UC Not Dangerous


In the 17th and 16th centuries some people became hysterical over what they called witches. The most famous case was the killing of 25 innocent people. Arthur Miller wrote a play called The Crucible that was made into a movie based on this event. Miller wrote it during the 1950s to illustrate the madness of witch hunts like the one Senator Joseph McCarthy was doing. The UC has its Grand Inquisitor as Hassan. He is like the judges at Salem and McCarthy who are hysterical over religion. Hassan is in the tradition of persecutors who never learn from the past. History will judge him severely just as it does Rev. Parris in Salem in 1692 and Joe McCarthy in the 50s. Those who side with Hassan are like those who listened to the rantings of Parris and McCarthy. Carlton Sherwood used just the right word when he said Rev. Moon went through an inquisition. The result of Hassan has been that Rev. Moon had to go to jail because Hassan has been effective as a cult leader of psychology. Psychologists and the liberal media are the new threat to the U.S. Constitution. Rush Limbaugh calls the intellectuals of the left the real "cultists" who are "dangerous" not the Christian Right. Hassan is buddies of those on the Left who fear Falwell and Robertson even more than Moon. Hassan is part of a slippery slope that ends with the smooth Clintons and Oprahs of the world dominating the psyche of America.

Either you believe the Right or Left. Either you are for freedom of religion or you are not. Either you take the Boy Scouts and Rev. Moon to court in the attempt to destroy them or you fight those who want to take away the freedom of the followers of Lord Baden Powell or Sun Myung Moon. Hassan's goal is to destroy what he feels is too "extreme" and not "normal." He stirs up people to take action -- to kidnap and drag their opponents through court. The courts of the Spanish Inquisition and Salem Witch Trial is no different than what Rev. Moon went through in his court case. Hassan dismisses all the common sense arguments by the most distinguished legal scholar Lawrence Tribe who was Moon's attorney to the mainline religions that supported Moon. Hassan is so possessed by low spirits that he cannot see the similarities between himself and Joe McCarthy. It just goes with territory for those who try new things. Moon and his movement have never been shown to be a dangerous organization that needs to be banned. It has been unjustly slandered and insulted as being like Hitler and zombies out of the movie Night of the Living Dead.

Well, I am not a zombie and Rev. Moon is the antithesis of Hitler. In time the truth will rise and Hassan and his hysterical persecutors will be exposed just as McCarthy was. What is the difference from Jesus and Moon. If you take the criteria of Margaret Singer and her psychologist friends of what a cult is it boils down to the simple idea of a leader they see as too authoritarian. He demands adulation as the savior who is here to save the lost world. Jesus fits the criteria perfectly. Has Hassan, Singer and company ever explained how Jesus and Christianity is not a cult? Catholics follow a Pope and never have sex and have followers who fight with Protestants in Ireland. Sounds pretty bad to me. Jesus and his current followers don't look so normal to me. They all believe in some magical return of Jesus on the clouds. Don't people who believe in someone who walked on water need psychiatric help? The problem with the Hassans and Singers is that they cannot learn from the past and act like all stupid persecutors do.

One person wrote, "Written in 1953, The Crucible is a mirror which Miller uses to reflect the anti-Communist hysteria inspired by Senator Joseph McCarthy's 'witch-hunts' in the U.S."

A writer wrote, "The belief in witches and witchcraft was widespread in 1692 New England. One of the most ardent believers was Cotton Mather, a respected Boston minister who wrote on many religious topics.

"Mather’s 1689 book, Memorable Providences, describes a case of supposed witchcraft that had occurred in Boston the previous year. Three children had begun acting strangely after a disagreement with an Irish washerwoman, Mary Glover. After examining the children, Mather concluded that they were innocent victims of Glover’s witchcraft. The book was widely read throughout New England and was among the works in Reverend Parris’s library." Click Here to see more pictures about the Salem Witch Trials.