Cain and Abel books

The anti-Moon books are on the Cain side.  The pro-Moon books are on the Abel side.  Some of the books for Moon are by members and some are by non-members.  Two excellent books of apology for the Church are Mose Durst's To Bigotry, No Sanction and John Biermans' Odyssey of New Religious Movements.  I have met each of these authors and they are both men of impeccable character.  They are god-centered, good family men.  It is ludicrous for the anti-Moon crowd to fear such people.

Rev. Moon and men like these will never hurt anyone like the nut case Jim Jones did when he killed hundreds of his followers.

Anti-Moon writers always take Rev. Moon's quotes out of context to make him look like a sinister charlatan out for world domination like Hitler was.  It is not hard to understand that Hitler is evil when you read his book.  It is intellectual sloppiness to read Rev. Moon's thousands of speeches and see that he is like Hitler.  What does Mein Kampf have to do with Christianity in Crisis?  I'll tell you.  Nothing.  When Rev. Moon says once that he is your brain, the anti-Moon crowd lose all sense of reasoning and see Hitler.  You make anyone look evil if you take their words out of context.  When a coach or drill instructor tells his team that only he makes the calls, is he saying that he doesn't want them to think?  Of course not.  He is talking about one aspect of their life.  He doesn't expect that he will make every decision for them for the rest of their life.  He doesn't want stupid people who live by blind faith.  And even if he did, he doesn't have a gun to their head like the North Koreans did to their prisoners.  How long can somebody last who thinks like this?  Goofy people don't last for long.  Rev. Moon has stood the test of time.  Going after nice people like Unificationists is just what Satan wants.  It is easy to find horror stories in any organization.  But just because there are evil people in America and there have been cruel, insensitive people in the mini-countries of family it is wrong to give up on America and the family.  Anyone who can't see that Rev. Moon and his followers are basically good - that the cup is half full, not half empty is not thinking clearly.

It is sad to see anti-Moon writers cling to a few sentences that seem to support their view and not see the ton of quotes that show he is good.  It is sad they can't see the goodness that Rev. Moon and his hundreds of thousands of followers have done for decades.  But human history is sad because most people just can't see goodness when it passes by.  They usually see it as a germ and try to kill it.


Football Coach = Cult Leader?

Taking Rev. Moon out of context is like taking a coach who is pumping up his team out of context when he yells at his young men to "crush" their opponent.  Only a stupid person would say he means to literally crush them which would kill them.  The antis would say that the team is a cult and write that the coach is brainwashing these weak minded young men.  They want to alert the media that the coach is a vicious monster.  He drives a new car and his followers sweat and bleed for nothing.  My God, they do it for nothing.  They could be working at McDonald's and earning money instead of risking life and limb for nothing. Can you imagine the total lunacy of giving so much time and effort to an obviously stupid activity centered on a ball.  There are reports that these 20 year old college kids adore their coach, even though it is they who give their blood, sweat and tears while he stands on the sideline and doesn't ask them their opinion.  My God, he even yells at them sometimes and humiliates them in front of others.  And he gets a fat check for this while they get nothing. He gets fame and fortune while they slave away just taking orders.  How demeaning.  The coach is using mind control.  He is using coercive persuasion.  He turns them into wild-eyed glassy eyed fanatics who will kill for him without thinking.  There is no democracy.  It is a theocracy.  He is abusing them for his own megalomaniac dreams of victory."

Choice or brainwashing

The pro-Moon books and speeches by non-members see things more clearly.  A good book on the church is Eileen Barker's The Making of a Moonie: Choice or Brainwashing?  After years of study this distinguished professor of sociology at the London School of Economics writes in detail how Singer is wrong.  She found there was no brainwashing and most members were healthy psychologically.

Well, this is just some beginning thoughts. I have a lot to say.  I hope you check back later and read this book.  I hope to have it done in 1999.  Thanks for reading.  I read my email and would like to know what you think of what I write -- pro or con.  If you are negative to what I write I hope you will give me some idea of specifically why you disagree with me.

We have also written briefly about dream killers like Hassan in our book Clear Goal for Utopia that you can read in its entirety at Click on the "next" button and you can read the chapter from that book.



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