John Calvin by Williston Walker

Quakers and Jehovah Witnesses refuse military service. We are not to act like early Christians or early Israelites. We are to act correctly. We are intensely patriotic and we will fight for Korea and soldiers must not leave there. Even in the pledge that Steve Hassan hates we read that we are to be patriotic.


"The history of both Eastern and Western religion has been darkened by inquisitions, pogroms, heresy trials, witchcraft mania, barbarous crusades, and persecutions, not to mention millions of individual crimes committed in the name of God."

UC is not a personality cult. Some members may be , but it is a God-centered organization.. Rev. Moon will die. His movement will go on and grow and mature and be the ruling ideology instead of the feminist/socialist one we have now coming out of Hollywood.


Jefferson and Adam studied the classics of history. They were intimate with the history and writings of the Roman Empire. They read and reread it in the original Latin. Their vast knowledge and intelligence and good sense came together in consciously creating a nation from the best minds of the past. They were humble to others and geniuses themselves. We stand on their shoulder and due to the merit of the age we can go beyond them, but also use them and take from them what is eternal truths.

Jefferson wrote Adams once saying what could such great men as Cicero, Cato and other "great and virtuous men could have led so unenlightened and vitiated a people into freedom and good government"?

He did not like the roles of minister or politicians as careers for people. True living was being surrounded by nature and pursuing the simple, everyday things like family, an occupation and study. Politicians and clergy were not supposed to be occupations. They always let power go to their heads and start dominating people. They misuse power. They make peopleís lives more complicated and dangerous. He believed in decentralizing power. He learned from the past. Those in power should always trust people and never consider their position a career. We all have social responsibilities and therefore we need leaders. He loved America and its ideals of freedom. But he called government service, the "hated occupation of politics." He said he found happiness "in the society of my neighbors and my books, in the wholesome occupations of my farm and my affairs."

When he retired from the presidency he wrote , "Never did a prisoner, released from his chains, feel such relief as I shall on shaking off the shackles of power." This shows true love for people -- to trust them and leave them alone.

The ancient idea of a Roman Catholic empire of Europe led spiritually by a Pope and temporarily by an emperor was over and Europe became divided into different states.

Lutherís writings in German instead of Latin that only a few could read caused a wave of enthusiasm throughout Germany. But the Protestant Reformation was not one voice and there began the divisions between Protestants who interpreted Scripture and Godís will differently. Some went completely off the deep end and became pacifist.

Christian rulers turned to violence to force their subjects to convert to their branch of Christianity. Eventually a devastating war lasting thirty years happened. There was incredible brutality and massacres and atrocities during this frenzy of fanaticism of the time. Each side had a pathological fear of a conspiracy of each to crush their opponents. The Papists on one side and Protestants on the other.

Check St.. Barthomewís day 1572 for massacre


During the Middle Ages, all intellectual, studies in humanism and classical writings were carried on by churchmen, usually in monasteries. God didnít want that. He wanted everyone educated and well read and open to learning and ideas and get books to be circulated to the public.

If the middle ages went too far in being other worldly religionists, the pendulum swung too far for some to become worldly humanists and become agnostic like Voltaire or atheist [look up atheists is Hobbes?] and focusing too much on man and not including God enough. The final result of this imbalance toward man is Marx who denied religion, revelation, Christ and god.

It is all right to make conditions or offerings of cold showers and fasts, but the best way to overcome our bodies leading our minds is to act in a disciplined way by not eating high fat food, exercising, being excellent in our work whether it is as a businessman or a housewife. Just living a moral, high standard life with no addictions and discipline in speech, dress, home and work is in itself a gigantic task when most people are drinking, smoking, swearing, selfish and never think of God and never study the Bible or pray or volunteer their time. They donítí study marriage from those who have excellent marriages. This is first. Not cold showers or street preaching or fundraising or even witnessing. First things first. Get your own backyard clean before you tell someone else to clean theirs. Get a life before you demand others get one. Be a superior person competing with others in the marketplace then speak out about controversial religious issues.

We get to God through Rev. and Mrs. Moon as true parents. We pray to Heavenly Father and ask for help and guidance, we give thanks and we repent for our shortcomings and pledge to do better and we end by saying "In their names" or In the name of the precious True Parents" because we canít do anything without the messiah. There is order in the universe and we canít have success unless we are part of a group and every group has its leaders and they must be followed and helped. The Messiah is like a gigantic secretary. You donít get to the president unless you go through his chief of staff or the president of a big corporation etc. ITís not name dropping . Itís respect for order. The only way this world will unite and stop fighting is when everyone accepts the same true parents of mankind. Rev. and Mrs. Moon have earned that position. Everyone needs to get blessed in marriage in the Unification Church. It is the ticket to togetherness in spirit world. It is the passport to heaven. Leaders in the UC must be patient and realize that people grasp this point and all points of heavenly discipline at different speed and different depth. It is natural to be skeptical and think that he might be one of those false prophets and people should be able to study the Principle and come to their own relationships with TP. In time everyone will have absolute faith and love for True Parents but most people have a lot of baggage of bad families, bad fathers, bad mothers and have been betrayed or have prejudice toward orientals, or Koreans or just have a rebellious nature or so preoccupied by one thing that they perceive Rev. Moon is out of it on that issue so he must not be the messiah. For example, millions of people are vegetarians, millions are obsessed with the worship on Saturday instead of Sunday and will so much to overcome from their upbringing and habits that they may never as long as they live on earth be comfortable with eating meat and having church on Sunday. Some will object to his support of conservatives. The list is endless. But in the end, the Principle is true and only the messiah could find the root cause of humanities problem. When one deeply understands that point then he can begin to overlook the mistakes of followers, or that he does things differently than what we perceive the messiah would do and say.


The television is a blue glow coming out of every home. It is the communal altar that unites us all. It is the source of truth. It is the most important place in the battle for hearts and minds. Satan controls it and so Godís voice is rarely heard. When Jerry Falwell called the sponsors of the sitcom Ellen and influenced them to drop their ads when she was going to turn her show into a lesbian show he was criticized as a "homophobe" who is out of touch with our advanced civilization. These people are puriyphobes, and Godphobes . Ideas have consequences. And it is not paranoia or persecution to speak out against unscientific, illogical and disgusting homosexuality. Fear is all right as long as it is put in its place. Guilt is all right if it doesnít immobilize people but spurs them to act right.

The cornerstone of Miltonís life and art is his fundamental devotion to religious, civil and domestic liberty. He said, "When God gave Adam reason, he gave him freedom to choose, for Reason is but choosing." This is reflected in one of the 20th centuryís greatest champions for freedom, the Nobel Prize winner, Milton Friedman who titled his best seller, Free to Choose.

Free market

The free market system is the best system which has been devised to try to accommodate the basic human desires mentioned above. The desire to better oneself is served by the opportunity which free markets give to material incentives. The desire to be creative is served by the freedom of the market. And the desire to achieve is served by the opportunities created for fair competition.

In the free market system, the state is strictly limited. One of the clearest limitations on the state is the principle of private property. The right to private property is a natural right, one which is further justified in the light of the common good, for private property encourages the right ordering of the use of goods, providing incentives for good stewardship and imposing upon all responsibilities to respect the rights and property of others. It existence is reflected in the ancient commandment, "Thou shalt not steal."

Only a free market system allows economic agents regular, reliable, ordinary liberties. Only a market system respects the free creativity of every human person, and for this reason respects private property, incentives (rather than coercion), freedom of choice, and the other institutions of a free economy. A market system obliges its participants to be "other-regarding," that is, to observe the freely expressed needs and desires of others, in order to serve them.

V. Conclusion

There can be no question that God, as the creator of human beings and the Father of humankind, wishes to provide for His children in every way. It must therefore be godís will that an economic system be established which offers each person the opportunity to be well-cared for and satisfied in an economic sense. In the past, it has appeared to many thinkers that centralized planning would do away with economic ills and be more efficient than a free-market based economy. The dismal failures of the socialist economic experiments of this century have now shown this to be false. Highly centralized and planned economies do not work. They thwart human nature and are wasteful of resources rather than efficient.

Socialist systems abrogate the rights of private property, exert state controls and deny individual free choice. In doing so, they directly oppose three basic aspects of human nature: (1) the desire to better oneself, (2) creativity, and (3) the drive to achieve. Because they oppose these basic human traits, they are sure to fail.

In private domestic affairs, in the management of estates, in the conservation of bodily health, every man may consider what course he likes best. No man complains of the ill-management of his neighbourís affairs. No man is angry with another for an error committed in sowing his land or in marrying his daughter. Nobody corrects a spend thrift for consuming his substance in taverns. Let any man pull down, or build, or make whatsoever expenses he pleases, nobody murmurs, nobody controls him; he has his liberty. But if any man do not frequent the church, if he do not there conform his behavior exactly to the accustomed ceremonies, or if he brings not his children to be initiated in the sacred mysteries of this or the other congregation, this immediately causes an uproar. The neighborhood is filled with noise and clamour. Everyone is ready to be the avenger of so great a crime, and the zealots hardly have the patience to refrain from violence and rapine so long till the cause be heard and the poor man be, according to form, condemned to the loss of liberty, goods, or life.

the refusal of toleration to those that are of different opinions, (which might have been granted) that has produced all the bustles and wars, that have been in the Christian world, upon account of religion. The heads and leaders of the Church, moved by avarice and insatiable desire for dominion, making use of the immoderate ambition of magistrates, and the credulous superstition of the giddy multitude, have incensed and animated them against those that dissent from themselves; by preaching unto them, contrary to the laws of the Gospel, and to the precepts of charity, that schismatics and heretics are to be outed of their possessions, and destroyed.

spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, was well on its way to becoming one of the important cults of the empire.

Jesusí use of the term Abba, in addressing God, was also radically new and offensive to his fellow Jews. This is the intimate and familiar form of the Aramaic word for father, and no Jew of Jesusí time dared address god on such terms. Edward Schillebeeckx finds in Jesusí abba address of God "the unique quality of Jesusí religious life," and it is also his point of departure for the claim that Jesusí mission was essentially a gift of liberation. Jesus, on the one hand, freely established fellowship with an unusually wide range of people, sinners of all sorts, including the very dregs of society. At the same time, he claimed equal intimacy with God.

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand fast therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

óGalatians, 5.1

so Isaiah concludes by formulating the Messianic hopeóthe trust of the Jews in some Redeemer who will end their political divisions, their subjection, and their misery, and bring an era of universal brotherhood and peace:

Prince of Peace.

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb,

And they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

1500 to 1650.

In war, diplomacy, architecture, and art the Hebrews made little splash in the stream of history, but in the fields of ethics and religion their contributions to world civilization were tremendous. It has been said that no other people in history so few in number and so weak in political power, except the Greeks, have so influenced civilization.

The story of the past nineteen centuries is replete with sorrow and tragedy for the Jewish people. To the miseries of the medieval ghetto (the residence quarter to which the Jew was restricted) was added the horror of the pogrom (organized massacre) in early modern times, and during recent years there has been brutal persecution in many lands, especially in Nazi Germany.

veh (Jehovah), who was a stern, warlike deity. After their entrance into Palestine many of the Hebrews adopted the religious customs of the Canaanites as well as their more sophisticated and luxurious manner of living. This was especially true of the northern Hebrews. In the south there was much resentment against the reunification of Hebrew traditions. Many people chafed against the growth of wealth and consequent social injustice in the north and idealized the simplicity and purity of the old folk traditions, the adventures of the patriarchs such as Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph.

About 750 B.C. a succession of great spiritual leaders, the Hebrew Prophets, began to try to purge. Hebrew thought and religion of all corrupting influence in order to elevate and dignify the concept of Yahweh. In inspired messages such Prophets as Amos, Isaiah, and Ezekiel taught that the Hebrew God was a loving Father, that He alone was the only and the true God of the universe.

Probably this material will go in Unified Ideal World or the chapter Politics in the Ten Key book.  I don't have time to look at this material right now.

Human history is a history of political and religious leaders creating societies that torture people. America is better than most, but it is dangerous to speak out boldly. Many Christians also feel it is embarrassing to witness. It is not cool. They get wrapped up in the mundane things of life and those that even get around to going to a church get into the comfort zone of just tithing and Sunday service. Tithing and going to church and focusing on charity are at the bottom of the hierarchy of values God wants his people to focus on. He wants prayer, purity and aggressive witnessing -- not some tame, boring Sunday service that focuses on big, fancy churches, ritual and activities that do not stretch the soul and upset the status quo. Christians look to ministers to know the jargon of theology and pay them to be religious.

God is more interested in Christians teaching others at the kitchen table than showing up to hear someone who has a degree in theology talk about esoteric parts of doctrine. God wants lives saved. If Sunday services are held and there are no new people and those there are not growing spiritually, then God wants them to not have a service and praise Him by going out and knocking on some doors or handing someone a book or video they can read or watch that will explain God's will. Satan invades the church with office politics and possesses leaders to think they are better than everyone else and want their money and respect instead of being champion witnessers. The only person who should give sermons and teach is the person who is excellent at witnessing and raising people and who, of course, has the highest moral standard. He also should have created a happy and good marriage and family. Only successful family men should hold religious or political leadership. Single people and childless people need to focus on building an exemplary family before they even think about being in leadership position. The President of the United States should first and foremost have a magnificent family. If he doesn't he should focus on that first before he focuses on all the other important things in life. We must do first things first.  America has failed to do this.  Christians in America detest Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses who are the only ones witnessing.  So they are called cults in books against them in Christian book stores.

America had to separate from its mother country so it could become a country that could absorb all religions and races and fight against Satan's racist countries that persecute minorities. God is a minority. Jesus is a minority. Truth is a minority. Hitler killed Jews. Japan killed and persecuted Koreans for 40 years. They had to be stopped and America was God's power. The fight is still as fierce as always with so many political and religious leaders throughout the world who are persecuting minorities and therefore God. America and other of God's nations are called by God to be His champions and fight against the crushing ideology of socialism and feminism that destroys freedom and moral order. We are called to be freedom fighters Ė and fight with love and truth.


Lafayette was like a son to Washington. The French gave tens of thousands of soldiers and sailors to help. This was a basis for France to side with the US in WWII.


he was an inventor creating such things as a stove, the lightening rod and bifocal glasses. He realized that a united community could have amenities that the rich had. He encouraged such institutions as a fire company, library, insurance company and a hospital.

America was destined to pioneer physical and spiritual laws and the building of the kingdom of heaven on earth. Disney land today is the world most famous vacation spot.

Character traits in his Autobiography. He tried to reach moral perfection. He revolutionized economic theory by teaching that wealth is spiritual. American capitalism would revolutionize the world. It is seen that capitalism is conservative and of the past and socialism is revolutionary and new and futuristic. The opposite is true. It is like saying the homosexuals are "gay." And the communist countries are "democratic." Stephen Covey has a phenomenal best seller that teaches that America has lost its character ethic in its first 140 years until world war one and gone to personality ethic in the 20th century. He cites Franklinís autobiography as an example of character. Franklin was the tenth of 17 children. God wanted America to have large families and populate the earth with his chosen people. Ecology movement started with such efforst as J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska City, Neb. who started Arbor Day, the planting of trees in the 19th century.

He was self-taught and a voracious reader. The Founding Fathers were chosen by God and inspired to study and invent a new chosen nation for God. He was the symbol of the enlightenment and freedom.

He wanted to hear as he said a "rational Christiantiy"

Franklin was a pioneer in giving capitalism and private property and success respectability. God is behind the politics of free enterprise. Adam Smith . Because it is Godís way to organize society and to enjoy food, clothing and shelter, but also luxuries. America was to sell not only cars but toasters but sell any religion you want and get "customersí

Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, in America was lynched by a religious mob in Carthage, Illinois.

Adams on Cicero

There is much similarity between America and the Roman Empire. John Adams influenced the writing of the constitution by writing to them about the importance of Cicero who symbolized the Republic of Rome. He wrote to them saying and his ideas were printed in Newspapers and discussed: "As all the ages of the world have not produced a greater statesman and philosopher united than Cicero, his authority should have great weight. His decided opinion in favor of three branches is founded on a reason that is unchangeable." The men of that time felt the same respect of Cicero. Jefferson read the De Senectute every year. He was part of their intellectual world. "Cicero spoke with such convincing force to that world because in many ways he belonged to it. Eighteenth-century England had much in common with Rome of the first century before Christ."

The 1840s were a period of religious and political ferment.

The Messiah and God's messengers are often ridiculed, laughed at, a joke and dangerous.

Seventh Day Adventists believe in vegetarianism because of Gen. 3:18 that says God gave the ideal diet of "the plants of the field." Our diet should be centered on plant food instead of meat that Americans focus on, but God is for mankind eating meat. God wants us to eat simple, wholesome food.

Sarah Hale, the author of Mary had a little lamb and the inspiration for Thanksgiving that Lincoln decreed. She wrote a popular book on the role of men and women and the structure of a Biblical family. These traditional values of men being the sole provider and women obey was thrown out with the feminist revolution starting with Engels book on family and Elizabeth Cady Stanton's attack on the Bible's view of family and men/women roles with the diabolical Declaration of Sentiments in 1848. There is a 70 year period till women got the vote and ended patriarchy in America. the next 72 years until 1992 until the messiah proclaimed he was the messiah has been a tragic time of social experimentation with feminism and socialism.

There was burst of spiritual activity in the 1960s that was distorted by Satan. There was excitement and a search for new lifestyles. god did not want communes, drugs and women taking the word obey out of the marriage contract. The true parents were on earth and God wanted America to accept the greatest spiritual leader to ever live, Rev. Moon.

The Messiah is a master of human relationships. His books are the ultimate self-help books. He is the role model for perfect man, father and leader.  He shows absolute courage, purity, godliness, strength, tenderness, patience, persistence, confidence and personality. He will be the most passionate spokesman for God and have the most brilliant mind ever. His words will be read and lived by every person forever.  Every person will ultimately accept him and his wife as the True Parents because they will be the greatest people in history.

The American constitution is very good in having separation of powers. In the ideal world the constitution will say that leaders must be absolutely sexually pure and successful family men. But it is a good start for how to organize the different branches of government.

2000 Years of Christian History

The world is divided into East and West. These two halves of the earth represent our mind and body. They are very different from each other. God is emphasizing the internal, the spiritual in the East and the external, the physical in the West. His goal is to harmonize the two and create one ideology that harmonizes both and the earth is not divided in any way. Every person is to have the same values and lifestyle.

God has worked the last 2000 years in the East to be the place the Messiah would return. God has been preparing a deeply religious country for the Messiah to be born and raised in. In the West God was working to raise a country externally, physically, and scientifically that would be the body for the Messiah's mind. God's chosen nation in the West would be externally powerful and help the Messiah who is internally powerful to spread the good news throughout the world. Satan has worked to torture and kill the Messiah in the East just as Jesus was attacked. Satan has worked in the West to keep it from becoming a good and safe place for the Messiah to be honored and helped in creating a Messianic age.

We will look at God's providence in the West first. Then we will see how God has worked in the East. God and Jesus from spirit world have intervened in human history since Jesus was murdered 2000 years ago. Because so much has happened in that time, we cannot in this book go into every detail. We will look at a few key ideas, persons and countries that God has focused on. I go into more details on how God and Satan have been working in my other books.

Because Jesus was murdered before he could fully reveal God's ideology, God and Jesus and high spirit world have worked for 2000 years to progressively reveal truth. The Bible does not have enough truth, so people struggle with partial truth. God does not have favorites. He loves and deeply cares for every person, and He listens to every person's prayer and tries to help each person. But He also focuses on key people and nations to be his chosen champions. Unfortunately, these people often were distracted by Satan and were not great enough heros for God. When God's leaders fail, millions of people are doomed to suffer and God has to move on and build up new ambassadors for Him. We saw in Jewish history that God's messengers and chosen people often fail. Because the Israelites failed to follow Jesus and live his ideology, they lost their nation 70 years later.

God had to move on to new nations. In Western Civilization, he chose white Christians in Europe to be the chosen people. In the East, He was working with the nation of Korea, but first, let's look at the West.

Hitler was a tool for Satan in the 20th century Europe. He taught Satan's ideology of racism. His views of white supremacy , what he called the Aryan race, is of Satan. God is not a racist. When it comes to race, God is color blind.  Even though God chose European Christians to be his focus, this does not mean that He loves them more than any other nationality.

When God asks a person or nation to be His champion, He does not want them to be arrogant and think God is out to save just them and they should be served. He wants them to be the most sacrificial and serving. They have been called to live by the highest standards and to give their blood, sweat, and tears.

The history of white Christianity in the West for the last 2000 years has been a mixture of good and evil. Some Christians have represented Jesus well, others have, in his name, been a tool for Satan and hurt people. It is beyond our comprehension to know the agony of God and Jesus as they watch fallen man live immorally like Adam and Eve and kill each other like Cain and Abel. The world is one big dysfunctional family. Even the best Christians fall far short of what God wants.

With every person and with every nation we see a mixture of good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood. With the Divine Principle we can discern what is of God and what is of Satan in the last 2000 years.

God has wanted Christians to live and teach his ideology. Christians, unfortunately, have not known what that ideology is. They all read the same Bible, but tragically, interpret it differently. And they have not clearly received God's added truth over the centuries.

One of God's greatest problems is that mankind fell into such a deep darkness of ignorance that He has had to spend a great amount of time in educating mankind step-by-step out of this pit of hell he fell into.

As we saw in Israelite history, God's has a pattern, a formula for restoration. He wanted His leaders to be good Abels and He wanted the people to be Cains and unite. But He gave different external directions and laws at different times. For example, He allowed polygamy and animal sacrifices in early Jewish history. He was dealing with an extremely primitive people and focused on certain parts of his ideology. By the time of Jesus, mankind had reached a higher level, physically and spiritually. And God wanted Christians to have a much higher understanding. For example, He did not condone polygamy anymore. He was never for it in the first place, but now He expected all Christians to have a marriage and family based on external principles. (See my book 10 keys).

God wanted Christians to order their nations in line with God's law's of family, politics and economics. In politics He wanted them to decentralize power. His way is for freedom. Freedom can exist only in a democratic republic. A republic is a government without a hereditary head of state. Centralization of power in big government and intense regulation of the average person is against God. Also, there should be freedom of religion and speech Ė a high tolerance of opposing views of the majority. There should be economic freedom and that can happen only in free enterprise, laissez-faire capitalist society that respects and treasures private property. God is against totalitarianism and the welfare state. Also, there must be free trade. In this free atmosphere, God can work. Scientific truths can be discovered and technology can make our physical lives comfortable and healthy and our spiritual lives can be nourished in local communities that take care of each other.

God is for the use of persuasion and tolerance. Satan is for the use of force and prejudice. God is for unity; Satan is for disunity. God wanted a magnificent chosen people who represented Jesus and won the rest of the world with a true ideology.

Satan polluted Christianity. He divided it into many denominations. He weakened and confused Christians. He made them fight each other. He perverted Christian theology into a mess of conflicting ideas of who Jesus was and what his plan is for mankind.

In the yellow pages of the phone director under churches you will see many branches of Christianity. It is in crisis. It is in chaos. Some Christian churches honor gay clergy and other churches preach that is an abomination to God. Some preach for a strong national defense and others for pacifism. There has been a smorgasbord of ideas for the last 2000 years. Christians have never had a clear, united voice. What is even worse, they have furiously killed each other over their limited understanding of God and Jesus.

Because of this tragic disunity, Christianity has been unable to sweep the earth and able to win only one-fifth of the earth, even though they are following the greatest man who gave the greatest truth 2000 years ago.

The story of Christianity is as sad as the story of Israel. We will see some victories but mainly Christians live in deep spiritual darkness. If you are a Christian reading this, please don't get defensive. Although the truth hurts, it is better to face it and be humble, than bury our head in the sand. God is calling Christians and non-Christians to live a much higher standard and to understand truths that are much higher than the ideas most people hold dear. One of the deepest held beliefs by Christians is the idea that Jesus is God. This concept alone has been one of the greatest reasons Christianity has not swept the earth and why God's chosen leaders failed.

There have been three Christian empires that God has worked with in the last 2000 years. The first was the Roman Empire (Italy); the second was the Holy Roman Empire (Germany); and the third was the British/American Empire. Each had a language that dominated the world and was the medium of world communication. Their languages are Latin, German and English.

Completion - British/American Empire - English

Growth - Holy Roman Empire - German

Formation - Roman Empire - Latin

We will see that Italy, Germany and England failed. But since England was the third try, God could extend it to America, just as He could give Abraham a third try. Because Germany and Italy failed Satan could use them on his side during WWII. Christians in these empires failed to do a number a things. They were often not very moral and failed to build exemplary families to show the world God's true family values and be model families that would be good role models who would strive toward being true families. Many times they used force, instead of persuasion, to convert and lead people. They often ordered their societies with centralized power instead of allowing for freedom. Let's look at a few key instances of how Christians have failed in the last 2000 years. We'll concentrate on the tragic effect of creating a theology that says Jesus was God. This is one of the greatest reasons Christians have failed. Because this teaching is fundamentally away from the truth, it has crippled Christianity. It has been an incredible headache for God and Jesus that Christians have not listened to those humble men who they sent as messengers to teach that Jesus did not pre-exist.

The human spirit craves freedom and will triumph.

Christians were believed to believe in cannibalism and incest

The Inquisition of the Roman Catholic church tortured and confiscated property and terrorized thousands who were burned at the stake.

Charles the Great was the most influential ruler of the Middle Ages. He forced the Saxons to accept Christianity.

This was the third try and leaders of religion united with the leaders of politics as Cain and Abel in America.

He addressed the continental army in 1776 ? look up

The Enlightenment's goals were knowledge, reason and freedom. We need balance. Human history has been unbalanced. We can't be too spiritual or too physical. We must blend perfectly the two. We need science and religion. Both our intellect and emotions must be satisfied.

John Kennedy was golfing with Billy Graham and when they were driving away Kennedy had the car pulled over and looked at him and asked what the Second Coming meant. God had wanted him to hear a unitarian argument, not that Jesus was returning miraculously. The young president was Catholic, the first to be elected and there was religious bigotry in his campaign.

16th Century

John Cabot discovers North America what will become United States on the eastern seaboard of America. Columbus discovered south and this would be the division between north and south in which those who went south searched for Gold and the English who went north searched for God. Of course, there was a Cain/Abel division in that Jamestown was Cain and Plymouth Rock was Abel . The Pilgrims were in search of a place to pray after being persecuted in England.

Columbus discovered America in 1492 and exactly 500 years later the Messiah would be living in America and in that year proclaim he is the Messiah in 1992. The number five is the number for all things.

The Scientific Revolution started in the 16th century. Great progress was made in science.

Christians had overlooked the physical and now God was preparing for the 3rd Adam to come and there had to be a vast communication empire for him to spread is message. The physical comes first , then the spiritual. God made the world first, then His children. There will advancement in science greater than the advancement of spirit. The Messiah will come to use physical technology to heavenly use.

The Pilgrim's situation is like that of the new religions in America that can't see the message of Rev. Moon.  He is teaching a clear message that they see as heresy.  God tried to communicate to such people as Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, (guy who started Jehovah Witnesses)  the Millerites, and the founder of Unity (get guys name Fillmore, Charles I think)  Those in the New Age movement of the Age of Aquarius also.  But instead of getting a clear revelation from God, Satan intervenes and distorts it until it ends up as another church that can't see the messiah when he comes.  They are the John the Baptist religions that are supposed to pave the way for unitarian thought.  They are supposed to have many followers for the messiah when he comes.  They are to be the pioneers that begin the process of converting the traditional Christians.  After they accept, then a united Christianity centered on the final messiah goes out to convert the rest of the world.

Sadly, these new churches in America are no better at seeing the messiah than the traditional ones.  Billy Graham is a phemonenon.  His story is incredible.  No one in human history has ever been seen in person by so many people.  He was set up to take the role of Elijah and John the Baptist who came before him, and sadly he missed the bus.  It is beyond words to explain how frustrating it is for God to have Satan keep screwing up God's messages.  It is like some depressing telephone game.  The Pilgrims, Joseph Smith and others like them see through a glass darkly.  They are children who keep seeing things as little children do.  They see things as magic.  They wait for Daddy to come and pick them up and take them home and make dinner and tuck them in at night.  The messiah doesn't come in some fantastic way.  He comes as a logical mature man.  Children don't want to hear that they have some chores to do.  They just know they are lost and they want Dad to save them.

Satan is a master of manipulating mankind.  If he doesn't get a person one way, he gets them another.  And no one knows what is happening to them.  He is the ruler of this world just as Castro has ruled Cuba for 40 years.  The people there do not hear the truth.  Satan is always working to stop the truth from being heard.  Satan influenced King James I to use force against the Pilgrims and then he blinds the Pilgrims to hearing the truth of unitarianism.

America would have been receptive to Rev. Moon if it was unitarian, instead of being so immature and childish in thinking Jesus is going to come out of the clouds and lift them up into his arms like some big Daddy.  The ridiculous idea of trinity and other silly ideas like Jesus had no physical father has been the key stumbling block for God.  This kind of thinking makes children become juvenille delinquents and turn to violence.  This is why Rev. Moon and many religious pioneers are thrown in jail.

Children have no patience and sense of boundaries.  So they strike out.

Joseph Smith got a lot of strange revelations from Satan.  God tried to tell him about a unitarian view of Jesus, but Satan completely garbled the revelation from God by making it come out that some physical god from another planet had sex with Mary and then Satan ruined it completely with his revelations about polygamy in spirit world and this world.  There are a few little insights in Mormonism, but there is so much bathwater that they have become one of the greatest competitors of the new messiah, when they should be the ones preparing the way.  John the Baptist couldn't understand and very few have in history.

Why I believe Rev. Moon is right and others are wrong

But the truth always rises.  When people are asked why they believe as they do, they usually say that their ideology makes more sense to them than anything else they have seen and that it works.  The ultimate test of whether something is right or not is that it has to be in line with spiritual laws.  God made this world and our universe to obey logical laws.  Just as there are physical laws such as gravity, there are spiritual laws too.

If we defy physical laws we pay a terrible price.  If not immediately, then later.  If we step off a cliff, we pay immediately and fall to our death.  If we eat bad and improper food, then eventually our arteries get clogged and our bones become weak.  The diseases of artherosclorosis and osteoporosis kill and cripple many millions of people every year in America and in the world.  Satan works tirelessly to get people to eat donuts for lunch instead of doing as God wants and eat such things as broccoli and fruit.

Satan is winning and Americans are dying like flies.

God's voice is for free enterprise.  Satan is for socialism.  Satan wins and the world is basically socialistic and therefore there is unfathonable suffering.

The most important thing we have to understand is the messiah and that Satan is expert at making everyone not see the messiah, but to make the majority irreligious and those who are religious look completely idiotic to others.

Today, name me one person who believes the earth is flat.  Eventually people get educated.  Satan is for ignorance and superstition.  God is for education.  The followers of Sun Myung Moon will never give up and eventually everyone will hear the Principle and eventually everyone will accept it.  It's just a matter of time.  It can't be stopped.  Satan has done and is doing everything in his power to make Rev. Moon and his revelations look dangerous, just as he made Jesus look dangerous.  But this is the third try, the third Adam, and threes a charm.  God's goal of an ideal world is coming.  God and Rev. Moon and his followers are on pins and needles in anticipation of the coming Kingdom of God.  It's so exciting, it is hard to not just shout it, literally, from the housetops.

But history has shown that it is a fight.  The best way to fight is through the exciting breakthroughs in media that has come with the advent of the messiah.  Now we have the internet.  Every home will eventually watch videos of the messiah in crystal clear color and stereo sound in their home.  I pray that world unity can come soon and God's voice can finally be heard, instead of Satan's lies and superstitions.  Billy Graham has failed his mission as have most champions of God.  Don't let this happen to you.  See the logic of the Principle.  Live it and teach it.  Advertize it.  I think the best way to advertize is to advertize on TV and in the printed word.  I long for the day that ads for the Principle will compete with those of the Mormons and Billy Graham on prime time TV.

Rev. Moon's followers are not exempt from being blinded by Satan either.  They have often not understood Rev. Moon and done incredibly stupid things that have slowed America and the world from hearing the good news of the coming ideal world.  As usual people can't separate the baby from the bathwater and lump Rev. Moon with his followers.  Whatever mistakes Jesus and Sun Myung Moon may have made, if any, are so minor that it is not worth looking at.  The mistakes that have slowed down God's dispensation is from the members, especially the leaders who sit with Rev. Moon and then leave the room and misuse their power and position to screw up what Rev. Moon wants done.  I feel that there has been so many mistakes by elders in the Unification Church that no one should get a statue in the future.  Only Rev. and Mrs. Moon should have statues in the future.  But the leaders will probably make statues to themselves anyway.

It seems like it takes forever.  It is easy to criticize Rev. Moon and say it going too slow, but even though his leaders don't really know him or his heart and misuse their power, the day is coming when every person will accept the Principle and the ideal world will begin and last forever.    One morning you wake up and things have improved.  God keeps winning some of the wars and eventually he will win it all.  It seemed that Communism was invincible and one morning you wake up and watch with tears in your eyes to see masses of people tearing down the Berlin Wall.  Communism will eventually die.  It is not the truth.  The idea that Jesus is God who had a virgin birth will die.  It is false.  The truth will rise.  Cement looks strong and eternal, but the tender grass underneath will eventually break it up.

Rev. Moon is that little blade of grass that will eventually break up the concrete of trinitarianism.  Whether it takes years or decades or centuries, the Divine Principle will eventually become the ruling ideology.  The world used to believe the earth was flat and that the sun moved around the earth.  Galileo was forced to recant his discovery.